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Squad Leader

Author File Description
Meat Puppet NOTE: This scenario was created without custom scripting, using the standard scenario editor included with the RON Thrones & Patriots Expansion game. It therefore may not be compatible with the standard RON game.


Mission Briefing: Your paratroopers, supported by some light armor and artillery pieces, have taken a village in German-occupied Holland. As a result, a number of Dutch villages and farms have risen up against the Germans and are held by partisans. You have established a base and the Allies are airlifting in materiele and fresh troops. You start with a stockpile of resources and, using this limited start, can configure your offensive force any way you like. Resources will continue to come to you, but trickle in slowly. Therefore, you should do your best to preserve your strength over what will be a long, hard fight.

The Germans may launch a punitive attack on one or more of the villages, so you may want to reinforce the partisans with a squad or two. Meanwhile, the Germans hold the map and are deployed in depth. Your opponent is Captain Rommel, a veteran of the Eastern Front who will likely never surrender even if the situation is hopeless. However, he is unlikely to launch a major attack against you and will stay on the defense. (Another paratrooper assault has cut their communication lines and he has no airpower, which has left his forces "blind." But when they see you, they will attack fiercely.) Rommel has deployed strong defenses across the entire map. The only safe havens for your forces are the Dutch villages and farms.

Your objective is to clear German forces in one of the major lanes--right (east), center or left (west), and then strike south to liberate Dutch resistance leaders and intellectuals being held in a concentration camp. The concentration camp is highlighted. When you do so, you win (the game will not declare you winner, though; you can go on and kill more Germans or stop the game).

The Germans have deployed numerous ambushes, including setting up MG-42 teams in the abundant woods. In other places, such as villages they still hold, they are reportedly deployed in strength with armor and artillery. You can take your time and take the enemy positions down methodically, because Rommel is unlikely to be reinforced.

IMPORTANT: The Dutch Underground says there are two military supply depots in the area, one in the east, and one somewhere in the southwest. If you can reach these supply depots and destroy their defenses, you can access significant new materiele with which you can build new forces. Note that your population limit is 50.

I created this scenario because I wanted to try a game where there were no cities, but instead two armies in realistic tactical combat. To add interest, there are several features of the map that are what-ifs, such as the supply depots. The map has a strong "fog of war" feel to it. The Dutch provide an interesting source of intelligence and safe havens (an attack strategy might be to connect the "dots"), but otherwise cannot help you much. You can configure your own attack force and reinforce it. The game AI did not offer me the possibilities I would have liked, but you will find the Germans an aggressive and worthy opponent in this scenario.

I hope you like this scenario and thanks for playing. If you have any constructive pointers on improving it, please let me know. Otherwise, again, I hope you have fun with it.

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superusa i think fun map whats your new map going to be?
Meat Puppet
File Author
Thanks, I'm glad you had a good time with it. My next map will be downloaded by tomorrow, it's a depiction of modern Sino-Soviet warfare in which the Russians launch a surprise attack on the Chinese using nuclear weapons, air power and combined arms. I also have two other maps, one depicting the battle of Stalingrad in which you play the Germans, and the other Wagon Train USA, which is a scenario in which you have to get your wagon train through hostile Lakota territory to provide a labor force for two cities, then come back and crush the Lakota. If you like this type of map, and others come forward and say they like it, I'll start making variants on the Squad Leader theme. Also please come back and rate the scenario so I get a scenario rating--that really draws people to come download the map. Thanks again!
superusa do you think that good?
fentum Meat Puppet,

This sounds excellent, as does your Wagon Train USA scenario.

I am new to this sort of thing, and also a bit of a muppet, and thus have no idea how to download your scenarios into the correct folders. I can get them to down load to my PC but I can't get to any RON type stuff that makes any sense.

I'd love to have a go at your work. If you can help me with the teccy bit, I solemnly promise to write a review ! Anyone else help too ??

Lord Of Legends The Instrustructions were very precise and interesting!

The only problem I have with it, is that, at he end, I always have to spend ages finding and killing all the other German Soldiers!

[Edited on 01/16/05 @ 10:17 AM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
Thanks to everybody for playing and commenting.

Fentum, to answer your question--well, first of all, I'm a muppet too when it comes to this kind of stuff. So anybody else who's an expert please chime in and help if I say anything wrong. You can also try one of the other scenario designers like Lord of Legends, they would probably know how to answer your question better than me.

Here's what I know. First, you need to be able to "unzip" zipped files. Zipped files are compressed files that are made smaller. When you unzip, one or more files pop out and are ready to be opened. You probably already knew this, but I figured I'd start from the beginning.

On my computer, I download to Local Disk C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Rise of Nations/scenario folder. Then I open my game, tell it to Load a Scenario, and I should be able to see it and play it. (You see a list of folders, one of them is called "scenario," open that one and you should see a list of scenarios you downloaded for play. In other words, you want to save the file to your scenario folder in your RON folder.

I created all my scenarios using the expansion pack RON Thrones and Patriots. I wonder if people who have the basic RON and the expansion pack can play each other's scenarios--I'm not sure. Anybody else know the answer to that question?

I hope this helps! Have fun!

[Edited on 01/06/05 @ 11:52 PM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
Super USA, thanks for the review. You gave balance a 3.0 rating. Did you think the map was too easy or too hard?
superusa thx its hard but its still fun
superusa one more thing i made a map Us vs turks hop you like

[Edited on 01/05/05 @ 04:08 PM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
To answer Lord of Legends' question about finding the last Germans, here's a "cheat" tip: You can play against them, then resign the game, view the playback, and click to see the battle from their perspective. This will show you the entire map from the German side.
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