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After The Apocalypse v.2

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Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
NOTE1: If you like this scenario, you should also check out After the Apocalypse Part 2, now available and using custom scripting for special events and effects.

DESIGN: This game was created using RON Thrones and Patriots standard scenario editor, without custom scripting.

NOTE2: Based on input from players, I have decided to change the maximum age you can reach from Classical to Middle Ages.

SETTING: American civilization has been destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. The center of the map is dotted with massive craters and ruins that are still burning in the New York area of the U.S.. Four nations have risen up around this nuclear hot zone, all of them in the ancient age struggling to survive and advance. You start as the Americans, and will play against other American tribes (played as the Incas, British and Iroquois). You also start with the remnants of U.S. armed forces--each player starts with a mix of ancient age and information age troops. Once the information age troops are killed, they cannot be replaced. On this map, you will see ancient armies clashing around the rubble and ruins of skyscrapers. Your triremes will sail by the beached hulks of battleships in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty. Otherwise, this is a basic in-game diplomacy RON game.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Take the capital of each of the rival nations to win.

AGE: You start in the Ancient Age and end with the Middle Ages.

STRATEGY: The ruined city in the middle of the map is not only spooky eye candy, but makes a buffer between you and your enemies. All nations are at peace with the old Americans, meaning anybody who tries to cross the wasteland will be exposed to very high attrition. However, your enemies may do just that--both to attack you and also to build cities among the ruins, slowly destroying the old to make way for a new civilization.

There are two bodies of water--the ocean to the west, and a river to the east. This allows you to travel without touching the wasteland, and adds another dimension of travel and combat to the game.

You start at war with all nations. You may want to start peace negotiations and get an ally quickly so you can get established for the offensive. I allied with the Incas and found it was a good alliance.

The region is dotted with good resources--be sure to explore it and send out merchants wherever resources are available. Your scouts will also find lots of scrap resources that can be looted among the ruins of Old America.

GLITCH: Since you are at peace with the old Americans and not allowed to negotiate with them, once you conquer all nations you're not allied with, you win the game. However, because of the peace condition RON will not declare you the winner. Oddly, the Old Americans will slowly build enough resources to start building their own civilization in the ruins. I suggest you just ignore them!

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you enjoy this scenario and have some fun with it. If you like it, please come back and give me a good rating. If you don't like it, please provide constructive feedback on how I can improve it.
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superusa you need to make a ctw map for t&p

[Edited on 01/08/05 @ 07:32 PM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
I honestly didn't know you could create conquer the world maps. As far as I know you can't do that with the Scenario Editor, but I'll take another look. I'm not interested in learning how to do scripting, though!
superusa am not good at makeing ctw.

[Edited on 01/08/05 @ 08:52 PM]

superusa are you still on?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)
normal game except the great map

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)
nothing to say

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)
A very creative map

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)
See above

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
A good story like always

Additional Comments:
I think it would have been nicer to get to higher ages.
Meat Puppet
File Author
Thanks for the nice review. How higher would you want the ages to go? Middle Ages or higher? Middle Ages would be most suitable, although it might be interesting to see the game culminate in the Info Age and nukes being used so we can see history repeat itself...
superusa in info age i think

[Edited on 01/13/05 @ 12:13 PM]

spiritflyer Middle Age sounds good
I have made scenarios before but they are not that great. you just blew me away amazed that anyone could get the ai to do what they wanted them to do and make such great maps

I have not played all of your scenarios but my favorite one would have to be Pacific War
Meat Puppet
File Author

Some of what I get the AI to do is happy accident, the rest through sheer tweaking over and over. For example, in the Crusades, getting the French and Germans to attack Jerusalem with you was really hard to set up--they kept wanting to retreat and march against the Templars. Other times the AI wants all its units to retreat to its capital and just sit there until it gets cannon. When I tell units to patrol, they simply wander from their patrol path and swarm together.

Since the AI is basically stupid at best and predictable at worst, the best thing a scenario designer can do in my opinion to give a good game is to make their position a lot stronger than yours, give them more units, and set their difficulty level at "toughest."

Have you played "Fall of the Aztecs" yet? I really enjoyed play-testing that one. Taking down the Aztec capital was a blast. I had their lake filled with ships covering my advance over the bridge.

Glad you are having fun with these scenarios, and thanks for your reviews!
spiritflyer Have you played "Fall of the Aztecs" yet?

No I have not played it yet I will soon and give it my rating

Will you make a Alamo scenario please?

[Edited on 01/10/05 @ 09:29 PM]

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