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Germany at WWII (Alternate History))

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Description of the Mod.... It is a alternate WW II scenario.The German has a huge technological superiority over any other nation.In this WW II all the nations has teamed up against the German Imperiolism & its superior power.The Germans has developeded all the super weapons that in real WW II failed to develop,like the supertank "Landkreuzer P 1000 Ratte" or Biomechanical "Uber Soldat" etc.So play the gameas Germany against all nations.I mean There will be two teams...Team 1 is Only German...Team 2 consist of all other modern powerfull nations...Start the game directly in Modern age.Dont change the age in Information Age.Description of Units.......The German has a huge series of Tanks...the whole series of Panzer Tank,from "Panzer I" to "Panzer VI",Panzer VII MAUS,Landkreuzer P 1000 Ratte etc + the normal tank,total 11 kinds of tank.All the tank can be manufactured in "Secret Weapon Factory".The German has a few unique infantry like "Waffen SS","Kar9 sniper(a cloacked unit)","Uber Soldat", 2 types of Armored car "Schwerer Panzersp
ähwagen II Fast"(Stealth armored car for fast covering distance),"Schwerer Panzerspähwagen II Heavy.These can be created in "Secret Weapons Lab".The anti aircraft Gun has huge range and power.The German has Many special type of planes like "Messerschmitt Me 264" (Bomber),"Messerschmitt Bf 109"(Fighter) etc.A Super battleship alongwith normal battleship but it has to be created from Oil Platform.The German Generals can heal & has huge further range.Germany only has access to missile technologie.Two types of missile are there...."Weapon of Vengeance I & II".But they can not built nuclear missile,infact no nation can.

Steps to installation of "Germany Superior".Please follow the steps carefully.1.There are three files."art","data","script Germany".2.Open the art folder.3.Open the "RoN" folder and copy the files & paste in "art" folder of Rise of Nations.It will replace some files. the location in my system is---"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\art"4.Open the "RoN T&P" folder and copy the files & paste in "art" folder of Thrones&Patriots in Rise of Nations.It will replace some files. the location in my system is---"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\art".5.Open the data folder and copy the files & paste in "data" folder of Thrones&Patriots in Rise of Nations.It will replace some files. the location in my system is--- "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\data".6. Open the Script Germany folder & paste the files in the following folder ---"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\scenario\Scripts"7.Start the game in Modern age,End age should also be Modern age. I repeat don't advance to Information age,bcz there are chances of exception data in Info age.8. In Click on the "Load Script" button and load "Germany 2" script.9.EnjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyPlease comment............
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File Author
Please comment.....
I know there are some shortcomings in the mod but i really want to improve it with your help....
so plz help & comment
TheRaven101 wtf? It's like since i decided to post a ww2 map a few months back now everybody has to make a map about ww2.
super7700 Well I've had a nice long game with this mod (it wasn't a serious game, and I controlled all the players) and I have to say that this mod is lots of fun! Most of the new German units were extremely OP, and it took a great number of allied soldiers to kill just one of the P1500 Rattes, but that is what made it so entertaining. I just have some things I noticed that you'll need to fix:

- None of the unit textures you provided appear to fit with their models - the texture ends up all over the place. This can easily be fixed by finding the models which correctly correspond to the textures you have and putting their filepaths into the unitgraphics entries for these units.
- The Secret Weapon Factory (the one which creates the tanks) is built far too quickly. Also, the building appears somewhat offset from the square it is meant to be in. This can be fixed by finding the buildinggraphics.xml entry for the building that the Secret Weapon Factory's texture came from and copy all that entry's info, except for the heading and texture filepath, over the Secret Weapon Factory's entry.
- The Secret Weapon Factory and Lab are too cheap - because they train such powerful units, they should be more difficult and time consuming to construct.
- The secret weapons are really unbalanced. All of the ultra powerful units (like the Ratte, the Maus and the Uber Soldat) train instantly and are extremely cheap. This means that the player can easily spam them, and there is no way for the other players to compete. So to balance things, you need to make them far more expensive and take much longer to train.
- While those units are overpowered, Panzers I - IV, the two Tiger tanks and all the extra planes (besides that giant, powerful dive bomber), are not powerful enough. It seems that their stats have been unchanged from the original game. These units should be made more powerful and more expensive at the same time. Also, Panzers I - IV are exactly the same in stats - you should have some stat differentiation between them.
- I found Panzers V - VI quite strange. One of them has a huge attack and the other has a huge range. Additionally they both train ultra fast like the other OP units. I really think you should keep them similar to the other panzers, because otherwise it is unrealistic.
- None of the new units have new help descriptions. It's not hard to do, but it really does increase the quality of the mod.
- Another good idea would be to modify the tribes files so you can make the faction names, leaders and cities whatever you like.
- Lastly, you need to make this compatible with the mod folder (as I explained in the email I sent you) so that players don't need to replace files.

So this mod was really fun to play, with the experimental units being the highlight of it for me, but there are some graphical and balancing issues that really need fixing for this mod to shine. Overall, I believe that this mod has a lot of potential.

[Edited on 07/05/12 @ 07:18 AM]

File Author
Thanks a lot for ur recommendations.I will try to modify it....If i fail to follow ur guideline i will contact u again....
In the meantime i request you & whoever read this PLZ edit it,update it...in short do what ever u want to do to make it better.....then please upload it again.....

[Edited on 07/05/12 @ 12:07 PM]

super7700 It's your mod, I'm not going to fix these things for you sorry.
File Author
Thanks again for ur recommendations...and for ur mods also..........
vanderostyne sound and intro work but nuthing else does
Sun Jian Yet another World war II mod -_-

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