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Mongolia CTW Campaign

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Hey guys, I'm new here. I *believe* that I included all necessary files in my download package, and that the campaign is playable by unzipping the file and putting everything in the "Mongolia Campaign" folder directly into your "Thrones and Patriots" folder, then you can start the campaign by selecting it in the drop-down menu. I tested this with my two computers, where it worked. If not, don't sue me, but notify me of what didn't work.

Okay, so what is this game about? It's a campaign on the Mongolian conquests. You get a CTW Map of Eurasia, and have to first unify Mongolia in the Ancient and Classical Age. Once you managed that, you try to advance to the Medieval Age and can either collect more of the Eurasian steppes as grassland to feed your horses (supply depots) or go for the richdoms of China. Finally, you aim to control at least five of the eight major parts of the world.

Your adversaries: The Nomades (Khara-Kitai, Xia-Xia and Volgo-Bulgarians), the Chinese (Jin and Song dynasty), the Japanese, the Khwarezm, the South-Eastern Asians (Sultanate of Delhi, Bengals, Khmer Empire), the Arabians (Mamelukes and Abbasid Empire) and finally the Christians (Byzantine Empire, Russian Dukedoms and Europeans).

I introduced some bonuses according to what a player has achieved - the mongolians can get the special units of other cultures (camel riders, chinese artillery etc.), I introduced trade routes with nations in times of peace, and I introduced bonuses for religions (hinduism, buddhism, islam and christianity get different advantages, and can either be tolerated, become state religion or be persecuted - the mongolians start out as atheists).

I tried to include scenarios, but my scenario-scripting skills need improvement *ahem* I suck *ahem*, e.g. I couldn't find out how to set a timer for conquest battles or how to rename units in-game. That's why I abandoned my original idea of including all the historical battles on which I did some research, and which should heavily influence the campaign. (I still have plans on how some scenarios should look like - the Battle of Ain Djalut, the Battle of Legnica, the Siege of Baghdad, a Siege on the Great Wall, the invasion of Japan, the winter campaign against the Russians, the invasion of the Delhi Sultanate, etc; I furthermore intended to rename the existing generals as Genghis Khan, Ogedai Khan, Kublai Khan as well as their adversaries)

If YOU know how to script or to improve this thing, please notify me, if YOU want to join forces to accomplish something and finalize a better version!!
If no-one is interested in actively improving the Mongolia Campaign, I will NOT update anything, since I lost interest in pursuing this project alone months ago.

You may also take my work and build your own thing upon it, as long as you note where it's from. Consider this campaign as Creative Commons-licensed.

original upload: 02-16-11
UPDATE 12-19-2012:
- fixed some minor errors in xml and bhs
- removed the second mongolia-map (which resulted in a surplus campaign that was unplayable)
- unlinked the continent-images in the main xml
- posted my problems in the forum ( http://ron.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=11,6037,,10 )
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
ESP Philadelphia
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
no lag...wonderful

Balance: 4
it occasionally got too easy but usually recovered quickly
Creativity: 5
i have seen scenarios about specific battles in Mongolian history but not an entire chronicle of it

Map Design: 3
the maps could definitely have been improved

Story/Instructions: 1
the instructions for everything just seemed to be "CONQUER"....since you don't know how to script I would at least include a level by level set of instructions up in the description

Additional Comments:a very good scenario I hope you end up making more!

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Map Design3.0
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