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The Spanish Civil War

Author File Description
Meat Puppet DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON Thrones & Patrios Scenario Editor, with no custom scripting.

PLAYER: This scenario is best suited to the patient, methodical type player who likes to play defense on the edge.

SITUATION: In 1936-1937, the Spanish Civil War tore the country apart after the Republic formed and deposed the King, distributed land to the peasants, and angered the Church. You are President of the Republic, which is a fractious alliance of workers' parties, communists, socialists and anarchists. You are also being helped by volunteers from all over the free world--British, Americans, Russians, French. Only part of your army is trained; most of it is made up of militia.

Aligned against you are the highly trained, professional armies of Francisco Franco and his fascist allies. Franco is allied with Salazar of Portugal, who will intervene in the War on the side of Franco. Franco also has highly modern troops from Nazi Germany and fascist Italy to help him.

You, the Republicans, start with a large but untrained army dug in around the major cities. Your productivity is much higher than the fascists' but they have a larger, modern army. They are also getting substantial aid from Portugal.

Can you change history by defeating the fascists and maintaining democracy in this country?

VITALS: Industrial Age (you and Salazar's Portugal), Modern Age (Franco). You can progress to the Modern Age. Most of Franco's army is in the Industrial Age, like yours, but he does have a few corps of Modern Age troops (from Germany and Italy). Germany and Italy's assistance has put his side in the Modern Age.

The pop limit is 200. The victory condition is to take the enemy capitals. The fascist capital is Burgos, which is Franco's HQ. Portugal's capital is Lisbon.

There are some limits as to what you can build. Nobody can build forts, towers or nukes, or spies or, for the most part, commandos. Your side has almost no generals because of the ragtag nature of your army and because the leftists that make up most of your army runs their units democratically. Your sole general is the leader of the International Brigade near Madrid--the foreign volunteers. (You also have few churches because the leftists have destroyed them.) Additionally, you and the fascists each get a few Wonders but you can't build any others. (you get Taj Mahal and Versailles, and the fascists get Terra Cotta, Coliseum and Versailles)

You have two industrial bases--the north and the south. There are factories here to make tanks and siege guns. You cannot build any other factories during the game, or airbases, although you can build barracks anywhere, as many as you want.

The forestland on the map is very limited, but there are a number of mountains. You also get several rare resources, including the peacock resource so you can get your pop limit up.

STRATEGY: I got my butt kicked by the AI playing this game, which was refreshing after usually walloping it. The game actually fairly mimicked the progress of the war.

You start with substantial forces around Madrid and your other major cities. Many of these are partisans. You are allowed to move your partisans out from their trenches, but they will suffer attrition and die in enemy territory. Then you can replace these units with more professional troops. This is allowable but it's not in the spirit of the game. It's also risky. It pays to be patient in this scenario and buy time for the Republic to build up resources and advance to the Modern Age.

No matter what you do, you will probably be on the defensive for a while. Your capital is right on the border so you will need to protect it against assaults that can include very good, modern troops. This is like the real Spanish Civil War, which was a strange hybrid of WWI- and WWII-style fighting.

So you will be on the defensive. You can pull some partisans away to turn into workers and make sure you are fully built up and ready to go when you reach the Modern Age and get your pop limit up to 200+. Once that happens, you will probably have lost most of your partisans and minutemen, and you can start building a modern army in the rear that will be able to take on the fascists. There are a number of good targets all around you. You can go after Burgos dead-on, encircle it, or attempt a pincer movement. I often found that if I was about to launch a major attack, it was sometimes helpful to launch a minor attack somewhere else to distract the enemy forces.

Finally, I would recommend that you do not leave Madrid undefended at any time. The fascists make pretty dramatic attacks in this scenario, and they can take your capital, particularly if the Portuguese are committed.

The really tough part of the game is transitioning from a practically anarchist, militia-style army to a modern, professional army. You will have to slowly replace units with new tanks, howitzers, etc. You only get limited industrial capability to make heavy weapons so it will be difficult to build up a large army quickly.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I had a good time playing this one and I hope you do too. If you have fun and like the scenario, please give me a good rating. If you don't like, please provide constructive feedback on how I can improve it.
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Meat Puppet
File Author
The Minutemen and Partisans have been given the same range as standard riflemen and infantry. The Spanish and Portuguese infantry do not have a longer firing range.

The game is 2 vs. 1 but Portugal starts with one city and very weak technology. They are a help to the Fascists, but not an equal player. It will take a long time before Portugal is able to intervene in the Civil War with any real strength. This is not to say they are not a strong factor in the balance. You simply have to like challenging games to enjoy this one. It was designed that way.

[Edited on 01/23/05 @ 12:11 AM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
I checked and you're right, the partisans didn't have the same range; they were supposed to. I fixed the error.

Again, so I don't waste your time, don't play any more of my scenarios; I guarantee you won't like them.

Meat Puppet
File Author
P.S. Always read the scenario instructions carefully.

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