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DonTheDime's CTW Map Mod (TaP) v1.02

Author File Description
DonTheDime Have you ever hoped for a greater challenge from the regular CTW campaign in the expansion?
Well, here's one attempt to do so.

Major modifications include
-adding 23 new territories, mostly islands such as Cuba, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Okinawa,etc.;
-adds some new links between the old territories as well as with the new territories.
-increasing the number of turns per age from 3 to 7;
-rearranging and adjusting the territory bonuses (such as rare resource, bonus card, tribute, etc.) for some rebalancing with the additional territories;
-giving each nation one starting bonus card appropriate to that nation, in addition to a rare resource in their capital territory;
-and adding more bonus cards (such as those from the other campaigns) to the standard deck.

This will provide another map option in the Conquer the World Campaign main menu in a "Custom Maps" drop down menu.

NOTE: There is a read me file in the zip file that contains instructions on how to install the mod.

Also, this mod is ONLY for the Thrones and Patriots expansion.


For those of you patiently waiting for "v2.0", it is currently available at Rise of Nations Planet here:


It has been renamed "DonTheDime's Global Conquest Campaign" as it isn't simply a modification of BHG's Entire World campaign, but a new campaign in and of itself with a new map, etc.
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File Author
I have updated this mod based upon one already encountered problem regarding territory ownership after a few turns (as if some reshuffling occurred between turns with, as an example, the French occupying Northeast China on turn 3). More details can be found at this post at Rise of Nations Planet: http://ronp.mednickonline.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=XForum&file=viewthread&tid=1131

There are still some strange things that occur when a scenario takes place on some of the smaller island territories, and I am in the process of determining how best to solve them.

So, keep posted for the next installment, which will likely involve new scenario types for naval warfare (more suited for such island territories where most of the area is water and your army can't do anything but be slaughtered in their transports) such as "Naval Battle", "Supply Lines", and/or "Colonize". I will probably also add a few more territories when I do, such as Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, the Falkland Islands, and probably do some territory shuffling and splitting in Africa and South America.

Also, feel free to contact me regarding any problems as well as questions or comments regarding this mod! (My contact info can be found in the readme text file included in the download.)

[Edited on 06/24/04 @ 11:04 AM]

File Author
PLEASE NOTE: In order to continue your campaign, always Save your campaign before you quit. I haven't been able to change the Conquer the World Campaign menu page to include my Map among the five default campaigns (where you get the "Continue" button after you have started one of those campaigns). However, you should not have any trouble saving your campaign and then choosing
"Load Campaign" from the CTW campaign menu page. You should then be able to find your saved campaign in the load campaign menu that pops up.

Load your saved campaign, and continue play!

[Edited on 06/24/04 @ 02:39 PM]

File Author
A Final Update before Version 2.00 comes out.

I have made some changes to the "DonTheDimes_CTW_Map_01.xml" file that should prevent any further problems with the game rearranging territory ownership after a few turns. This has been updated for the download now available (v1.02).

If you have already downloaded and installed previous versions of the mod (v1.0 or v1.01), you can redownload the update and reinstall to fix this 'bug'.

See the readme file for more information and instructions.

For those waiting for version 2.00 of my mod, I am still working on the new naval scenarios, so it will be a while before I can upload the new version, but when I do finish it, I will upload it separately from this one.
PunkDanny182 Its great but i think if there is a way to take out the take the capital take the nation thing out. Im sure no nation would just surrender the resot fo the war if its capital was takin at the beginning. I think it takes away the diversity of war in the CTW. it takes away alot of nations to fast.
File Author
I can see your point. However, it isn't possible to disable that feature of the Conquer the World Campaigns.

Also, even if it was possible, such a rule would essentially require that you conquer every territory on the map to completely conquer the world. It would also increase the minimum number of turns required in the game to allow such a conquest, and increase the amount of time required to play the game through once.
p3t3rthegr8 Hi. Thanks for your work on these mods.

Is there a way to force the COld War CTW campaign to play as many turns as it takes to actually conquer the world rather than stopping the game after 'x' amount of turns?
wileywilson Great sounding mod - I would LOVE to play the CTW maps, but don't for one reason.

From the territory map, if an enemy army attacks one of my territories, and I defeat the city they are attacking from, I should "win" that territory. I dislike that you can win the Objective but then have to attack his territory again to conquer it. It seems daft to me that you have to assimilate the same city twice.

What do you think? Is there a way around this, or mod that wins the territory?
File Author

A critical part of the "Entire World" campaign that allows a player to continue after the number of turns expires is the 'allow_continue="1"' attribute in the CTW_World_Map_01.xml file. Adding that phrase in a similar location in the CTW_Cold_War_Map_01.xml file should accomplish what you want.

Edit: actually, the cold war file already has the attribute there, but it is set to 0. So changing that to 1 should resolve the problem.


I haven't found anything that would allow gaining the enemy's territory when successfully defending one of their attacks. Of course, the main "rationale" given in the objectives for the Defensive scenarios is to "force them to withdraw". You might also be surprised that in T&P there is more than one scenario possibility for such a Defensive situation.

For example, in the "Entire World" campaign, while the default scenario is your typical 'conquest' scenario (which can be changed, by the way), there are two other scenarios, "Surprise Attack!" and "Guerrilla Warfare", where the objectives are to either defend your capital against a surprise attack for 15 minutes, or to inflict enough damage (by killing enemy units) on the enemy using "guerrilla tactics" to force them to withdraw their attack. So a victory in these two scenarios does not involve taking their city, such as can happen in the conquest scenario.

Also, in version 2.0 of this mod, the "sea battle" scenario will be another defensive option if your territory being attacked is on an island or, sometimes, on the coast. As with the "Surprise Attack!" and "Guerrilla Warfare" scenarios, the goal of a defensive "sea battle" scenario will be to force the enemy to withdraw by defeating their navy and/or outlasting their attack. In other words, naval supremacy will be a major basis for such "sea battle" scenarios in determining control of a territory under attack.

So, to answer your question, probably the best (and easiest) way to get around the difficulty is to make one of the other defensive scenarios the default (instead of the conquest) so that what happens in the scenario will more realistically reflect what happens on the strategic map.

[Edited on 07/21/04 @ 01:57 PM]

HCLARK First off great Mod.And Thanks for responding to all the posts so far. I have a few questions and a few suggestions...

When can we expect to see version 2.0? How can you add unique units to your mod? (I would like to see some rebalancing as the Germans and Russians have eight but the Americans and other only have three or old units.)

Can you lower or rebalance the era turns allowed? It seems that all the Strong Nations always go down first. Germans, Russians, always seem to be eliminated before the Gunpowder age.

I know that conquering every territory to conquer a nation is to much, but can it be worked out so you have to conquer halve there territory or fight two battles to totally crush them. Sort of a ristance move.

Can you make some countries harder to conquer? Like giving there capitals a higher rating.

Can you devolop espionage missions like those on the cold war scenario to make the modern and information age more interesting?

Well thats all I can think of at the moment. Sorry there are so many for I am a complete novist when it comes to moding this game. Thanks for your mod and continued effort.
File Author
Let me try and answer some of your questions:

As I mentioned earlier, it will take a while for me to work out the "bugs" associated with the "sea battle" scenarios. I don't see myself able to get that worked out any sooner than beginning of next week, but maybe things will change.

I took some time and explored the .xml files and scripts for the other T&P campaigns and found some things that I previously thought not possible.

One thing I found is that it IS possible to accomplish what wileywilson suggested with regards to defensive "conquest" scenarios where you capture the enemy's capital to win. Essentially what is required is a modification of the script that determines the territory you are attacked from and then gives that territory to you.

Also, I realized how it is possible to give nations unique units for the campaign (if you recall in the Cold War campaign, for example, the russians and americans are each given unique units not found elsewhere in the game). It simply requires making the appropriate adjustments to a nation's "tribes" attribute in the map.xml file to give them a particular unique unit.

The number of turns per age can easily be adjusted. I chose 7 simply because I felt, with the additional number of territories (as well as seeing so many comments about the campaigns not being long enough), more turns were required to allow the player to make reasonable progress in conquering the world (and hopefully be able to finish it). I am welcome to such feedback. Of course, it would be even better if the number of turns per age could be adjusted based upon which age it is. The closest way to do that only affects the very first age (ever wonder how ancient age has so fewer turns than all the others?) by simply setting the "starting_round" attribute.

Another reason I did what I did is because I wanted this mod to still be an "Entire World" 'through the ages' campaign. My primary goal is to make a "base" CTW campaign that could later be modified for different ages/events/eras/etc.

In terms of making it more difficult for certain nations to be conquered, it appears to be a lot more complex than some of the other things, but to an extent may be possible. Of course, one way to make it more difficult, would be if each nation started off with more than their capital territory. (If you can't get to their capital without first conquering adjacent territories that they possess, it would prevent a one strike and you're out outcome.) Also, I found how it is possible to adjust starting territory strengths, by specifying a "size" attribute for each territory in the map.xml file.

In terms of espionage missions, it appears that it may be possible, and I will look more into it (and just might add it in if it is workable).

Hope this helps answer your questions.

(By the way, your comments and questions were very helpful, as I thought of several more possibilities for the mod to make it more realisitic/challenging and perhaps more fun, which I may be able to include in the next version of my mod).
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