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The Fall of the Aztecs v.2

Author File Description
Meat Puppet NOTE: This scenario was created using the RON Thrones & Patriots expansion game Scenario Editor. It does not include any custom scripting.

V.2 NOTES: V.2 disables spies and the building of stables and siege factories. The Spanish start with 1 stable and 1 siege factory but can build no more, and no other player can build any. This means the Aztecs won't be throwing cannon and horsetroops at you, which is more historically realistic. However, they will, later in the game, come at you with gunpowder infantry. I haven't playtested this but it should work well in terms of balance. If you have any problems with the new version or think it's too easy, let me know.

TIME PERIOD: Age of Gunpowder. The native peoples of Mexico have units that have a lower technology and virtually all infantry, but plenty of them.

THE PLAYERS: You are the Spanish Conquistadores seeking to convert Mexico to Christianity, claim the land for the King and Queen of Spain, and become a powerful, filthy rich lord in the process. You are allied with a local tribe that you have brought to heel (played by the Maya in the game).

Arrayed against you are two players--the mighty Aztec Empire and their allies, another local tribe (played by the Incas in the game). The Maya and Incas start off weak but can become powerful over time.

There is a fifth player, the Iroquois, who don't play a role in the game. They represent a lost civilization--find their ruins and explore them to find bonus resources.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Your objective is to take the Temple of the Gods (a city) at the center of the vast, sprawling Aztec capital, Tenochitlan. If you take it and hold it, you will force Montezuma to swear fealty to Spain.

THE AZTEC CITY: The sprawling walled city surrounds a lake fed by a river. The lake has a man-made island with two bridges leading to the rest of the city. The Maya have told you that the Temple of the Gods is on that island. Getting into the city may not be very difficult due to your initial technological superiority; however, getting over that bridge is going to be one of the hardest things you ever did in RON. Only 2-3 units can cross abreast, and the lake is teeming with fishing boats and Aztec warships.

SETTING: The game begins with your emissaries meeting Montezuma. Your emissaries are demanding tribute and fealty. The Aztecs will try to murder them.

You start with one city that is somewhat developed, but you have no immediate access to mountains. That could be a problem for you later and creates pressure and a strategic challenge.

The furious Aztecs will likely attack you with their main army immediately. Your army is split in two, an offensive force in front and a small defensive force behind. You will likely defeat the Aztecs by giving them a taste of gunpowder and Spanish steel. Then you will have to move quickly, but methodically, to execute your strategy.

STRATEGY: You may want to pause the game immediately to get the lay of the land. You have merchants to exploit the ample resources and a developed city. You will have to do fast library research to increase your population limit and get your other building technologies up to speed.

After you defeat the Aztecs, you will have to decide what to do next. The Maya, long suffering under Aztec rule, are itching to take a crack at Tenochitlan. You can support them and take down the gates, and try to take one of the Aztec city centers (Tenochitlan East is closest to you; there is also Tenochitlan West, Tenochitlan South, Tenochitlan North and the Temple of the Gods, forming a wheel with the Temple of the Gods at the center on the island on the lake). If you attack the city and secure the area in front of the gates, you can send a merchant to get the important peacock resource and increase your population limit. However, if left to their own devices the Incas on your left will start building cities and attacking your flank and home base in earnest. You may want to deal with them first, then the Aztecs later.

Getting at the Temple of the Gods is going to be a particularly interesting challenge for you. You won't be able to do it fast. You can get into Tenochitlan fast, you can probably take one of their city centers fast, but you won't be able to take the Temple of the Gods quick enough before the Incas start pounding on your door. If you can deal with the Incas, you will be able to enter the city from several directions. You may want to try a strangulation strategy where you take several cities and slowly converge on the Temple of the Gods. Or you can take one city, build ports, and launch warships into the lake that can take down the powerful forts surrounding the Temple of the Gods, then rush your troops across afterwards.

Whatever strategy you choose, you will likely enjoy The Fall of The Aztecs. I like this one because you need a good strategy to win, and there is no single good strategy--you may find several strategies work, while others don't. The historical backdrop is also fun.

Thanks for playing this scenario and I hope you have fun.

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wakain hey!Iwwanted to make this!!!
freedoggy77 yes! i was hoping for a cortez/aztecs scenario. especially by someone who knows what they're doing. dloading now cant wait

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