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Israel (TaP) v2.0

Author File Description
nokkio82 Israel 1.0 by nokkio82 This works with RON: TaP ONLY! Allows you to control the country, Israel, of the middle east. This replaces the Japanese with Israel. The Israelis have the Power of Zion. You'll find a pic in the Mod gallery. Enjoy!!!
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File Author
Israel 2.0 (PATCH)
by nokkio82

Update: The Israeli have gone through some drastic changes.

-The building artset has been changed.
-The Arab Mercenary has been dropped and the new IDF infantry has been added.
-The nation powers have been redone: lose cheaper navy and gain faster creation of fishermen.

Israel 1.5 (PATCH)
by nokkio82

Update: NO MAJOR Changes to the mod. Game play is still the same.

Changes: The "F-16I Storm" uses a different 3D model and has been reskinned. Minor changes to the unit_graphic.xml.

[Edited on 07/20/04 @ 02:58 PM]

boo229 Rating: 3
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Another nice mod but I think it would be more realistic if you gave Israel Western style buildings(maybe Romans or Greeks) and have a different UU to replace the Arab mercenary. Other than that I enjoyed it.
Proledeus would you mind putting up a list of Israel's powers and unique units?
naginata_k The Israeli have the power of zion.
-Barracks unics created 7% cheaper for each Age plus Military research
-Barracks units do 5% extra damage vs. buildings for each age plus military research
slingers have 5% more HP and +1 attack
Ships are 10% cheaper and Aircraft Carriers are created 33% faster
Farms are 50% cheaper. Farms and fishermen produce + 25% resources.

Unique Units:
Maccabi Soldier
Massada Defender
Roman Legion
Roman Guard
Arab Legionaire
IDF Coalition Force
F16-I Storm
Arcanjo TM I've four comments....

I don't think the ships benefits fit to the Israeli nation.

I don't think the Roman Legion, Roman Guard and
Arab Legionaire UUs fit to the Israli nation either.

You should use the Roman set of buildings to the Israeli instead the Indians one.

Very nice art!!!

That's it...

[Edited on 07/19/04 @ 02:36 PM]

CatKnight I think you should give the Israelis all new nation powers instead of just giving them basically the same powers as Japan. I think a good power for Israeli would be that they are not susceptible to victory timers, as the Jews have been such an enduring civilization. That way they can only lose by total conquest victory. All of their UU's should be only in ancient age, modern age, and info age, as the Jews didn't really have a country or military between 500 BC to 1948. So maybe give them a unique slinger in ancient, and then give them infantry similar to americans that auto-entrench for modern and info age.
Arcanjo TM CatKnight:

Unfortunately, it's impossible to give new nation powers to any new nation.

The only what you can do is change powers that already are in the game.

But I agree with you about the UUs.
File Author
I've changed the Israeli, but I'd like to first explain why I originally did certain things...
For the architecture, my initial thoughts were to go with the Western art set, but I wanted to somehow incorporate the Dome of the Rock, a very prominent sight of the Jerusalem skyline, obviously I couldn't do both, so I went with the Indian art set. For the UU's I wanted to do something special, not a simple Jewish slinger. I wanted the UU's to tell a little story. The Maccabi Soldier was to represent their fighting spirit, with the Massada Defender being their last defense against the Roman rule. Then the Romans come in, so I added a couple of Roman UU's. The next part was tricky. I had nothing to go on, because the Jews didn't occupy this area at the time. During this time Arabs were more prominent, thus the Arab Mercenary. Another purpose of the Arab Mercenary was to represent the other ethnic group, non-Jewish Arabs (20%). The purpose of the navy bonus was to make it easier to fish, since fish was a large part of their diet. 10% cost reduction off ALL navies didn't represent them well, so I borrowed the faster creation of the fishermen bonus.

Well with that out of the way, I bring you version 2. Thanks for the comments.
Rating: 4
(Insert Rating analysis here)

I think its very histroical based on what I know. I was watching this thing on the Israli's today and it was nice to play as them after I knew some of their modern day battles. Though you really need to fix the fighter plane in the modern age. Since you replaced the japanese they have a japanese styled plane.

You can either replace another nation and keep the same powers as before or make a new model for the fighter in the modern age.

Additional Comments:
Rating: 4.5 (couldnt give so I rounded up)
(Insert Rating analysis here)
Ok, there are a few things that stopped me from giving this a 5. First, the Japanese skin for the modern age fighter that was already mentioned. Second, it might be better if you gave the Israelies a UU for the industrial age(although the state was not yet founded, the Haganah, who later turned into the IDF, faced a very difficult time fighting off the British and Arabs). But on the other hand, the weapons they were using were, for the most part, not Israeli made so maybe my suggestion makes less sense. Lastly, after playing a few games with the mod and reading your reasons for the UUs, art, and nation powers, I think that the Egyptian powers would be better; in terms of agriculture, which Israel is very good at.

Additional Comments:

Its not something I think takes away from the mod, but when playing, the nation reads "Israeli" instead of "Israelis". It would be real nice, considering that the Uzi was first made in Israel, if you could edit the Jaguar infantry, or whatever unit has the Uzi-esqe gun, and have it be created at the Redoubt. By edit, I mean take off those leafy things on the helmet. Even having both of the Aztec UUs as a "Counter Guerilla" unit( I think its called the Egoz) would help represent Israels military.

With all that said, the changes from version 1 to 2 (building art and removing the Arab mercenary) were the only things that I found wrong with the 1st version, and after using the mod more, I had these latest suggestions. Thanks for the great mod!.....just saw the screenshots for the Swiss Red Cross....;) very creative

[Edited on 09/05/04 @ 03:54 PM]

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