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Sino-Soviet War

Author File Description
Meat Puppet NOTE: This scenario was created without custom scripting, using the standard scenario editor included with the RON Thrones & Patriots Expansion game. It therefore may not be compatible with the standard RON game.

ABOUT THE SCENARIO: This scenario uses the Stalingrad v.1 city map concept in a modern war. If you are a gamer who likes high speed, lots of destruction, and huge pressure against a ferocious opponent, you should like this scenario.

Time is an important element in this scenario, so I suggest you immediately pause the game when you start, eyeball the map and the forces, then start your attack. A good strategy will be vital to winning this game. Where you launch your nukes and send your forces will mean victory or defeat. That means the decisions you make in the first five minutes of the game may ultimately decide the game.

SETTING: You, the Russians, have decided to launch a surprise attack on one of their major rivals, the Chinese. They have assembled an army group on the Yalu River and given it the mission of capturing a major Chinese border city. About 1/3 of the map is a massive modern Chinese city divided into districts, each represented by a Rise of Nations city and dozens of associated buildings--from the Forbidden City, representing the heart of the city (capture to eliminate) to the Industrial District to the Commercial District, etc. This means nuclear and conventional forces confrontrations will be more interesting, bloody and action-packed than with a typical RON game. Hitting this city with a thermonuclear blast causes a huge amount of destruction that will both thrill you and leave you feeling a little sick!

The Russians start with a stockpile of resources, which can be used to acquire reinforcements, but after that is spent, Moscow will not be able to deliver much as Russian will be fighting China on many fronts.

The Russians start with a collection of nuclear and rocket missiles of various strength. How they use them may determine their success in the game. Across the river, the Chinese have several docks. Destroying them would delay the Chinese from building ships that could deter a crossing of Russian troops to their objectives. On the other side of the map, the Chinese have assembled their army around their military bases. Striking that base instantly before the Chinese army can move lets you strike a decisive blow against them. So many objectives, so few missiles ...

The Russians start with two cities, which represent military bases with few buildings and only a few citizens. This is a military campaign; if you waste your time colonizing and try to beat the Chinese economically, you will lose. Your mission is to seize and hold the Forbidden City, and the Chinese resistance will collapse without leadership. The Chinese have more resources, more citizens and more infrastructure. They are relatively weak militarily, they have inferior missiles, and their missiles won't do much damage to you. What you have is more nukes and a modern army group ready to make an assault on this city with speed and decisiveness. Delay and skirmish will only give the Chinese time to strike back. At any time of the game, even if you are in the heart of the city, if you do not maintain your momentum and continually push forward and reinforce your axis of advance (or distractionary attacks), the Chinese are likely to swallow your forces whole, control the river, and go on the offensive against you.

You have several battle groups. One is on the left, to counter a reconnaissance-in-strength force sent by the Chinese to reconnoiter your forces. You have several on the right--that is where your real strength lies. You also have a large group in the rear. This set up gives you several choices. You can attack on the right and establish your bridgehead through brute force and push hard across the city, or you can attack on the right while launching a diversionary attack in strength on the left. Use your airpower in support wisely since the Chinese have good air defenses (for the same reason, try to keep your helicopters from wandering off and getting shot down easily). Success in going up the middle is doubtful, since it would require taking down heavily entrenched Chinese fortresses on an island dominating the center of the river.

The Chinese have been rattling their sabers and making threatening moves because the Japanese have outbid the Chinese in securing eastern Russia's oil output. Cut off from the Middle East and Russia, oil-hungry China needs energy sources or its fast-growing, unstable economy will collapse. Russia has decided to gamble on a decisive blow to increase national honor and defeat the Chinese before they themselves attack Russia. The Politburo is gambling on success in this surprise attack, and capturing this city is key to penetrating into the industrial heartland of Manchuria--then on to Beijing! So success for your mission is vital. Success will bring fame and fortune. Defeat will likely result in Russia ceding control of its eastern districts to China, along with much of its oil. Defeat will also likely result in your execution.

I play-tested this scenario a few times and tried to get the balance right. In this final iteration, the Chinese are really hard to beat. If this is frustrating, I can tweak the force disposition a little with a v.2--let me know. Overall, I hope you have fun playing this scenario. If you like it, please tell me what you think and give me a good rating. (If you don't like it, give me constructive feedback so I can improve it.)

Do not fail the Motherland!

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superusa not bad map still a big war

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