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Battle of Narva

Author File Description
codekiller Year 1700 AC, the old enemies of the Swedish empire: Russia, Poland and Denmark saw a perfect opportunity to regain all their lost territorys wich had been conquered by the swedes. The old king of Sweden, Karl XI was dead and the country was now ruled by his son the 17 years old Karl XII. That was the opportunity they had been waiting for, in mars 1700 hundred the Danish invaded Holstein-Gottorp who were the only allies of Sweden, Russia attacked by the swedes owned: Estonia, and polish troops were invading swedish Livland.

The swedish king Karl XII acted quickly: messengers were sent out through Sweden and Finland to gather all the men who had signed-up for the army, the men was well prepared for this and well trained. It only took a month mobilize the army and in april the same year, the army was marching towards Denmark. In july the army landed on Sjaelland with the king in the front. It only took 3 days from the landing to secure the whole island and the danish king were forced to accept peace with Sweden.

After that Karl XII moved his army too Estonia were the eastern city of Narva was under siege by the russian army. When they was near Narva: the swedish army had been marching quickly for days in heavy rainstorms , they had no food left and was totally exhausted. In Narva an huge army of 40 000 russians was waiting for them, the russians were dry and rested while the swedes were wet and hungry.

The Swedish army had 11 000 troops wich was only 1/4 of the russian army, but the swedish army was the best trained and equiped army in the whole world at that time and they probably also had the best morale in whole europe(they fought to the very last man even when the enemy outnumbered them 10 to 1 and the only thing they had never trained was retreat).

2 o'clock in the afternoon at the 20th November 1700 the swedes attacked. Just at that time the weather changed to a snowstorm, the swedes had the storm in their backs but the poor russians had the storm in their eyes and couldn't see what was happening untill the swedish army was upon them. The russians fought for their lives but after the swedish cavalry had attacked the russians were crushed. The battle of Narva was won.

30 000 russians were captured and 10 000 were slain, the swedish army only lost 700 men.

With the whole russian army annihilated the swedish king could have destroyed russia once and for all, but instead he invaded Poland and forced them to accept peace. That gave Russia all the time they needed to rebuld their army wich would mean the end of the the swedish empire and the end of the young Karl XII's life...

The units have been changed to be more realistic. They do more damage and have less hitpoints.

Infantry: There is only 1 type of infantry in this scenario. The infantry is your main combat force, they defeat cavalry if they get the chance too shoot the before the are engaged in meele.

Cavalry: There is only 1 type of cavalry in this scenario. The cavalry is used to assult artillery and can also be used as shock units when flanking infantry or chasing down the fleeing enemy.

Artillery: There is only 1 type of artillery in this scenario. The artillery has heavy long range firepower but are very weak in meele or when they are alone.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
You really needed to think of strategies and tactics to win this one, and not just to pour all your soldiers in the battle.

Balance: 4
If you will play right you will win, but if not..

Creativity: 3
The scenario gave you the apportunity to test your skills in combat, but it seems that there were things missing there as the scenario itself wasnt the most exciting.

Map Design: 3
The map isnt the most invested one although youve thought of some very nice things to add to the city of narva.

Story/Instructions: 3
Youve posted all of the story and instructions in the site, too bd you couldnt post it in the scenario itself though.

Additional Comments:
Very Good!

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Map Design3.0
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