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World in Conflict Alpha: A New World War 3 Mod

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Needs T&P?: Yes
World in Conflict Alpha

Mod Preview:



Alpha Features:

-New effects graphics.
-Two factions: Russians (Russians) & Americans (Americans) --- these are the only playable factions.
-Brand new models and animations for Russian and US units.
-Population limit is at 600.
-Commerce Cap is at +999.
-Realistic unit stats and unit types.
-Real world cost system. This means military hardware is extremely costly, it forces the AI and the player to rely more on infantry and build strong economies.
-AI more intelligent with aircraft. The AI will now carryout airstrikes more frequently on your units, not just in their territory, but on your territory too. It will continue to attack forts and wonders, nevertheless prepare for death from above.
-Effectiveness of SAMs downgraded (they are now very expensive too), air superiority and the tactical use of aircraft emphasized.
-New icons.
-Introduced civilian housing and taxes. All of your cities, apartments, office buildings and hotels will each give +10 wealth.
-Supply wagons heal units.
-All wonders are disabled, except for the statue of Liberty (goes to the Americans), the Super Collider (goes to the Americans), the Kremlin (goes to the Russians) and the Space Program (which is shared by Both factions).


Faction Release Notes:



-Assault Infantry
-Heavy Infantry
-Support Infantry
-M2 Bradley
-M1A2 Abrams
-M109 Howitzer
-M270 MLRS
-AN/TWQ-1 Avenger AA
-Green Berets
-Special Forces Recon
-F-35 (replaces the F-16 and A-10 when researched)
-B-2 (replaces the B-52 when researched)


(the mod is supposed to take place in the next decade so it made sense to choose the following leaders)

-Barrack Obama
-Mitt Romney (I had no choice in choosing Mitt because there is a chance he could be president next year)


-The Americans have superior airpower so they will build an aggressive air force. Their aircraft are usually cheaper and faster to produce. The F-35 Lightning for example is a stealth fighter, it cannot be shot down by air defenses the same is true for the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. These kinds of assets give the Americans an enormous advantage in the air.
-American infantry are usually better armored so their much more hardier troops than their Russian counterparts.
-The Americans also have the advantage of having 3 wonders available to them: super collider, space program and the statue of liberty.



-Assault Infantry
-Heavy Infantry
-Support Infantry
-2S19 Howitzer
-Pantsir AA
-Shilka AA
-GRU Spetsnaz
-GRU Recon


-Vladimir Putin
-Dmitry Medvedev


-The Russians have better Anti-Aircraft units to counter American airpower. The Shilka for example is pretty cheap and can be fielded rather quickly, while the more expensive Pantsir system has a better range than its American counterpart.
-Russian military hardware (vehicles) are about 25%-33% cheaper than their American counterparts, this gives the Russian player a significant economic advantage.
-The Russians also share the space program wonder, but they also have st. Basil's cathedral which gives them added attrition bonuses.



-Due to the cost system employed I suggest playing quick-battles with 10-20 minute peace periods at the beginning. This will create a more challenging AI as he will build a strong economy during that 10 to 20 minutes.
-Picking up from the last point it is also best if you enable the "computer/boom" option for the AI. This will enable a more economic-minded AI giving way to a more challenging game experience.
-This mod is not for wimpy computers. You should have at least 1-2 GBs of RAM, at least a dual-core processor and a 128-256MB graphics card. This is due to the new more complex models and animations I have introduced.


Installation Instructions:

-You will need WinRar to open this package. Download it for free from the internet.
-There are three main installer files, they are called "World_in_Conflict_Alpha_Art", "World_in_Conflict_Alpha_Data" and "World_in_Conflict_Alpha_Sound" - Run all three of these. They will install the files into your "C" drive, if your Rise of Nations is installed in a different drive then change the "C" to your corresponding drive when the installers ask you which path to install the files into.
-Next just place the "World In Conflict" folder into your mods directory and then load the mod in the quick battles menu.
-The mod is setup so that it overwrites game files - I had no other way of getting around this if I wanted some of the features to work correctly. SO, if you want to restore your original game files, I have provided another installer entitled "World_in_Conflict_Alpha_Game_Restore". This will restore your game to its original files with a few clicks. However, if you have been doing some modding of your own with data files I suggest you backup your work because the game restore installer will revert the game to its original T&P configuration and your work will be lost.


Miscellaneous Notes:

-I have not touched naval warfare in this version of the mod. That will be addressed in later versions. For now just play on land maps.
-I have disabled generals, patriots and spies. They will be tweaked around reintroduced in the Beta and later versions, but for now they are disabled.
-If there are any problems with animations/models or if there are any random crashes/bugs please report them to me.
-Like it says in the title, this is just an Alphaa release. This is not by all means the final product of this mod. There are still many more features and factions to come. Everything here can be improved upon in later versions so please leave constructive feedback and go easy on the reviews.
-If you would like to track or take part in the development of this mod please stop by at the forums:



-I would like to thank fellow RONH member CanoWorms who contributed immensley to the development of this mod with his modelling work.
-I would also like to thank everybody who gave me feedback and suggestions in the forums on how to proceed with the Mod.


I hope you all enjoy the first installment of this mod.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
Very nice mod with a fresh take on Rise of Nations, Thought it still has some bugs, its only a alpha. With the amount of new models, effects, sound, and gameplay changes, its a must have for player looking for something new.

Additional Comments:

Please note that this is still an alpha, and if you find any bugs please do not hesitate to comment on the forum http://ron.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=st&fn=10&tn=6144&f=10,6144,0,10&st=350

[Edited on 11/12/11 @ 10:15 AM]

Rating: 5
What else can I rate this? This mod is amazing! The new models, with their own custom animations, are very detailed and are just as good, if not better, than BHG's vanilla models. The textures also are very well done. Also, I like it how you have fixed how the ai use aircraft. While bombers will still destroy buildings, the primary targets of jet-fighters and helicopters are units, and you can see troops get annihilated by missiles and miniguns (how did you get them to behave like this?). Finally, air superiority in this game is important like it always has been in real life.

One thing that would really make this mod better than any other would be new concepts. I know that a script is being made to implement some new features, but it would also be interesting if you added units like paramilitaries and police, and perhaps have governments enable certain units and/or buildings. I think I posted a whole lot of ideas on your thread earlier on.

Additional Comments:

The only things I have really noticed that might need fixing are minor data and balance related things:

- The ai doesn't appear to use the elite soldiers (GRU Spetsnaz and Green Berets) and I often notice them standing around redoubts or cities. It's probably because you have made them come from scouts, which means, like with scouts, the ai stops using them once the map is explored. This also affects the other fort based scout unit.

- Unless you start the game on deathmatch with 20 minutes peace, the AI will never build tanks as the Americans. And unless you start on deathmatch, the AI won't build bombers and the American AI will never build any planes, and will only use the helicopter.

- Related to this, on non-deathmatch games, the Russians will always have the upper hand, while on deathmatch games, the Russians have almost no chance.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)
Overall Factions : 3
I like what you did with the Russian And American factions, but hope to see more in the Beta version

Creativeness : 5
I love not only the total revamp of old units, but the entirely new addition of units.

Gameplay : You are a saint. You brought love back to single player RoN, a love that had only been multiplayer. Your mod has such replayability and I love it, and cant wait to see what the beta brings

OVERALL : 6. Because five was not an epic enough number. Perhaps ChuckNorrisNyanCat will suffice as epic enough.
Additional Comments:

Very good mod, I loved the work put into it. I cant wait for Beta, keep us posted about that. Loved the new skins and how you made vehicles PROPORTIONATE to human figures, and that helicopters finally have fuel limits. Thanks for providing the community one of the best mods, and skins, around.
Sun Jian
Rating: 1
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Russia is weak and has no intents on starting WWIII... stop the Russia vs America scenarios ffs.
Rating: 4
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Great mod, just heavily biased.
Here a few points of critique.

Super Collider (goes to the Americans)

Americans do not have a Super Collider.

Space Program (Shared)

Americans, in current time, have to use russian transport to reach the ISS. Either add it to the russian faction to create balance, or keep it as it is, combined with a shared super Collider


As for the racial american bonuses

-The Americans have superior airpower so they will build an aggressive air force. Their aircraft are usually cheaper and faster to produce. The F-35 Lightning for example is a stealth fighter, it cannot be shot down by air defenses the same is true for the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber. These kinds of assets give the Americans an enormous advantage in the air.

The F-35 is considered a flop project. Americans admitted to have lost air dominance.
The F-35 is outprestated on nearly everything by the Su-35. The T-50 PAC FA (currently a prototype, if not mistaken) is aswell alot better.

I could debate on this subject for hours, but air superiority is something that goes to the russians.

Americans do however, have undisputed naval superiority.

"-The Russians also share the space program wonder, but they also have st. Basil's cathedral which gives them added attrition bonuses. "

The way i experienced this strength, is that you added it just so there would be a third strength to the russians, while it's not really a strength, balanced to it's american counterpart.

Also, most of the russian Tech you seem to use, seems to be older than their american counterparts, while newer, and better, versions are available.

All in all, a great mod, great skins.

just lost a point there because of the severe bias, which you've also shown in your trailer towards the ruskies. Don't take this as hate, but when you try to make a game, no matter what you favor, balance is a must.

I'll keep watching!

With much love from the Netherlands!

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