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KingRoy1 You hear the bullets whizzing by and you clutch your rifle tight as you hear an artillery shell burst to your left and a man getting blown in half in front of you. The graphic images and disheartening sounds of brutal warfare will never leave your minds.

In this scenario, you will hear and see the most intense Normandy Invasion you have ever seen in RoN: Thrones and Patriots. With custom scripting and custom sounds added to this scenario, you'll see stained blood on the sandy shores of the Normandy Beaches and hear intense bombardment and gunfire in the background. This D-Day is unlike any other. This is a map design taken from arial photos of the real thing, and an action-packed, tiring run up the beach taken from interviews with veterans, according to Stephen E. Ambrose. This is a must have for any World War II/ D-Day fanatics.

I credit the sounds to the movie, "Saving Private Ryan" and me! Yes, i recorded my own sounds, don't make fun of me :p
All other credits go to me.

***You will need my Empires Rise Again Mod V 2.0***

HINT: Kill the Nazi General to bring moral to your troops and make them run faster.

I worked extremely hard on this map and EVERYTHING is (in this scenario) the way it was in 1944. You'll see the French vacation houses along the shore line and the rocky sands of the Omaha Beach Coast.

- Enjoy!

- KingRoy1

any bugs? glitches? crashes? report or e-mail me at kingroy1@aol.com and ill do my best to fix it.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Well put together, alot to offer and most of all very fun. Probably the best Omaha Beach D-Day scenario I have played for RoN so far.

Balance: 4
From a scenario point of view, it was easy to win. I had too many forces. At the same time, from a realism point of view, it was accurate and well done.

Creativity: 5
Excellent! The sounds, units, and setup of this scenario was really good. Adjusted ranges and stats was right on. The mod and graphics, like the hedgehogs really enhance it.

Map Design: 5
Could not have been better. There is a ton of detail in this map and it all looks very good.

Story/Instructions: 5
Good enough, especially on here with that cool writeup.

Additional Comments:
Looks like another excellent RoN T&P scenario. To make a bigger challenge, give US less reinforcements. This would also take out some realism though.
Emperor Phil
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Troops were too hard to control because for some reason I was not able to create groups.

Balance: 3
The over-abundance of American forces is not my main gripe. What about some anti-tank/bazooka units, flamethrowers, or some heavy machine guns? Not every GI that landed on Omaha beach was a rifleman. It's always funny to watch guys with machine guns blow up a tank by whittling down its hit points, but you can't help that. We should talk to Big Huge Games about that. The altered hit points and attack strength for the various units was also a nice touch.

Creativity: 4
The new German units were fun to fight against. The idea of killing the general was intriguing, but nothing like that actually happened on D-Day as Rommel was not there. The German commander would most likely be cowering in a massive bunker miles behind the front lines.

Map Design: 3
Several mistakes strike me since I have actually walked on Omaha beach (I even brought some sand back with me in a jar). There are no summer houses there now on the sandy beach portion, but there may have been in the 1940's (although you do not see any in "Saving Private Ryan"). However, there would not be as many as you have there. Where the beach ends there is not a large enough elevation change. You also could have put in "Pointe du Hoc." Furthermore, there were no US marines at Normandy. They were ALL army. You may have mistaken the 2nd Rangers for the marines. The Germans were mostly in earthworks and bunkers with much artillery supporting them (not to mention AA batteries). So I would suggest adding them (if possible). The beach had the buildings on it, but there was also tons of barbed wire, tank traps, and other "goodies" for our guys to weave in and out of (and take cover behind). Again, I would suggest adding these elements, if possible. The amount of German tanks was disproportional as well. Tanks were not defending Omaha, it was mostly artillery and infantry. Armor was in the reserve waiting for the German counter-attack to commence. They were not sent forward until it was too late for the Germans because Berlin did not believe this was the main assault. They thought Patton would attack Calais once the armor was committed to that section of Normandy.

Story/Instructions: 5
There are not too many episodes in history more famous or exciting than Operation OVERLORD.

Additional Comments:
I commend the ammount of time you put into the scenario. It is definitely noticable that great care and thought went into this scenario's design.

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Map Design4.0
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