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Rise of Nations Script Maker 0.9b Full

Author File Description
Snakely -------------------------------------
Rise of Nations Script Maker 0.9 beta

Coded by Snake in Visual Basic 6.
This "Full Release Version" includes all the necessary redistributables required by RSM in a nifty installer.

Newest version of RSM available at ftp://www.s--l.com/Downloads/RONScriptMaker.zip


RoN Script Maker is a tool for use with Rise of Nations and its expansion (Thrones and Patriots) that seeks to make implementing scripts in games of RON simple and intuitive. It's worth mentioning that this program was designed for making scripts to be used in Quick Matches and Multiplayer, and not scenario building.

It features...
-The ability to easily disable all units, buildings, and techs available in RON and RON:TP.
-Editing of unit and building stats. (RoN: Health and Build Time. TP: Armor, Attack, Min/Max Range, Line-of-Sight, and Speed.)
-Additionally, you can disable AI, plunder, attrition (TP only), costs, completion bonuses, etc.
-You can change amount of plunder (TP only), citizen idle times, and Victory/Defeat Messages.
-'Scrippet' implementation. Easily allows you to load multiple dynamic script snippets. Scrippets follow a simple format that is friendly to other RoN script developers.
-Changing from RON to RON:TP game mode takes only one click.
-Saves scripts in both Big Huge Script (bhs) format and a native file format that is easy to reload.
-Program can organize (delete, rename, save as) all scripts created by it.
-Compact and intuitive graphical user interface. Statusbar that displays essential information.
-The program will find your RON and RON:TP script path automatically.
-Launching of RON on exit (user preference).
-After saving a script, you only need to select it in the RON game setup to use. It's that simple!


This release comes with a few home-brewed scripts to get you started. To use them, load a script in the list and save it again. (This causes the program to compile for bhs format and make the script available to the game.)

Making your own scripts is just as easy as it looks. Watch the help tips for more information and make sure you save.
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TheGoodEvil hey man can you get in touch with me via bn110_27@msn.com

i would really like to chat with you :D

Rating: 5
(Oh Cool Dont stop now you are on the move..:))

Additional Comments:
No problem on downloading or getting it started.Unit editor seems to work fine..Still playing around with this..When I put a check mark on the merchant..So I dont have to worry to have him pack or go to the nearest resource..I seem to be alittle confuse here..I was under the impression once I made the merchant he will automaticaly go to the nearest resource.and do his thing..But I still have to do it mannualy to get him there..Any suggestion??Oh I play solo quick game for RONTP.Please note I have the Gold Edition so will this effect your Mod in anyway?Your script Is working Great still messing around with it..I will report anything else that I find later..This is the beginning..Its a very Easy Mod I thank you for it..Please Keep up the great work..
Hoopty Never mind about the above statement..My error on my part..It all works on the gold editon..Please note on your RSM Options..I get a Bug/error Window cannot find the Splash Exe.But it will run the game from it anyway..And again you made a Great Easy to use Mod..I found No other errors every things works as You have Stated..Hope you continue to up date on this more..My hat is off to ya...A Big THANKS..........
File Author
thank you for the kindly review. i'm not familar with the differences of the gold version of the game and t&p, but i'm glad it's working well for you. i tried to make RSM work as simple as possible; all the controls have a help message associated for further understanding.
wakain All-right,I've got my script,made everything tidy,happy with it.
and then?
how do get it somewhere?
and where?
Error117 ok, my directory for RON is D:\game programs\rise of nations and when i mod something it doesn't go on the game, please help
Snake_1501 my program might not be able to find your ron scripts directory. you can override it in the ronscript.ini file and this will hopefully fix your problem. change Override Paths=0 to =1 and the following paths accordingly. this can happen if you copied ron instead of installing it for whatever reason.
this is what is in the .ini

Release=beta rel1
Override Paths=1
RonPath=D:\game programs\Rise of Nations
RonScriptPath=D:\game programs\Rise of Nations\scenario\Scripts
RonTPPath=D:\game programs\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots
RonTPScriptPath=D:\game programs\Rise of Nations\Thrones and Patriots\scenario\Scripts


Snake_1501 that looks right. maybe check your errorlog.txt for any critical errors during compiling.
Error117 where is this errorlog?
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