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World War 3 version 1.5 (RON)

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Needs T&P?: No
Sorry About the Last Update but I think all errors are fixed

This is my final update.



-New M1A2 Abrams MBT unique unit, same model and art as in the game, but cheaper and created faster.
-Humvees, unique unit-art and model exclusively from the expack.
-new art for the Stealth bomber


UU: Massada Defenders, Prateorian Guards, F161 storm, Humvees, IDF assault Force-these guys have some really good art, they actually look Israeli I created them myself.

Their powers are the same as in my old Israel mod. They replace the Incas, and they start in the Middle East when you play CTW campaign.

North Koreans

UU: Elite Hwarang, Royal Hwarang, Conscript Infantry-with unique art, Conscript Assault Infantry-with unique art.

The conscript infantry units are stealth, this is to symbolize North Korea secretive nature.

The North Koreans start in Northeast China on The CTW map, they replace the Aztecs, this is because they are very militaristic and the Aztecs have the perfect powers.


-same as in the last update, but they get a new icon for their t80's.


-PLA assault Infantry has new art, they have special snow camoflauge on winter maps and on jungle maps they automatically switch to green camo uniforms. These guys are awsome because they have the fastest attack with their machine guns.


-new leaders

UU: they get ODA and Unit35's Leclerc MBT, Super Etndards, and Mirage 3000's from the X-pack.


UU: SAS, and Harriers.


-new leaders

-Now they recieve 5 free fighters instead of two.

-Leopard tank stats have been greatly improved making it the strongest tank perhaps in the game.


-new leaders and capitol changed to Cairo

Other Modifications

-All soviet powers get t-72's, there is new art for the MIG's.

-The Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and the Mongols, know recieve yak fighters in the modern ages.

-There is a new RPG-Unit for soviet the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, Mongols and Egyptians. The Mongols and Egyptians now share an Ak-47 assault infantry unit.

-Soviet Civs now recieve Migs, with different, art for their aircraft carriers. This makes it more realistic.

I hope You guys like this, it took me along time to do this.

-Now selectable on the mods menu.
-The TAP version will be ready soon after I am done with my WW2 project.

So guys enjoy for now, and remember it only works for the old RON not the X-pack.
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File Author
Hey guys, please open up the unitrules file with word or word pad and rename the unit "Yak" to fighter, and the unit named "Mig" to jetfighter.

Oh and I forgot to mention that only the North Koreans, Israelis, Americans, Chinese, Russians, French, and the British have nuclear weaponn. This is to show the nuclear powers of the world.

Okay stay tuned, I am going to put in a new Iraqi civ. with unique arab art, I will replace the Mayans with them. That will get rid of all the American civs so then I can use those art files to create a new unique arab artset, the Egyptians will get this art set when I am done too. I am also working on a new german mod.
File Author
Please give me some ideas to improve this mod and of course tell me any problems with it.

File Author
And remember its only compatible with the original RON, I will make one for the X-pack if there is popular demand and as soon as i get it
hdrider Hello,

First of all, this is a GREAT mod. Excellent work.

Now, could you create this mod for T&P ??
I hardly ever run the original RON except for certain mod I like.

File Author
Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you like it. I will make one for the X-pack, but I don't have it yet, I'll get it soon.

The only reason I made it for the Original RON was to add some spice to it, because it was getting dull. But I will definately make one for RON TAP.
KyleJAY This mod sounds fun! But Maybe u should give a readme and tell me how to install. Thank you.
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Good Work! I played at a friends house. Please tell me how to install. he wont tell me. :-(
File Author
Sorry about that,

I had a readme but I forgot to upload it. To install take all the art files, TGA's and BH3's, copy and paste it into your "Art" folder. You may want to back up the art files that you don't want to be lost forever. Next take all the data files and put them in the "Data" folder, copy and paste. Take the conquest map file and copy and paste it into the "Conquest" folder. And lastly take all of the tribe XMl files and copy and paste them in the "Tribes" folder. If you don't know how to get to your RON directory, got to your hardrive, go to program files, then go to microsoft games, and then go to Rise of Nations. All the Art, Data, Conquest, Tribes, folders should be there.

Remenber what I told you about the Yak and the Mig, its the topmost comment that I had posted on this page. You have to do this because there is some sound conflicts.
KyleJAY Hmm.. i tried that... Do i have to change the the files Mig and Yak to fighter and jetfighter to get it to work because i did what you said and it still won't work.... i wonder whats wrong... Thanks for the responce. Ill try again.

[Edited on 12/20/04 @ 06:20 PM]

File Author
Yeah just do that, it worked for me, and try turning down the music a little after you do that.
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