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The Russian Revolution (updated*)

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Fight as the russian monarchy(or provision governemnt) and crush the german army and the communists revolution.Can you rewrite history?

Hi, there.This is my first scenario so it might not be as good as others(especialy from the map point of view) but still I put some work on it and i hope you will enjoy it.(as a xmas present ;)).

I can't wait for your comments and reviews.Also report any bug if you find one.(since it's my first scenario it could happen)

1. You might find it useful to pause the game from time to time to take some decisions and then continue it.
2. Keep some troops near Petrograd.
3. Keep your monarch alive.
4. Kill the enemy monarch.
5. Kill Lenin.
6. If you are clever enough you could let the germans fight with the communists.

PS:Sorry for:
-the not so good map design.
-any country that I didn't include in my scenario.
-for any grammatical errors in my english.

- the finns
- increased difficulty
- more units to revolutionaries
- fixed some bugs
(don't forget to comment if you find other bugs)
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El Grasone Who has insulted you idiot? At least I have a brane not like you who seem to be a mindless looser..And look at your english before offending others

So dont worry bro. Im gonna play your ugly scenairo and if its good you'll get a 2. And you will get no points at story cause your english is bloody stupid just like you.

Hopefuly you wont kill yourself when you see the review. I dont wanna ruin your cristmas but what you sad is absolutly stupid..

[Edited on 12/24/10 @ 11:01 AM]

File Author
Sorry, El Garsone.I didn't mean to insult you.(I just wanted to make a funny comment i didn't know you will find it as an insult.)
I can see that your english is much better than at the begging and i'm happy you managed to improve it so fast.(I hope i can improve my english as well.)
I hope you like the scenario and I hope you will forget this small 'incident'.
Merry Christmas, enjoy your holiday.
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
I had no lag. I was able to quickly set up my army and to effectively manage my economy. Long periods of 'nothing' were very annoying, but times of war were really enjoyable!

Balance: 2
Even if it's your very first scenario, I must point out, that the human player has all the advantage. Make the events flow faster and make the Germans REALLY hard to beat (as they were on the East in 1916-1917). I even had time to go to the bathroom when I was waiting for the poor, already encircled Ukrainians to revolt!

Creativity: 5
Very, very creative. There are one or two scenarios about the revolution, but not from the Tsar's point of view! Well done!

Map Design: 2
I like to have in front of me a perfectly shaped Europe or anything, but poor Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians were drowning in the Baltic Sea, because I could only see the capitals named, but not their land!
Moreover, heading west, whole Eastern Europe became less wider, and the closest city to the Black Sea was Lem(en)berg (it's only Lemberg, without "en")!

Story/Instructions: 5
No comments. Flawless, absolutely perfect, it doesn't bother me during the game.

Additional Comments:
Overall, a great start for a scenario maker. But really!

You should post a revised edition of the scenario (I'll play it, you can be sure about it) and you can even add the Hungarians and the Romanians as an addition to make the situation in the Balkans a bit spicier and the Finns to be +1 problem for Russia.

As Mr. El Grasone pointed out, your English (mine as well) needs to be improved, but all foreign speakers need to improve their English knowledge! It was a bit rough to (well, let's say) 'insult' him in the scenario's briefing here. I can only advise for both of you to stop pissing off each other or just 'cut the chatter'.
File Author
Thank you, nemesszili for your review and comment.
I knew that the map wasn't to bright(maybe next time I will download one instead of making one myself).
About the difficulty I was thinking to increase the difficulty of the germans and of the communists but then I was thinking that it will be to difficult.(I didn't managed to test it to much because I want it to be done until Christmas.)
I also knew that it would be interesting to add the finns and other populations but I didn't have much time to do that so I abandonated it.
Still, thank you for the review.I believe that a 3.6 it's pretty good, for a begginer.And I will try to make further scenarios more challenging and more accurate(from the map point of view).Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Dark Rebel
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
I had no lag and had plenty of time for setting up econmic and military strategy due to the long pauses of skirmishing the Germans
Balance: 3
The Germans were a bit easy which is why there were such long spaces, if you increase the difficulty it would up the Playablility.
The poor polish are too easily defeated make them alot harder to make a difference ingame.
That goes for most other nations too.
Creativity: 5
nemesszili is right there are few scens like this and i loved it!
Map Design: 2
I didn't like how the map was tilted either if you make it idk a bit more like you see on a an actual map of europe that would be great!
Story/Instructions: 5
I really enjoyed making the decisions for myself and seeing the effects they had.
Additional Comments:
I totally recommend making an updated version i would also play it!
As far as the english thing goes, we must all work on our english no?
But in the Instruction there weren't many grammer issue besides, Worser isn't a word just make that Warse
File Author
Thanks, Dark rebel, for your review.
Unfortunely, i don't think i'm going to make an
updated version of my scenario.I'm curently working on another scenario, and I will try to make this one harder and more interesting.
The problem with the difficulty is that I'm not a professionist in RON and I try to make it so I can win.But looks like you want it more challenging and that's what I'm going to do.Maybe I will update it in summer when I have more time.
Still, thank you and I'm glad you liked it.
ESP Philadelphia
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
no lag good job with that

Balance: 2
it was, as said before, far too easy

Creativity: 5
i very much enjoyed the game...i havent ever seen a scenario of this type before

Map Design: 2
poor map...it needs a heck of a lot of work

Story/Instructions: 2
they were pretty good but could have used some more embelishing

Additional Comments:
a fun scenario...i am looking forward to your next one
File Author
thanks, ESP Philadelphia, for you're review, and I'm glad you liked it.Altough I was thinking about a little bit more at story/instructions, but since that's what you think I can't stop you.
Maybe my next scenario will be better.
LordBJ This scenario seems to be bugged. For some strange reason, I killed Lenin and nothing happened, the Polish and the Ukrainians never revolted, so I couldn't win the scenario. Moreover, I had nothing to do during the last 20 minutes of the game: the Germans were defeated and I had basically no enemy to fight against. I looked in the .bhs file and there were many scripted events, but most of them never occured.

Otherwise, a really creative idea, but it doesn't seem to have been executed perfectly.
File Author
Hm... That's quite odd.I look in the script file and I didn't really realised why that should happen.I'm not really an expert at scripting maybe you should avoid that part.
Anyway if you manage to play it completely give a review.I'm thinking of making an updated version of it to make it more challenging but it will take a little time.
thanks for reporting the bug.
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