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Citizen Soldiers

Author File Description
KingRoy1 I have finally finished my WWII Campaign of the American battles fought in the war. The scenarios go in the following order, but, you can play them in any order you want.

It's June 6th, 1944. make your run up the beach, secure a beach-head, and move inside Normandy as you capture trenches, towns, and link up with the airborne inland.

After the successful invasion of Normandy, the brass wants another offensive in holland. Here, you will conduct an airborne drop and link up with british SAS units trying to hold off a German counter-attack coming form across a bridge.

Siegfried Line:
The fighting moves down the map, away from Holland. Generals find out that the big retreat from Normandy drew the Germans to regroup in the largest, most defensive line in the war. This line must be breached! Capture forts and towns to break through the Nazi defense.

Hurtgen Forest:
North of the Siegfried Line lies the Hurtgen Forest. As winter draws near, the ground is muddy and snowy. American troops are encountering heavy resistance in the area as new German divisions attack from the north. You must hold a village for about 20 minutes until the 4th Army reinforces your possition.

Battle of the Buldge:
Near the Hurtgen Forest lies the Ardennes forest. The dense woods and ice cold weather brings no advantage to the allies as 7 new German infantry and Panzer divisions launch a last major offensive on the American lines. The 101st Airborne is rushed ot hold the town against overwhelming Infantry and mortar attacks.

These are all my maps. I worked extremely hard on each one. Every map is unique and will keep you playing it over and over again. Enjoy!
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File Author
"Citizen Soldiers" is also the title of Stephen E. Ambrose's WWII Book.

[Edited on 12/03/04 @ 10:15 PM]

Celer Sorry,I'm a noob here and I wanna ask if this is for the old version or the expansion?
File Author
It's for the expansion pack, Thrones and Patriots. Just to make clear now so there isn't any confusion later, ALL of my maps are made using Thrones and Patriots...
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
These scenarios played very well. The challenge is certainly there in all of them. Its obvious the author spent some quality time testing these out.

Balance: 5
Simply put perfect! Although in some scenarios you are outnumbered, it is made up for in position and unit strength. This balances things out perfectly.

Creativity: 5
Nice selection of units and fine tuned stats adjustments such as super long range artillery. The way units are setup and how the AI attacks from different angles in many scenarios. Reinforcements arrive at the right times. All of this was setup very well.

Map Design: 5
The design of these maps were excellent! From the way the towns were created to defensive positions and landscaping. Perhaps some of the best I have ever seen for RoN.

Story/Instructions: 5
The pop ups were great, told you what you need to do in each scenario. Also gave a little info. Brief and to the point.

Additional Comments: This scenario pack was great fun! In Hurtgen Forest, it actually struck some fear in me when I seen that massive Germany army moving in. As far as improvements, don't do a thing, its all a perfect 5 as is. Keep up the excellent work KingRoy1 ! I like your style of design and would love to see you do a scenario for the Pacific.
File Author
Hey, i did pretty good, considering im only 15 years old.... Thanks a lot for these good ratings. obviously, my maps are really good (don't mean to gloat, sry!) i'll come out with more maps soon, but i just found out how to re-skin units... :)
Map Design5.0
Awesome job, dude. Keep up the good work. This was very fun. I especially liked how you get the super-long range artillery.
Talon Karrde I must say that personally I find that these scenarios are not worthy of a 5.0. *Definitely* not. They thoroughly failed to impress me in anywway whatsoever, save for the fact that the author tended toward well-nigh un-micromanageable amounts of units, leading to massive casualties before you can do *anything*. Example: Normandy. Too many units spawning too quickly, ending up with *FAR* too many units on the beach. And it doesn't help whatsoever that they continually spawn on the exact same place. And the missions fail tell you your objectives, save for a little message at the beginning, which is quickly and easily forgotten when trying to manage the aforementioned enormous number of units. Some fine use of rare resources, but this use to extend beyond several specific and terribly limited areas on each map.
All told I was expecting something *much* more, due to the 5.0 rating. Though, to be fair, I would not call either review even a decently-written review.
Talon Karrde I rest my case against these crap reviews

[Edited on 12/21/04 @ 01:37 PM]

File Author
Well, id like to see you make one better- you are the only one complaining out of THREE pefect scores. if you dont like the scenarios, i can care less- i tried my best, i just learned how to script, and I LIKE THEM- i can care less about if you liked it or not. if i like a scenario that i made, ill upload, but if i dont like it, then i won't. stop whining.

[Edited on 12/31/04 @ 05:11 PM]

Talon Karrde tsk. flaming already. seems like you're insecure about your works.
and 3 perfect scores, oooh. 3 CRAP reviews giving 3 perfect scores. something that holds no weight whatsoever.
and I will *never* go down so low as to work with that piece of crap that is the RoN editor.

whining? whining?! you know NOTHING.
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