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Rise of Kings 1.1

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Rise of Kings 1.1 (you'll find the link to the mod itself in the included text file)

Rise of Kings is a revolutionary total conversion mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots that changes every nation in many ways. It is the first medieval total conversion mod to be released. It covers the medieval era, from around 888 AD to the mid 1500s and introduces many new concepts and features such as custom techs and mercenaries. I do hope you enjoy this mod!

Changes for Rise of Kings 1.1 Patch

- New Arab male peasants and peasant levymen
- New English foot knight unit with a NEW model!
- Horse archers are available again with multiple new textures.
- Some minor texture and data fixes
- Aging up is now more difficult
- Standard, Large, Huge and Big Huge map sizes have been enlarged. Only land maps will work on the Big Huge Setting - water maps may cause the game to crash.

Current Features

- Three ages that cover the medieval era: The Dark Age (Classical Age), set between the years 888 AD and 1100 AD; The Castle Age (Medieval Age), which ends at around 1400 AD; and the Imperial Age (Gunpowder Age), which ends in the 1500s.
- Three completed factions: the Holy Roman Empire (French), the Turks (Lakota) and the Byzantines (Mayans).
- One mostly complete faction: the English (Indians)
- Construct the mighty Noble's Court, a building with heavy attack and many hitpoints like a castle that can train religious orders for Christian factions and assassin units such as the dreaded Hashishin and Ninja for other factions.
- Train cheap but weak Peasant Levies and Skirmishers from your Peasant Commune and Town Watch Guild respectively.
- Each continental region has a special bonus that is activated by technology at the Noble's Court:

- European factions and the Turks can access advanced Imperial Age Barracks and Stables units.
- Asian factions can upgrade their military buildings in the Imperial Age so they all have attack and extra armour, and Large Cities can become Imperial Cities with enough buildings.
- Orthodox factions can upgrade their Keep, Peasant Commune, Town Watch Guild and Outpost to give them more armour, hit points and attack.
- Arabic factions have two special 'Muslim techs' at the Noble's Court that enhance both the nation's military and economy.

- The Castle can train your nation's gunpowder units: arquebusiers, culverins and bombards
- Population limit is now 400.
- Plenty of new wonders like the Tower of London and Chartes Cathedral. Nations mostly only have access to wonders that suit their region but still gives all factions access to an equal number of wonders.
- A script that implements some nation name changes for certain ages (so the English in the Dark Age are called Anglo-Saxons)
- Many unique units recieve variations in their appearances such as with their shields.
- Almost 200 art files!
- Many custom icons for units as well as library techs and buildings

Note: Patriots and generals have been disabled because I haven't got to making accurate textures for them yet.


1. Go to your downloads folder and unzip the folder containing the mod

2. Go to the Rise of Nations directory (for windows: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations)

3. Create a folder there called 'mods', if you do not already have one and put the Rise of Kings folder there.

4. In the folder you will find folders with specific instructions for where to place the files. Note that although they replace files, they will not change anything outside the mod.

5. Go to the Rise of nations quick battle menu and go to the drop down menu 'game modifications' and select this mod and go to scripts and select the Rise of Kings script. The script is important as it enables the Christian clergy line to heal nearby units and some nation name changes for different ages.

6. Enjoy!


I would like to thank the following for the contributions they have made to Rise of Kings:

- Normanpain
- One_Dead_Villy
- Uthum876
- Wadis10
- JeluArg
- Anyone else who has given me suggestions and feedback for Rise of Kings.

Also I would like to give a special thanks to Velvetclaw, who has been helping me right from the start. Not only has he done a brilliant job making building textures - he is responsible for making almost all of the building textures that appear in this mod, he has also done loads of work with concepts and I must give him credit for many ideas for this mod, including most of the units.

Please comment and review!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Nadhif It just me or you forget to insert the mod file? I can't find anything beside the readme, and that's explain the size is 2.31 KB. So where the mod? Are I have to download it from the other file?
File Author
The readme contains a link to where you can actually download it (it was way too large for RonHeaven). You can get it from here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/rise-of-kings
Nadhif Oh, thank's. I didn't really read the readme cause it just filled with the same information that we get in here, thank's once again.
File Author
It would be really nice to have some feedback so please comment and review! How else will I be able to improve the mod if I don't know what you guys like and don't like about it?
Rating: 5
I have play the mod and i can say that is very good! there are a lot of new and amazing buildings, and all the units are so much realistics! the battles are so nice with each unit diferent! =D

and well the wonders and the buildings are unique to each faction or thats what i noted =D

i really recomended =D

the only thing that the mod still needs is a CTW Campaing! that would be so much incredible =D

Additional Comments:
File Author
Thanks for your review! I'm looking at making a campaign when I get enough done. The only issue is that I don't know how to make a campaign!
Rating: 5
great job
finally the medieval age get is mod
the buildings are wounderful
we attend new complete factions and the possibility to create mercenary from the outpost

Additional Comments:
why in the english faction there isn't the foot soldier and in the scottish faction no highlander?
edilberto create a great highlander model look in the historical uniforms pack maybe you can add this tipical unit

File Author
Thank you for your kind words!

The English foot knight didn't appear in this release because it required a new model and there was no way I'd have had it done by my Christmas deadline. However I am very close to completing this model now and then I can add it to the mod. The highlander hasn't appeared because the Scots were scheduled for a later release (and this mod is by no means complete).

Why did I say "were"? Well, just to let you guys know (if you don't know already), I am almost definitely going to be merging Rise of Kings with Uthum's Rise of the Ancient project in an epic 8 age mod. The number of nations is being limited to about 12 to allow extra detail, so many nations are being merged with others or are missing out altogether (unfortunately Scotland is one of these factions).

On the bright side, you will have Uthum's all round modding talent to look forward to, as well as plenty of detail (possibly over 20 UUs for each faction), and I have even more concept ideas such as a revised mercenary system that recruits them in groups often made up of different units. For example, recruiting Landsknechts will give you Doppelsoldner, Landsknecht Pikemen and Landsknecht Gunners.

So what do you think?

[Edited on 01/17/12 @ 03:43 AM]

JeluArg Super outstanding job!!! the medieval ages are your kingdom!; Great job with your swordsman model! I hope you could add the shield and the sword so we can enjoy it :D Greets!
File Author
Thank you!

I guess I'll make an update soon that includes the Foot Knight, improved Arab citizens and peasant levy (they look too modern for the medieval period), and horse archers (although later on some nations receive mounted javelineers and crossbowmen). I just need to fix up the foot knight, and implement a number of horse archer textures, and then I'll update it.
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