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Normandy Invasion

Author File Description

DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON TaP scenario editor, with no custom scripting. The scenario title is "Normandy Invasion" but the file is called "d_day."

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Wipe out the German forces, every man and vehicle. When you do, the Germans will be defeated. However, there is a third player in the game, the French, with whom you are at peace. So after you defeat the Germans, the game is over even though technically it isn't over.

SITUATION: June 1944, the invasion of German-occupied France. Your division has been assigned a stretch of Omaha Beach to attack. Your mission is to clear all German forces in the area. Recon flights confirm German fortifications, machine gun nests, towers, infantry behind sandbags, Panzershrek, long-range artillery guns and a few tanks.

PLAYERS: You are the Americans, the enemy is the Germans, and a third player, the French, is there also but represented only by a few villages (they play no part in the game).

GAME SYSTEM: This scenario uses a similar gaming system to Market Garden and Kursk scenarios. One additional twist is range; infantry, especially MGs, can shoot a lot farther than what you're used to. Infantry kills infantry pretty easily, artillery shoots very long range and can kill lots of troops, machine guns are very lethal and long range, tanks kill other tanks easily but infantry have a very hard time killing tanks (except for bazookas, which are very powerful). The result is fast-paced carnage as you try to take out the Germans atop the cliffs. You'll see tons of tracer fire and explosions and entire companies getting decimated under a withering rain of fire. I used everything the game had to try to create eye candy, so you've got burning buildings, cliffs, heights, tank traps (played as fountains on the beach), sandbags, etc. Tanks are very slow. You get a few planes, to be used for recon only (they have no attack), and even there they are limited in what they can do due to limits on their range. Mostly, they, the battleships, the forts and towers are there for eye candy.

FORCES: You start with nearly 500 units across the Channel in England. This is a lot of men but for some reason I had virtually no lag playing this scenario. Hopefully, you'll have the same experience. It was like watching a movie seeing the Americans hit the beach, get torn apart by German artillery, then form up for the assault, then storming the cliffs, exchanging fire as tracers lit up the space between the opposing sides.

STRATEGY: You can try to assault the Germans all along their line but it may be helpful to concentrate the assault at 1, 2 or at most 3 points. You get a lot of barracks so as your troop strength falls below 200, you should have reinforcements lined up and streaming in. You get one tank factory and tanks are very expensive to create, plus they're very slow. However, you will need them for when you punch through the German lines and run up against their armor. After you punch through and get over the cliffs, you can roll up the German line. However, they will continue pounding you with everything they have, rapidly depleting your strength. So when you set the rally points for your barracks and tank factory, be sure to concentrate your troops somewhere reasonably safe so you can attack en masse instead of piecemeal for your second big attack after the first exhausts itself. I found that when I attacked piecemeal after my main assault got cut down, the Germans gleefully slaughtered my follow up attacks. You should try to concentrate so you can attack big. However, be careful about how you concentrate, because the German artillery will continue throwing shells at you across a big part of the map.

FOG OF WAR: This is a fog of war map. Note the Germans can see you coming off the landing craft when you hit the beach, and when you approach the cliffs. However, the Germans have a blind spot pretty much right in the middle of the beach. This is because of the "sea wall" your troops can use to "hide" behind.

BATTLESHIPS: You have four battleships in the Channel. They have a very low attack strength (1) and won't do much damage to the enemy--they are there mostly for eye candy, same as the planes.

FORTS AND TOWERS: You will notice the enemy forts hurling bullet and shell at your troops. For fairness and balance, forts and towers have a very low attack strength, and are very weak in hit points. They will not be impossible to take down with infantry. The trick will be getting close enough to make a difference as enemy MG-42 units, with their longer range than standard infantry, cut down your men.

REPEAT WARNING: The most important thing to remember is that unit range is longer in this scenario than in typical RON games. Don't try to get close to the enemy before shooting, or else you'll get torn up.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I had fun with this one and hope you have a good time playing it. If you like it, please give me a good rating. If you don't like it, please give me feedback on how to make it better.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
Its been done many times before, and every single one is the same. There is nothing new here and playability=low because this d-day is like all the rest.

Balance: 4
Balance of forces is even, at least for its purpose. This was done well.

Creativity: 2
Wasn't too creative and at the same time, there wasn't anything in this scenario that made me say, "wow, this is cool". There was no script file= no AI and nothing to enhance the scenario or change the gameplay.

Map Design: 3
Map Design was average, but all of it was plain (the beach). a cool thing was how the redoubts were set up, but that's basically it. i could have made this map in 10 minutes. plus, what was a real joke were the fountains in the middle of the beach that served absolutely no purpose what-so-ever

Story/Instructions: 4
Well, i guess everyone knows what the story is by now. its been done so many times. but there weren't any instructions in the scenario that could have been done with some simple scripting. i.e. popups.

Additional Comments:
It is not amazing and great, and the lack of a script to go along with this map makes the scenario boring. additionally, as soon as my troops landed on the beach, they weren't immediatley struck down with heavy gun fire and artillery.

to make this scenario better, you should fix the range of all the german units and add some battles that are inland, (i.e. Battle of the Bocages). It was bland, and you should make it so that you start out with units, instead of wasting your time building them (you can do this using the script editor). it was really boring for me to wait and see the troops take a while to cross the ocean. fix this and it should be a unqiue, good d-day scenario. and please, get rid of the fountains on the shore line- its really annoying.
Meat Puppet
File Author
None of my scenarios has any custom scripting, nor will they ever, unless somebody wants to teach me.

So ... does anybody have any courteous, constructive feedback?
spiritflyer I will as soon as I play it
KingRoy1 Actually, MP, i liked your scenario, overall, and i do know A LOT about RoN's script editor, so, if you want, ill give you a few tutorials, or ill script ur scenarios, just e-mail me at KingRoy1@aol.com and ill be glad to help you out.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
I enjoyed this one. Only problem was it did not end after I defeated the German forces. Only thing they had left was the fountains on the beach and those kept it from ending.

Balance: 4
The challenge was here so I say very good balance. As soon as I got to the cliffs, the German forces opened up with fire from everywhere. I lost alot of units!

Creativity: 3
The way all the units were setup was really good. The adjusted values such as range, movement and attack was done well. I would have rather seen the Battleships more useful though instead of eye candy. I did not like the fountains used for tank traps either. Overall, maybe not a whole lot original but some nice touches thats for sure.

Map Design: 5
The map was excellent! From the beach to the farms, bocages and rocks, rubble and cliffs. About as good as you can get with RoN as far as map detail.

Story/Instructions: 4
Nice writeup, great hints and alot of info on here.

Additional Comments:
Overall, another good job by MP. Just a few adjustments I think would be good. Such as, giving the fighters attack and maybe adding a couple of bombers. Make the Battleships more useful, giving them attack as well. Add some German cannons or other guns or towers towards the end of the beach to hit approaching landing craft. Give Germans more artillery and a few AA guns. I also think you should remove the fountains. Still good job though!
Meat Puppet
File Author
There is some good feedback here. First, let me point out, as it says in the scenario instructions, that the game will not end when you destroy the German army, because the French are in the game. The alternative was to make all those houses German, and your troops would get bogged down shooting at houses. So you have to simply say, okay I won, after you destroy the Germans and the game says they have been defeated. It has nothing to do with the "tank traps," which apparently suck (lol).

I took out the tank traps and tried out a shorter beach, and agree that the action is better with your troops getting mauled the minute they land. (In the existing scenario, the Americans do get hit by artillery fire when they hit the beach, but not MG and small arms fire.) Unfortunately, this meant that the ocean is that much wider. So here's what I'm thinking. I will probably redo this scenario and make the beach shorter, and set up villages in the rear that you have to take after you take the beach.

Another issue was tanks. Here's what I think I will do. I will give the Americans one citizen, but no way to build a tank factory in England. So you have to take the beach before you can build a tank factory on it, which represents the allied beach-head. Then you can build up your forces and move inland to take the villages.

As for the battleships and the planes, I might give the planes shooting capability and then give the Germans AA guns. I'll probably just take the battleships out entirely. They get in the way and snag tons of the transports, making a mess and screwing up the timing of the assault on the beach. If I gave them greater fire power, they could probably clear the beach given enough time, which wouldn't be very challenging.

Thanks for the feedback, everybody, and I think I'll take another crack at this when I have time...

[Edited on 01/27/05 @ 03:16 AM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
by the way, KingRoy, no problem, I'll probably take you up on your offer...
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)

this was pretty cool! I advanced brigade perfect five deep 8 across formation I advanced one brigade on to the beach and they were standing in a brigade perfect five deep 8 across line formation and suddenly I had a hole in my line then I realized that I would have to rush my men to safety or lose them 6 by 6 from cannon fire

Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

It was just hard enough that it seemed real

Creativity: 4
(Insert Creativity analysis here)
just how I like a scenario very well made only one messup the planes when they would see any enemy the battleships would destoy them with their splash damage

Map Design: 5
(Insert Map Design analysis here)
looked good to me the tank traps were kind of weird though

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
good as always

Additional Comments:
you make the best scenarios I have ever played
keep making them!
KingRoy1 ok dude, just gimme a hollar at KingRoy1@aol.com

to me, scenarios just plain suck when there is no script to enhance it. that's why all of my maps (Austerlitz, Fallujah, WW2 Campaign, Basra, Iran, and Omaha 1944) have script to go with them. you'll be amazed at all the cool things u can do with the script editor. im pretty good at AI scripting and i can make pop-ups for ur maps (tells u a story as u play) and some cool events in the scenario. just remember to credit me for the scripting :)
Meat Puppet
File Author
I will definitely give you credit, that's no problem.

I find that you can make some challenging games without scripts, though. My scenarios have been getting some good ratings, and I have never used scripts. The standard Scenario Editor can be stretched if you push the creativity. Scripts would make things easier, though, and add capabilities I'm interested in. I'm especially interested in pop-up instructions (I often get asked for them), putting the scenario units on the map you can't otherwise use in the Editor (like Humvees and Conquistadores), using timers, and what I think triggers do--create trigger events for new challenges to be thrown at the player.

One thing I'm very interested in also is getting computer-controlled units to move where I want them to. For some reason, the Editor lets me tell units where to move or patrol, but it immediately overrides my commands once the game starts and the enemy army all bunches together most of the time.

Another thing I'm very interested in is being able to garrison troops in apartment and office buildings. The Scenario Editor shows that these buildings have garrison ratings and rally points, but won't let you put troops in them for some reason.

I'll email you soon and I'm thinking maybe we could collaborate on something really cool, and share credit for it. I'm not a big stinker on credit, I just want to create some cool scenarios for people to play and hopefully they'll like them. Scenario creation doesn't get you girls or adoring crowds, so the only payoff you get is giving some people like the same game a good time for a few hours. So yeah maybe we'll work on something together and share credit, that would be cool.
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