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St Dani Filth Basic name changes to the British nation, I'm new to the modding lark.

-More interesting faction leaders (they're all real, ignorami out there!)
-English cities based on most populous today

Highlanders are retained as I'm still thinking of what to replace them with...

(Coming soon! The Anglo-Saxons- with the Power of Common Law, etc)
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Dr Cox No 1 Y? wtf u changing it to england and y take the only scottish thing out of the game!!! england is part of britain it isnt britian as some english jakes think!! there are other nations!!! if its not broken dont fix it!!

[Edited on 07/04/04 @ 06:44 PM]

naylor182 i agree!

i'm sick of people ignoring scotland, wales and northern ireland.

i was delighted when RoN had it as 'British' and not 'English' because any other way would be unfair. sure britain wasn't britain until the mid 1700s, but as Britain it became a world superpower.

plus, 70% of BRITAIN's army is scottish. are you gonna reduce the 'english' pop cap to facilitate this?

plus you'd have no metal (due to the lack of mountains in england) and less oil (due to the loss of north sea oil which is scottish).

as a scot living in england, i'm sick of the lack of recognition my nation gets.

unless someone more talented than me makes a scottish mod replacing some other nation. scotland conquering england...that would be good.

Wu Su Zheng Well done for igniting anti-English flaming. You really should have had Saxons or something instead. :p

But seriously, unless you are doing a completely medieval mod, then why have just England? These other celtic nations have most of the metal, and indeed produce quite a bit of the wealth among other things.

Unless you are going to make a seperate Wales, Scotland, and perhaps Ireland. Believe me I can't wait for the singing in the valleys to begin.
Wu Su Zheng Sorry for lacking any traditional Celtic bitterness against our neighbours but I vented it all out on some biggot, and I don't have much anyway. There is another stereotype I had forgotten, as if every single Welshman were still holding a grudge because of the Saxons and Good ol' Edward I!
Backwash I'm actually glad someone did this, I think the early units for Britain are very unrealistic looking. They look more Greek than anything. I'd like to see Picts, Britons or Celts in the mix with Woad Spearmen, Axe-throwers and cattle chariots!
belcameron i agree with proud_2b_english
and im a fair dinkin aussie (but my parents are english) and by what i have read england ad the navy england conquer scotland and ireland in medieval times and what was the british empire song during the
montero i agree with belcameron...what the hell is wrong with you europeans?! do you hate everyone or what? (this is not intended for all europeans, only the stupid racist ones) how is it that you can dish it out against someone living on the same island? who you are UNITED with? jeez you've been living with them for about 1000 years or more! christ, we're all equals, no one's better than the other, no matter their skin color, religion, culture or history, so just stop thinking you're so better than everyone else and zip it!
jpusey Although im living in Australia at the moment due to the lack of work in the UK for programmers, i would like to say i fell truly patriotic to my country. This argument is stupid. I feel that everyone should get over the fact that we're not "english" or "scottish" or "welsh" but we're all British. and that as a union of nations we have one the best and most professional armed forces ever to have existed. We very nearly had the world at our feet. I think its stupid to fight about somthing that happened several hundred years ago. I will say this however. The history books we read today are written in English- not Gaelic. There is an argument similar to this one about another mod which replaces the British civ with an Australian civ. Of course both sides are at each others throats about which is better. I feel that the British (England in particular) get a bad rep. Often in history books (usually American ones) we're given an evil description as a barbaric people. I'm not denying it. But i will say that every other nation to have ever have existed, is just as bad at some point in its history. And i feel that some nations (America and Australia in particular) often feel a bit threatened by the fact that they have virtually no recorded history prior to two hundred years ago, and owe so much of thier cultural traits to Great Britain and other European nations. Feel free to comment on this.

As for whether the mod is a good idea, i think that although the scottish are entitiled to representantion as part of Britian, the Scottish never individually as a nation go out and colonise other parts of the world or have an empire, meanwhile the English did. A scottish campaign simplay wouldn't be very long or be very interesting.

[Edited on 11/12/05 @ 08:10 AM]

hairyenglishman Ive gotta say, as a patriotic englishman, that i agree with this chap here. The English have brought many good things to this world, although there is a bad side to what we did. year so we might have invaded a few countries and seriously ticked off quite a few people along the way but what the heck, we, as quite a small nation, kick some serious global ass. As for reading that comment about the SAS being Scottish? I mean seriously mate you should actually reading some history now and then. The SAS was created during world war 2 by an English Officer who was injured during the fighting in France. His idea was that a smal group of skilled men should infiltrate and disrupt german supply routes. This idea was adopted and used to great effect during the war. As for it being based in Scotland? mm not sure possibly but I can tell you know that going over the memorial pages on the mod internal website that I can say that the scottish have only contributed about 5% of the total number of men within the SAS.
And I will ask this of all of you here debating this issue. have any of you any idea of the Westlovian Question is?
Answer: Why should the Scottish parliament be able to vote on english matters when we cant vote on the scottish matters? Is it perhaps because once again the English have been done over by out inability to stick up for ourselves on the world stage mmm I say shut up otherwise youll find the English people taking back what is rightfully ours!!!

p.s. Its a B$%$£y game get over it and as for the mod: nice one mate cant wait to see what you come up with to change the highlanders to
junot first of all england never conquered scotland, i believe it was a Scottish king James VI who was crowned James I of England, in 1603, while the nations remained seperate until the 1700's. Yes at times England would gain control of lower Scotland but were never able to hold onto it... i know you probably don't care what an american thinks, but i am mostly british in ancestry and can understand both sides... its this guy's opinion to create this mod, and even if others think it is wrong it is still his view, so let him have it even if you think it is wrong. that is just my opinion on this whole thing

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