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Sweden and Charles XII, Part 1 V. 2.1

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Needs T&P?: Yes

CREDIT to SUPER7700 for making the SKINS of the Carolean Musketeers and the Brigadiers!

PART 1 (of 3) Version 2.1

Part 3 includes backup files up to date, so you won't have to create your own backup files.

Info about the campaign:

You are Charles XII, a 18-year old swedish king at the brink of it's power. But there has come a new threat to the east: Russia.
Now you must fight off the coalition of Denmark, Poland and Russia to defend Sweden.
(This Campaign uses an entirely new map made from scratch by me)
ABOUT THE NEW MAP: You can feel free to use it in your mods, IF you give me CREDIT.


Sweden - The Power of the Kings
Generals have double craft. Receive a free General each time you build a new Fort.
Supply wagons heal your troops. Plus other stuff.

Unique Units:
In Classical Age, all the Barrack units are replaced with barbarian units.

Gunpowder Age:
Hakkapelitaa, a strong cavalry unit
Brigadieer, as strong and tough as regular arquebusiers, but faster and with further range

Enlightenment Age:
Carolean, a very strong cavalry unit
Swedish Cannon, a sronger and faster cannon

Carolean Musketeers, strong musketeers but with shorter range, especially effective against other musketeers.

The unique units replace the French and some Nubian units. (Kushite archers and Royal Kushite archers)

If you have any complains or suggestions please report them to me. The campaign is not finished yet,
but i hope you find it fun anyways.

PS: I'm also Galentv
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super7700 Darn! You bet me to making Sweden! Have you made new skins for your guys?
File Author
I don't have any new skins exept for the Carolean Musketeers and the Charles XII unit. i'm not a skinner, so they are not super-good. If you want, you can create skins for the Carolean cavalry, Carolean Musketeers, and the Inledningsverk. The tricky thing is to get them to change colour when you change colour on your team, is that possible? If possible, I want a more "Swedish" look on the Arquebusiers. (I won't keep the Junker model) send them to me and maybe i'l use them in the game. If they're good.

Please comment this mod in THIS forum, not in the other 2 parts and I would really like reviews for this mod/campaign.

[Edited on 09/30/10 @ 10:58 AM]

super7700 Can you give me a bit of help for the Sweden mod I want to do? So far I've thought of adding the German barbarian line minus the landsneckts but I can't think of what to name them and if I should give them axes or not. Also I want to give the Swedish:
- the longboat (classical age)
- the heavy longboat (medieval age)
- the STRV-122 and the JAS39 Gripen (information age)

So that adds up to 7 unique units. Are there any other important Swedish units I should add? I'll probably replace the Japanese with the Swedish.

[Edited on 10/01/10 @ 02:28 AM]

super7700 And about the skinning: perhaps I could make skins for some of your guys and I could put them into a folder in the Swedish mod I might do. I'm not excellent at skinning but I think I could do some of those guys well enough. And could you put links to pictures of the Swedish soldiers you have added to the game so I know what they are supposed to look like?

I do know how to make the nation colour show up and I have made guys with the nation colour showing up but its not very easy to explain how to do it.

[Edited on 10/01/10 @ 02:35 AM]

File Author
Why don't you name them "Berserkers" or just plain "Vikings"? That seems like the most probable.
the Longboat is a great idea. If i were better at this i would add it to my mod.
The most important Swedish units should be the vikings and the caroleans. I've never heard of those information age fighters... Some viking units, because the Swedes were vikings in the classical/medieval age (Medieval age mostly)
and the units in gunpowder/enlightenment age, Sweden's time of power. The Longboat shuld be GREAT
super7700 The info age units are from Axel of Sweden's skin packs so I think it would be good to add them. Also for this same mod I want to improve European units especially in the modern and information age.

So maybe the UUs for my Sweden mod could be:

II: Beserkers, Longboat
III: Elite Beserkers, Heavy Longboat
IV: Inledningsverks
V: Carolean Musketeers
VIII: STRV-122, Jas39 Gripen

They'll also have the barbarian soldiers in Classical and so will the Russians and Germans

[Edited on 10/03/10 @ 06:15 PM]

File Author
The gunpowder/enlightenment units are together with the berserkes/vikings the most important units! Read about Swedish history 1618-1718, and you'l see what I mean. Gustavus II Adolphus, etc.
super7700 But out of those gunpowder and Enlightenment Age units, which two are the most important?

And on your forum can you put some links to pictures of the Swedish Soldiers that are unique units in your mod so I have something to base them on for the texturing?

[Edited on 10/01/10 @ 06:29 PM]

File Author
There's a picture of a real Carolean unit.
In my mod, I deleted the own skins i made and replaced them with the Imperial Guard skin, wich look more like Caroleans and change colour when you change colour on your team.
Apart from the gunpowder/enlightenment units, the Berserkers (Historically accurate name) and the Logboats are most important.
I hope you donät mind that when your'e finished, i may use your units and skins in my mod. Ok?
super7700 That's fine. I'll probably have a folder for any other skins you want me to do if I can't put them in the final mod. So if there are any other units you want me to do I'll be happy to do so if I have a good picture of the soldier I can base it on. And what would the inledningsverk look like?

UPDATE: I have completed the Carolean Musketeer texture!

[Edited on 10/04/10 @ 12:50 AM]

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