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Black Hawk Down

Author File Description
Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
RON OSCARS: If you like any of my scenarios, please nominate them for Best Scenario in the RON OSCARS. Nomination deadline is March 13.



NOTE: This scenario was designed using RON Thrones & Patriots Scenario Editor without any custom scripting.

SITUATION: In October 1993, Army Rangers and Special Forces launched a raid into the middle of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, to capture General Farrah Aidid, the strongest militia leader and the leading contender in Somalia's bloody civil war. For more about the history of the raid and its consequences, including great interviews with the men who were there, visit:


The raid went perfectly until a black hawk helicopter was shot down, then another. The emboldened militia swarmed around the Rangers and threatened them with annhilation. Relief finally arrived the next morning when the 10th Mountain Division and UN troops came to the rescue and got all of the U.S. troops to the Pakistani Stadium.

This scenario is roughly based on those events.

SCENARIO: This map shows the city of Mogadishu and is covered with buildings and rubble. At the start of the scenario, most of the Rangers are holding their own at the First Crash Site (city), while two lone Special Forces hold the Second Crash Site. The Bokhara Market (where the raid had originally taken place, capturing many leading Aidid militia officials but not Aidid) is still held but no troops are nearby.

Surrounding these forces are swarms of Somali militia with ancient rifles, AKs and RPGs. They also get some WWI vintage artillery which is supposed to represent the recoilless rifles. (Unfortunately, I didn't have any units that could represent a "Technical," the name for the trucks that the Somalis bolted heavy machine guns to. Similarly, the Scenario Editor didn't let me put Humvees on the map for the Americans, which was a bummer, so I substituted.)

Meanwhile, back at the American-held Airport (city), a shot-up column of vehicles is slowly being repaired. Once these units are repaired, they can go back into action. Their mission is to rescue the Rangers and Special Forces at the First Crash Site (city), secure the Second Crash Site (city), and destroy Aidid's militia by taking East Mogadishu (city).

To get to the First Crash Site, the Americans will have to fight their way through West Mogadishu, which is held by other militias currently allied with Aidid.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Take West Mogadishu (Militias) and East Mogadishu (General Aidid), while defending the First Crash Site, which is your capital. Try not to let any more helicopters get shot down!

YOUR ALLY: You are allied with the UN Peacekeepers, who hold the Pakistani Stadium north of the city. They will likely come to your aid fairly quickly, before the American relief column, which will have to fight its way through West Mogadishu and then take on Aidid himself in East Mogadishu.

SPECIAL MISSIONS: You start with about 8 commandos. These are the Special Forces. I found they were very effective at running out to destroy enemy artillery pieces pounding my positions, and pushing back a heavy enemy advance. They were fun to use and valuable.

POP LIMIT: Your pop limit is 100. As you lose troops, you can start to build tanks. However, it is recommended that you do not try to build artillery pieces or jets or bombers if you want a more historical and fair game. Your enemy may be able, late in the game, to bring online a few tanks, but mostly they're going to face you with infantry.

HELICOPTERS: You have a lot of helicopters. Try not to let any get shot down as a special challenge. I simply told them to "stand ground" and then had them explore the map, which ensured I knew what was happening all over the city. They took some damage but I lost none of them. It also added to the ambience to see the helicopters flying around.

SOMALIS: The Somalis have inferior equipment and will take incredible losses but will attack you with everything they've got.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you have fun playing this scenario. If you like it, please give me a good rating. If you don't, give me constructive feedback on how I can improve it.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Excellent! The AI is one tough opponent in this scenario. The challenge is definitely here. Scenario plays out well.

Balance: 5
All seemed balanced out well. I would have liked to see my enemy a little less advanced though. They were attacking with Assault Marines towards the end.

Creativity: 5
Everything was setup well. I don't remember playing a RoN scenario involving this subject. The way the cities and buildings are all positioned and setup are nicely done.

Map Design: 5
One of the coolest maps I have seen for RoN. All of the rubble and burning buildings around are great. Like the rivers going through.

Story/Instructions: 4
Excellent instructions on here but none in game.

Additional Comments:
Looks like yet another great scenario by Meat Puppet. Its good as is, not much I can think of right now for improvement. Nice work!

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Map Design5.0
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