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Extreme Gameplay for Rise of Nation Expansion Updated version

Author File Description
Deathmage Version 0.15

Population cap has been increased to 400 from 350

Commerce cap has been increased to 575 from 560

refinerys now produce at 50% from 33%

you now scarifice 1 freebie bomber so you get this:

3 scholars

3 bombers

Smelter production upgrades increase to 75% from 50%

Pyramid city limit has been decreased to 7 from 8 (to fix a bug in the game)
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unionjack34 where do i place the file i put it under the RoN file and it would not work this also has the T and P init also
File Author
you place in in the T&P folder, within in that folder there is a folder called "DATA" place the rules.xml file from within the mod folder into that folder and click yes when i says to replace. ( make sure you back up the file first before replaceing it with this rules.xml file, so you have a backup if you dont like it
HCLARK Good addition. A few questions though.

Does this affect all mods and scenarios or just scenarios?

I play the mod by DontheDime and was wondering does it affect this game and its play?

Do your changes show in the gameplay? Example: when you put your mouse over a rare resource and it shows you its benifits, do your changes read there if installed correctly or no?

Have you been able to mod the Americans because I have wanted to do that but have not found out how. I cant seem to mod anything so help is required most of the time....

Good work on you addition to the community...
Rating: 5
Very good, runs smoothly, makes the game much more fun.
Additional Comments:
You have "increase" and "Decrease" backwards. Increase is going up, decrease is going down. Doesn't matter though, great mod.
unionjack34 thxs

File Author
ok, first ill answer HCLARK questions.

"Does this affect all mods and scenarios or just scenarios?"

yes, in a sense it does because i didnt use the script editor to make this i did it by my own. and I've tryed it myself, it only works for Quick battles, and LAN games, and online games if both user have the file installed correctly. But i am trying to figure out how to change it so it does work in scenerois, also it does work in conquer the world.

"I play the mod by DontheDime and was wondering does it affect this game and its play?"

I've never used that mod before, is that the one that increases the rare resources, because i tryed to incorperate that mod's ideas into this mod. Other than that i wont know.

"Do your changes show in the gameplay?"

yes they do show in gameplay, and the do really work, for example if the gems say 6+ increase in national borders they do increase. basically all the changes i've made do work in the game.

"Have you been able to mod the Americans because I have wanted to do that but have not found out how. I cant seem to mod anything so help is required most of the time...."

to some degree, yes i have been able to change the American side, and ican add other countries speail addons to the game too, for example the USA only had 1 extra scholar and 2 bomber by default(before the mod), i can make it so America gets 3 bombers and 3 fighter, and if you all want up to 7 scholars, and increase the knowledge gathering all the way up too 1000, but that wont be any fun,lol. also i've figure out how to change the resources need to build Marines and how much damge they cause, but i wont add that to the mod til i get it just right. and it seems you all like my mod, so ill add it when im done make all the adjustments to it.

thanks for liking my mod

PS- In a few weeks ill post a tutorial in PDF showing you all how to mod for yourself.

File Author
thanks topchris for likng my mod so much, im glad people like it allot.

as you are all well aware this is only version 0.15, i havent even hit version 1.0.

in the next update im gonig to increase the armegedon clock...

for exmple if you played with only 1 computer in quick battle your nuke clock would go to 8-10, well i can make it so it goes up to say 1000, but im going to set it at 100, cause that just unfair to the computer.

also if you all want i can do this, here are some questions for you all, in your response to them, list the question numer and your thoughts. thank you. ( you can add your own thoughts too....)

1) increase the population cap to 1500?

2) Increase the commerce cap to 2000?

3) increase the citizen gather rate from 30 to 40?

4) Increase the rare resources from 50% to 100%?

5)increase the wonders bonuses? LIst the ones you all want to increase

6)Increase the damage the USA marines inflict on the battlefield?

7)Decrease age costs?

8)Decrease upgrade costs?

ok that should keep me up to spped on what you all want in the mod, please make some up if you all like, and i will respond back to you all i have with everyone else.
File Author
also please keep giving me ratings, if more people start rating me more, it tell me you all like it, and give a small reason why you like it. It'll tell me to improve it more, since you all love it so much
topchris Make supply wagons always heal troops, and change versailles to give generals the ability to heal troops, not supply wagons?
I give this a 5, love the mod it makes the game alot more fun. But for some reaosn how do u get your pop to 400? It doesnt work for me it goes to 250 (with colseus and peacocks) :( I also think you should make those updates that u posted with a 1500 pop. Great mod keep at it.
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