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The Corporate Wars (beta)

Author File Description
Meat Puppet DESIGN: This scenario was designed using the RON Thrones & Patriots Scenario Editor, without custom scripting.

PLAYER TYPE: This scenario is for the economic player who likes to build, while engaging very limited forces to sabotage and capture enemy infrastructure.

SITUATION: In the United States, you are CEO of General Motors, one of the 10 largest corporations in the country. Other players are IBM, Wal-Mart, General Electric and Exxon Mobil. Together, you have decided to take advantage of Asia opening its doors to capitalism by exploiting the country's population and resources. This puts you in direct competition with each other that starts with peace but will inevitably flare into war.

Asia and the United States are in the game, and are allied with everybody, but play no real part except as office buildings. Asia is shown on the map divided by wide navigable rivers, dotted with cities (clusters of office buildings), and filled with resources--mountains, fish, oil, lumber, agriculture, rare resources--and lots of people ready to be hired as your workers (citizens).

Start subsidiaries (cities) in Asia to establish spheres of influence for exploitation of resources, and sabotage and attack your competitors' operations with commandos and mercenaries.

VITALS: 200 pop limit. You start in the Modern Age and can progress to the Information Age. Standard economic victory condition, 300 resources per minute is the goal. You win when you produce an average 300 resource units per minute. The map is explored. This is a diplomatic game, but you cannot ally with other corporations, only be in a state of peace or war.

While in the Modern Age, you cannot produce military units except for commandos. These commandos are expensive but very powerful. They can be used for sabotage of your competitors' economic infrastructure.

You can, however, turn your workers into partisans and have them fight off would-be attackers.

When you reach the Information Age, corporations have successfully demonized the United States government to the point where it is very weak, while the corporations themselves have grown exponentially in power. This gives you the latitude to hire security contractors and start engaging in open warfare. When you reach the Information Age, in other words, you can build Assault Marines (very expensive, a little slower, but very strong in attack) to outright attack your competitors' subsidiaries (cities).

It's advisable in the spirit of the game not to directly attack your competitors' headquarters buildings (capital cities) and take them with Assault Marines, but instead limit the ground war to Asia. However, all's fair in business.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: You are the CEO of General Motors, and you have the Power of the Auto. This means you start with a large group of armed caravans and merchants, 8100 wealth, 5 citizens, a few spies and commandos, and 1000 metal.

The CEO of IBM has the Power of the Computer. IBM starts with greater technology, 8100 wealth, 5 citizens, a few spies and commandos, and 7 scholars.

The CEO of Wal-Mart starts with the Power of Cheap Labor. Wal-Mart starts with 20 citizens, 10,000 wealth, and a few spies and commandos.

The CEO of General Electric starts with the Power of Aerospace. The corporation's aerospace division gives this corporation the Space Wonder and unlimited visibility on the map. GE also starts with a few spies and commandos, 5 citizens and 10,000 wealth.

The CEO of Exxon Mobil starts with the Power of Oil. The corporation starts with several offshore oil wells, 1000 oil, 8100 wealth, 5 citizens, a few spies and commandos.

STRATEGY: The first 30 seconds are vital in this scenario, so I suggest you pause the game immediately so that you can study the map and determine where you want to build your subsidiary operations (cities) in Asia. You should also immediately choose Republic as your form of government, working your way up to Capitalism, and use your wealth to buy lots of food and wood before your competitors drive up market prices. Also, you should start building scholars and conducting civics research so you can build a second subsidiary.

Remember that as the Americans, your first Wonder is built instantly. Choosing this Wonder will be an interesting choice. Should you build the Kremlin to get more commerce out of each subsidiary? Or should you build the Pyramids to get another subsidiary fast?

There are plenty of resources on the map. You will see Asian cities but don't mind them, they're just clusters of buildings and therefore harmless. Asia and the United States are allied with you and everybody else. Just build your subsidiary businesses around these "cities."

After you build your first subsidiary, you will have to decide whether to expand from there by making it a very large subsidiary (city), or do you want to build your second subsidiary in a whole other area of the country.

After you build your subsidiary you should start a barracks as well so you can create a decent-sized team of commandos. Later, these commandos can destroy your competitors' economic infrastructure and can even destroy Wonders. You can move over your spies and set up informers in your competitors' subsidiaries, and hold them in reserve around your subsidiaries for the day when Assault Marines start coming onto the scene.

Remember that you can win militarily in a sense. Once you get Assault Marines, if you feel like you're behind economically, you can have them go out and try to seize your competitors' subsidiaries by force!

GLITCH: RON provides an economic victory condition based on the average number of resources that can be produced ber minute. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to monitor your competitors' resource production so you can see if you are close to losing. It also doesn't seem to allow you to check even your own production rate to see if you are close to winning. If anybody knows how to do this, let me know!

There is another glitch that may be present in the game. When I set the victory goal at 100 resources per minute, it worked: I won, and pretty fast too (low threshold). When I set the victory goal at 300, however, which is where it is now, I just playtested it and I never reached it--I had to conquer the entire world. I don't know if this is a bug in the scenario editor or what--let me know how your game goes, please!

BETA: I set the victory condition at 300 income/minute. I'm wondering if this is too low, just right, or too high, or like I said above, if it works at all! Let me know if you get a good game. PLEASE DO NOT RATE THIS SCENARIO--just tell me what you thought of it; it's a beta version.

I'm also wondering if the AI is up to this. They won't sabotage your infrastructure, although they'll use their Assault Marines well. I'm thinking this might make instead a killer multiplayer scenario.

THANKS FOR PLAYING! I hope you have a good time playing this scenario.

FINAL NOTE: I hope this scenario might spark some good discussion about the pros and cons of globalization.

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fentum Meat Puppet,

Check out my review of your 'After the Apocalypse' scenario. Fun !

Meat Puppet
File Author
Hi Fentum,

Glad you liked it! I appreciate the good review. I was curious: what part of the scenario surprised you?

By the way, I think I found a way to give players a forward base in Squad Leader. I will give the Americans one citizen and some extra wood. That way, when they advance, they can at least build a barracks to land in more paratroopers. What do you think?

Thanks for all the feedback!

- MP
fentum Meat Puppet,

Re: Squad Leader. I like the 'one citizen' idea. Maybe it's the Pioneer Corps ?!

The 'event' in After the Apocalypse' was just after I declared war on the Old Americans. I had decided that my best strategy was to take over the red cities and land by targetting their capital of Uptown. I declared war and BANG ! Two nukes popped up and decimated my capital city. I was stunned and laughed out loud. Several minutes of frantic building ensued. What a laugh !

Meat Puppet
File Author

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