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Extreme Gameplay for Rise of Nation Expansion

Author File Description
Deathmage if you have any questions after this note post a message on this forum page:

Extreme Gameplay ::::::Version 0.10 ::::::::By Trevor Smith::::::Commander's Ultimate Domain Inc.

*****"Surrender is never an option"*****
WARNING: This modification is for the Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots Expansion

This mod is a game play addon, it includes the following:

Increase population limit up to 350 at information age ( ages now have a 30 % increase in population limit)

Increased Commerce cap of 560 at Information age (30 % increase in each age than from original version)

all the rare Resources have been increased by 70%

citizens can carry 30 resources, instead of 10

8 farms at each city instead of 5

Taxation profit increase 50%

attrition increased 50% for the enemy in your territory (will make attrition decrease when in enemy territory
in later version's)

Line of sight and range has been increased 30% for both the tower and forts

Temple affects on taxation and borders increase 50%

Smelter,lumbermill, and granary improvements increased to 50%,so that you prodice more of all of those resources

Carrier now carry 10 planes

Airports now carry 20 planes

the wonders in the first 3 ages have increase benefits
(will increase them all later on, HINT: Build them all first)
Hint: the PYRAMIDS now have a city limit increase of 8 instead of 1, so build those wonders before the computer does

here what have been improvved for the rare resources:

relics from 33% to 60% research speed
wine from 20% to 50% unit upgrade cost
papyrus, dye, furs, and silk from 25% to 50% library research cost
spice from 20% to 50% caravan income
salt, horses, and rubber from 15% to 50% unit cost
sulphur from 20% to 50% siege unit cost
amber from 10 to 40 market price offset
silver from 15% to 53% age cost
tobacco from 10% to 70% building speed
marble from 10% to 55% wonder cost
cotton from 25% to 50% unit creation speed
bison from 33% to 50% granary upgrade cost
copper from 20% to 55% unit hp
peacocks from 10% to 55% population cap (the pyramids will only help you to increase your population limit)
sugar from 10% to 55% reduced food cost
coal from 25% to 53% reduced timber cost
diamonds from 10% to 55% commerce cap
gems from 2 to 10 territory bonus
aluminum from 15% to 55% air cost and 25% to 50% air speed
whales from 20% to 55% ship speed
obsidian from 1 to 10 archer, fort, town, etc. attack
wool from 15% to 65% citizen cost and 33% to 65% creation speed
uranium from 5% to 55% nuke cost reduction and 10% to 53% nuke speed
titanium from 50% to 95% reduced attrition damage
Gold from 10% to 50%

there might be a few i missed but there all improved!

if there is any i didnt point out i forgot, sorry!, ill find them and list them in my next updated version

updates to come:

Adding special units to USA from other countries

Increasing affects Commandos and generals have on the battlefield.

Making a "horde bonus" for infantry and tanks

Increasing number of nuke launches before Armegedon

possible nuke launching scuds

possible nuke and cruise missle launching submarines

Combat helocopter that can carry troops

Paradrop of reforcements every 10 minutes
making the M1A2 Ambrans Main Battle tank for USA
Making the bradely fighting vehicle with troop carrying

and allot more
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Trigun Freak hi, i wanna download this mod, where should i save it to? i tried to save it under the Rise of Nations File (that file also includes T&P in it) and when i tried to load it up, the mod didnt show up in the game.

Under the RoN file, theres Autosaves, Recorded Games and Scenarios, but where I downloaded it, was just under the RoN file

Please help

Fuhrer Now do an Info start, infinite resources, fast tech...Now really an "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" :)
khinigeetaht deathmage, once you do get the submarine nukes and scuds can you make that a seperate mod?
File Author
ya sure ill make them seperate mods............

also this is just a 0.10 version of the mod, i havent even gotten to version 1.0, there bound to be improvements... so in a sense i am going to re do the info scripts once i figure out how to do that!

Just to let you all know i figure this all out in one day of tingkering around with the rules file, i've run into some bugs but ill fix them.

and also the files go in the THrones and patroits file within that file there a folder called "data" place the file rules.xml in there ( Note: Make a backup of the rules.xml, or you'll have to re-install the game if you dont like it)

this is the file directory within rise of nation: rise of nation/Thrones and Patroits/data. (sorry i cant spell)

My recommendation is that you backup all the rules.xml files like: craftrules.xml,Unitrules.xml,building rules.xml,and rules.xml and place them in a zip file or a Winrar file
you can find winrar at www.winrar.com
it just compress the files better that winzip

also if anyone has any improvement on the game setting that i have modified and would like it to be "beefed up" somemore just tell me and ill make the adjustments. If anyone want thing to change that i havent made just ttell me what you want done and ill do my best to make you all happy.

again, please give me your feedback, i cant only improve on what you all want, also point out any bugs or problem ill fix them and re-post the mod.


aka "Deathmage"
File Author
ok ill try to do my best to explain how to install this correctly Trigun Freak.

you need to have the expansion set installed.

if you dont then thats one problem, you need the expansion to be install on your PC to work.

ok, next you need it to go to the rise of nation folder within "program files" (if you have a PC not a Mac) then find the folder "rise of nations", click on that folder and procced into it and look for a file called "Thrones and Patroits" click on that folder, wow allot i know, almost done with step 1, Now click on the folder "Data" there should be exact duplicates of the files in the rise of nation folder in this folder, once in the folder "data" minimize that whole window.

Step 2

Now open up the mod file you hopefully downloaded, and click on all the files with in the mods directory til you find a folder with 2 files, one is called "README First" and the other is called ["Rules" XML document 88 kb] click on this file and right click on it with your mouse and scroll down to copy, Now open Maximize the folder you should have open in step 1 and right click with in the window; anywhere will work and click on "Paste" and click yes when a window pops up......If you did it the way i told you too you just installed the file correctly

Now close all the file windows

AND go have some fun!!!!!

always ask if you need any help, im always here



aka Deathmage

Maya_Crusade How dare you defiled my sacred name, foul heathen! I put a curse on anyone that uses the name Deathmage! For I am the only true Deathmage, I am Deathmage_BL of the Blood Legion guild of Diablo, II, Lord of Destruction, StarCraft, Brood War, WarCraft III, The Frozen Throne, Quake III Arena, I request that you relinquish the name Deathmage or face my eternal wrath.

Your owner.
RiseOfTheDead oh shut up Deathmage_BL, it just coincedence. Have to take it so seriously

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