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Extreme Gameplay, CRITICAL UPDATE

Author File Description
Deathmage Version 0.21U


I got the population to increases finally, it is not set at 1000 at first age

and ends at 5000 in information age, it increases by 500 every upgrade

Now airports carry 30 planes.

Wnen you capture an enemy city, it take less time for it to jion your side, NOW!

Hopefully all the rare resources are the same, i had to start from scratch, sorry.

But i think it all there

Pyramids are Now back to 8 city's from 7.

Peacocks have Now been increased.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Thx for all your support and feedback all of you, and enjoy! :)
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jcrapes Thanks got it working. If anyone else has a problem. Do as deathmage says by cutting and pasting. Dont use winzip or winrar to extract the file. Thanks again deathmage:)
File Author
your welcome!!!!!!

welp, in the next update, i will increase the nuke limit to 15,000.

increase the amount of turns in CTW campains;
To me they just end so fast, you cant even complete the game.

im going to decrease the population limit to a more "Economic level", for some people it might slow down there computer, so im going to make the limit in the information age 900 or 1000 ( i'll still be fun, it better than 200)

and im gonig to increase the city build limt at the pyramids from 8 to 15, so you can take advantage of the population increase...

im also going to try to increase the commerce limit.

and if any of you noticed, the marines update imae had a little bug, the marine past the industrial age dint fire their weapons at all.

and a few other things
File Author
then ill start working on a new class of units for the american side, any suggestions:

this is what i got so far:

1)Navy Seals in place on Elite special forces

2)an 80 mm mortar, with a new model

3)Marine sniper with Extended sniping range

4)Black Hawk attack and transport helicopter

5)M1A2 Ambrans main Battle tank with new model

6) bradley fighting vehicle with new model

7)a new defence building, machine gun nest, 1)which take take on a artillery nest once occupyed by artillery, 2) a tank bunker once a tank occupies the nest.

8)and maybe adding a mine laying option to the civilian on the american side

9) mobile Missle launcher, with cruise missle launch and /or nuclear capablities.

im going to make the omdels on Gmax, im a pretty good user , so it wont take me long.

any sugestion on addons for the american sie like new buildings or units or upgrades, just let me know and ill add it
uthum876 How about giving anti-aircraft buildings and units the capability of attacking ground units?

I like the idea of landmines, if you can try to make it an option for all nations.

I was really disappointed in the RON game designers because they didn't come out with any type of APC or troop transport helicopter. So I am glad you are coming out with those units.

It would also be more realistic if you can make helicopters, jet fighters, and armoured cavalry more effective against infantry.

It would also be cool if you could incorporate
chemical warfare.

And on the last note it would be awsome if you can make a gameplay update for the original RON, for those of us who don't have T&P.

I really like your ideas and can't wait for you to develop them into mods.

File Author
sorry about that, but sure ill make a updated version for RON!

i got back to college this weekend so ill do it right now, since i wont have the time.

and i will incoperate chemical warfare, i like that idea, and ill do my best to make it a reality!


Trevor Smith

AKA "deathmage"
HCLARK Great mod and keep them coming. I have just one question, When do the population limits start to kick in. Im only in the Classical age in most of my games and it hasnt changed yet, still at 200. I have a mod that gives 2500 units at the classical age, but it then resets your mod. Please help with a lil info. I want the best of both worlds....
venom23 i can do anti air unit but i dont have t&p
File Author
(venom23 if you can leave your AIM name or any type of instant messaging user name on the forum, ill talk to you for a bit, and we can discuss it further)
my AIM name is: Midway8865

ok HCLARK and to everyone elses installation problems,

****Note: everyone except HCLARK, jusr agnore the first paragraph until step 1****

you need to delete the mod that incresses your population to 2500 in the
classical age, my mod will conflict with it and yes i wont work, like it has been for,
you. basically, this mod incorperated allot of the "min-mods" that people have made and i put it all in one mod, w/ a few i've added. and if you want your popualtion to be at 2500 in the classical age, you can have that in this mod, although my mod starts out with eithier 500 or 1000 in the classical age it ends with 5000 in the information age. But if you still want 2500 in the classical age i could make it so it has that, if you want.

so if you have T&P installed, follow these directions and it should work.

Step 1) open up the Rise of nations folder in program files on the hard drive you installed the game on (im using the "C" drive as a Example: C:program filesmicrosoft GamesRise of NationsThrone and patriots)

step 2) In the Thornes and Patriots file, click on the "data" folder.

Step 3) open up the "data" folder, if you haven't already done so, and find a file called "rules" ( it should be like, if i remember correctly, 87 kb in size, and it will say XML document). copy that file, by click on the file until in is highlighted in blue and press this combination Ctrl+C, which is copy.

Step 4) right click on any part of the white background in the data folder, a options tool bar will pop up right where you right clicked, go down to New, click on the new icon and click on "folder". and should rename it "Data originals", you can call it what every you want to call it, just keep in mind this is where the rules file is going, just in case this mod screws up your computer, which i highly dont think will happen.

Step 4) open up the the New folder you just made, if you called it what i thold you to rename it as, then click on the new folder "data originals. once it opens up in a new window. press Ctrl+V, which paste's the Original rules file into the "data originals" file.

Step 5) close the data originals file, after you put the rules file in it, but dont close the data file that you got the rules file from, if you closed it, just go throught the process in step 1 and click on the data folder.

Step 6)extract the zip file that contains the mod. open up all the folder after you extract the zipped files until you come to a rules, and a readme file.

Step 7) click on the rules file in the mod folder, and press the combination Crtl+C, after you highlighted the file in blue. now minimize that mod folder. maximize the Data folder that i told you to go to in step 5, and press Ctrl+V. click YES when it says if you want to override the existing file, you have made a backup of this file and put it in the folder we made in step 4, so it ok to override it.

Step 8) loaded up the game, and click on any of the game types be it: CTW, quick battle, or scenerio. i prefer Quick battle. now when you get into the layout menu, where you pick what country you want to be, make sure where it says "mod" that it says "NONE", you dont want any mods ativated, or the game will either freeze up or wont start.


The mod's made by ppl that you downloaded, tweak the original rules file, but dont change the file, they just tell the computer that there are a few change settings.
My mod modifies the rules file, better know as rules.xml, and once the mod is in the data folder i told you to put it in, the script editor wont work, sorry. Im trying to fix that problem.

I'll say it again, this mod wont work with mods made by the script editor, in later versions of this mod, i will make it possible, but just bear with me, im learning new stuff all the time when i modify this game.

You really dont need any other mod, for this game except this one, cause this one has it all. if you really want something and this goes to everyone, just let me know and ill put it in, i dont want you all to have thing that you've had the past and now you dont have them because of this mod, ill just make the changes.
In order for me to please you all and make it enjoyable, i need imput from you all. i have gotten imput from people and im adding there ideas to the mod, so let me hear your's.

if this extensive readme, doesnt solve most of the installation problem or question, just leave a message here. and explain as best and clearly as you can , and
I will do my best to serve you all!!!!

REMEMBER: Im in college right now, so it may take me a few days to reply to your questions, but i will get them done, no later than 1 week after you posted them. Im trying to be a supportive and clear as possible. I think that if you get a solid reputation in the community as supportive and "all ears" to people ideas, and make a solid modification, then you will be reckonized.

Also if anyone would lkike to be on the modding team, im the only one right now, and i might need some help, in order to get the Version 1.0 out by the set release date of January 2005.

[Edited on 08/30/04 @ 03:45 PM]

venom23 my msn messager is videoboy_8@hotmail.com or at yahoo larry_tarasoff

[Edited on 08/30/04 @ 07:20 PM]

File Author
ok i got your name in my MSN messanger,
my user name for msn is midway8865@aol.com
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