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PinkFloyd86's Customizations

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PinkFloyd86 Made by PinkFloyd86 aka Alex of Atlanta Georgia

If you want to ask me some thing about the mod or you need help making your own just e mail me at pinkfloyd8645@yahoo.com

Sorry no new art, I would make some I just don't have photo shop or any thing to edit the skins with

I gave th mid east Civs the Indian Inf. bc it looks more Arab
Added Arab Civ. with cities like mecca and Baghdad (still have the Persian UUs and national powers)

I gave more nations the Hind

Changed around the Info age unit art to make it more realistic and just so every nation doesnt have Challengers, M2s, and F-16s

I got rid of what ever it was that made the African civs have Green challenger tanks

AK 47 are now the the gun used by all Assault infantry (not the US) i just thought it looked cooler

i tried to give every on the RPGs too but couldn't i might put it in an up date

I am thinking of adding Israel or Vikings but i guess i will get your opinions on it

and i was going to add offices and stuff like that but the AI all ways goes crazy making them

I couldn't change the Bombers. I wanted to give the German Italians and Spanish the He111 instead of the b25 every one has and I wanted to change the Russian The Asian Bomber bc its the one Russia uses in real life. I just Don't like seeing every one with the B 52

Persia is Changed to Arabs, Cities chaged to the name of major Arab cities, Leaders names chaged, Buildings changed to the Turkish style, more middle eastern looking units inincluding Hinds

Ducth - get French fighter jet and leopard MBT (just the art not the UU)

India - Info age units are made to look more realistic soviet style weapons and the Hind and the Libraryrt doesnt change from the 4th and 5th age (looks less arab)

America - Added Ironclads and Humvees, biplanes changed, Church art doesnt change for the age 4 and 5 art, more city names mostly southern cities some of the 1st colonies and Puerto Rico Grayhound modern age Armored car ( some reason doesnt have sound )and the inindustrialge armor car is the normal one and Puerto Rico, more leader names (most of the modern presidents) and I changed the Marians names to Reserves and National Guard ( well I put that in mostly bc i am in the National guard my self, and it kind makes the US power to get free resource income make more seance. National Guard soldiers are part time so i guess the extra resources are from when they are off working Civilians or some thing )

Likota - French fighter jet and Eastern style weapons just to make things look different and the barrackst doesnt change for the 4th and 5th age

Iroquois - French fighter jet and The Cities have been given Canadian name (I know how you Canadians out there hate to be left out of things)

Mongols - now have Hinds

Korea - made to be more like north Korea with Russian style weapons Pyongyang as the capital and Kim Jung il and Kim il sung as the leareds

Japan - Capital changed to Tokyo ( it just sounds more modern)

China - Building art changed to Korean style( looks more chinese) and added Hinds

Russia - Gets the the cold war senscenario nuclear sub and, the modern age armoured car is different and the and i tryed to chage the fighter plan art to the Yak that the indians get but it only chachange the British one

Germany - Given the Junkers UU, Hitller leader added and Hinds and BMPs (just to give it a bit of an East German look)

British - sorry no changes here, I tryed to give them the SAS and Harrier jets but couldnt

France - Given Imperial Guard UU, and BMPs ( i know they dont use them i just get sick of seeing M2s in every army)

Spain - now have the age 4 and 5 Coquistador UUs and have the Leopard Tank art

Turks - given the indian unit set and leopard tank art

Egypt - Given the indian infantry set, can only make the tan T-72s, modern age tank is a T-34 and get Hinds

Rome - Given the leapard tank art

Greeks - get the British style fighter jet

Nubians - Given only the Tan T 72s

Bantu - Given only the Tan T 72s and have Hinds

Inca - none

Maya - none

Aztecs - none

Play this mod by puting Building graphichs and uniunit rules the T&P data file

Put Assault infantry m16 in the T&P art file

and put Americans, Chinese, Egyptians, Iroquois, Korea, Persians and Turks files into the tribes file in T&P

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File Author
Pleas some one reply

I am a very lonely person who's only human contact come through these comments

ha ha

just kidding...

Or am I ?

Well any way

I would still like to here what you guys think of this

after all I spent a full hour making it
KurisuAenslan The mod seems pretty good, the units all work so far that I've seen, though maybe you could put certain unique units for multiple sides (Junkers for Dutch too as well as Germans maybe? And maybe add the Humvees for more than the Americans, they aren't the only people in the world who use the things after all).

I've never been able to figure out how to get UUs to work myself.

Anyways, good mod, and I'd like to see an updated version if that could be.
TrooperJoe U took a picture of your computer. Nice. Cool Mod
ArkRoyal Good Mod.. But Brits need harrier jets.... its not right having the iroquis use the harrier (country who doesnt even exist)... and having the brits (The people who invented, and Use) Flying the f-16.... Game would be drastically better.... Also americans, british, and russians should have nuclear sub.... GOOd mod

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