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The Brazilians

Author File Description
Arcanjo TM New nation: the Brazilians, instead of the Indians.

To know how to install and play, read the readme file.

The Brazilians have the Power of Miscegenation.
Buildings do not rise in cost except for Wonders, Towers, Lookouts, and Forts, which rise at half the normal rate, and Cities, which rise normally.
+6 City economic radius and +15% Caravan income.

Brazilian's unique units
Tupiniquins - replaces the Ancient Age bowmen;
Guaranis - replaces the Classical Age archer
Bandeirantes - replaces the Gunpowder Age arquebusier (yep, I modified the Bandeirantes' attributes)
Voluntarios da Patria - replaces the Enlightment Age musketeers
Pracinha - replaces the Modern Age infantry.

Additional stuff
I added a new buildingrules.xml file in the mod, that will allow you build some houses, office buildings and other ones.
I added the Siegeship, Pirates and the Corsair units, that any civ. can build at the Docks, in Classical, Gunpowder and Enlightment Ages.
They don't replace any other ship.
These two last ones have the same graphics that the Frigate and Man'o War, but different settings.
I added the Ironclad and Humvee units as uniques for the Americans. The Ironclad and the Humvee don't replace any unit.
I added the Nuclear Sub that replace the Attack Submarine to the Americans and Russians.
I added the Imperial Guards to the French, that don't replace any unit either, they upgrade automatically to Machine Guns.

I hope you enjoy this mod.
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acousticjazz I'm a long time player, first time poster. I have just recently came accross this site and have been trying out some of the mods. I was waiting to see if someone would make a brazilian ciz as I was very interested in playing one. I didn't think it was good that I start reviewing with my first post but wanted to offer some feedback on your mod.

Your ciz bonuses for the brazilians seem balanced and appropriate. The unique units are done well and seem to fit. The use of the gunpowder age unit from the Portuguese fits well given the historical connection between the countries. The early age units also look good and fit well, however they don't fit with the use of the european units. A better fit would have been to use the unit sytle from the south american nations. Additionally I was surprised to see that you had used the American architecture style. The American style is very New England looking and looks very odd with Brazil. The Brazilians in my opinion should use the south American architecture style (like the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans) this would be more accurate. Historically the Incas controlled a good portion of what is now modern day Brazil so using their building and unit style would seem to me to be the best fit.

The other add-in's that you included with the mod are wonderful. I really like the idea of the ironclad and humvee for the US and the imperial guard for the French. The ability to build houses and offices while serving no practical use are great fun.

Thats all my thoughts. Please take them with a grain of salt. Just my opinions. Thanks for a fun mod to play with.
british_guy707 damn you!!! I was making brazilians too!
Arcanjo TM
File Author
Thanks for your comments, acousticjazz.
I'm very glad with them.
I would only write few lines about your suggestions.
In fact, the Inca had never controlled the Brazilian territory. But it was crowded by several native tribes from the Tupi-Guarani nations.
They didn't have a centered government, but in architecture and dressing habits they could remember the North American Natives.
So, I think the best architecture to the Brazilians should be a Native one in the start of the game and in modern ages the architecture should be like European.
The problem is in the Middle ages.
In that time, Brazilian architecture wasn't even more like the native's one, due the European control. But it wasn't like the European sets that are in the game.
As I don't know how to mix different buildings sets in RoN-TaP, I decided to choose the American set, 'cause it has some similarities with the Brazilian one.
Well, that's it.
Thank you again.

And... british_guy...
If you want, you can make another Brazilian mod, what's the problem?
Maybe you could use these acousticjazz' suggestions to make a better mod than I did.

[Edited on 07/09/04 @ 02:01 PM]

acousticjazz Arcanjo TM,

Thanks for correcting my in accurate understanding of the Inca's historical range, I'll have to check my history better next time instead of relying on my memory!

I played another game with the mod in the Enlightment age. Admittenly this is one of my favorite ages to play the game in, which also seems to be one the areas you mention you had the greatest difficulty in finding a good match for the architecture. Seems like on whole you found one that will be best for the entire range of history, not just the middle ages. I like the work you did on the (the musketeers replacement)in the enlightment age. They look very good!

I'm new to the site and modding but work like to figure how to mod civilizations. Is there a tutorial on the site? I haven't found one yet...just skin mods.
british_guy707 aw, thanks. I'll plague all RON fansites with my mods!!! Everyone will bow down to me!!!
I'm just feeling kinda strange cos' you beat me in the brazilian modding race....
Arcanjo TM
File Author
Well, british_guy, this maybe happened 'cause I'm Brazilian... hehehe.

About game modding, sometime ago I read a tutorial in the site, but I hadn't found it anymore.
But you could try the Game Modding forum.

[Edited on 07/12/04 @ 06:11 AM]

One_Dead_Villy which tutorial?
Arcanjo TM
File Author
Well, as I said... I hadn't found it anymore...

Could somebody rate my download, please???
One_Dead_Villy i mean what was the tutorial about. maybe i can find it for you. or did you already look inside the Modding Library page? You can see the modding Library page http://ron.heavengames.com/library/articles/modding.shtml
Arcanjo TM
File Author

A tutorial that explain how to create a nation mod.
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