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Mars Attacks!

Author File Description
Meat Puppet DESIGN: This scenario was created using RON TaP scenario editor, without custom scripting.

PERSONAL NOTE: This is probably must last scenario for a while. I'm out of ideas and I'm just plain tired! I'll be following the reviews and a little of the forums, but otherwise I'll be out of it for a while.

PLAYER: This game is for the player who likes an indomitable, very tough enemy, taking him on despite severe disadvantages. It's also for the player who likes a fun premise for a scenario; basically, if you liked Night of the Living Dead, you should like this one.


VICTORY CONDITION: Take the enemy capital of the white player to win, then destroy the red player's forces on the field. As a bonus, build a Space Program so humanity can lay the groundwork of taking the war back to the Martians.

SITUATION: 1957. The Martians have landed near a major city. Their objective is not just conquest, but the total extermination of all humanity. When the game opens, the Martians are crushing human resistance in the city and killing its citizens by the dozen. You will see your poor, defenseless citizens burned to a crisp in their tracks, while the rest flee north to Sanctuary in the mountains. Luckily for you, the Martians don't know about your secret base in the mountains, so you should be safe there enough to build up an army to go back and kick the invaders back to Mars. You win when you take the Martian Landing Site (city) just outside the sprawling urban center that covers about 1/3 of the map.

FORCES: You are the Americans, full of grit and simply too foolish to realize you are completely outgunned by superior Martian technology. What you do have it numbers, and the ability to replenish your forces, while the Martians have limited forces and cannot build reinforcements. You start with some National Guard at the city's convention center, trying to fight back, but it's no use. Meanwhile, your citizens are fleeing north to Sanctuary, where they will help you collect resources and build your resistance army.

There are two Martian players, both played in the game as the Mongols, one white and one red. The white player has the cities and the capital you must take. The red player is allied to the white player and is in the game purely to add another layer of intelligence to the AI. The Martians have several bizarre types of weapons:

Gyrobusters: These are armored cavalry units modified to ram instead of shoot at a distance. The magnetic fields generated by the Gyros are attracted to your weapons and tanks. Very hard to kill, they will basically drive right up to your forces, ram them, and blow them up instantly via magnetic pulse. Very unnerving.

Shock Troops: These are flamethrower units modified for distance, hit points and attack points. This is the standard Martian infantry armed with ray guns. These deadly creatures will zap you from a long distance, instantly vaporizing anything they shoot. They are very hard to kill due to their battle armor. I dropped an atom bomb on a city surrounded by Martian warriors and they all walked out of it.

Martian Scientists: These are Martians without battle armor looking for cattle to mutilate and surviving humans so they can give them anal probes. They are extremely fast and they are very deadly. Also unnerving to see these creatures race very fast towards your troops and start chopping them up.

Spaceships: The Martians have surrounded their landing site with landing craft (airbases) from which very slow moving, but very powerful and strong, space ships will fly out and patrol. The various types of space ships have different strengths and capabilities. The only thing that can take them down is your WWII era planes and AA fire.

STRATEGY: As your citizens flee to Sanctuary, you will notice that your airbases at the Airport (in the south of the map) are under attack. You have another airbase at a safe distance on the other side of the woods; you should try to salvage as many planes as possible to this third airbase. A spaceship will come lumbering at it later to try to destroy it--you should be aggressive in trying to shoot that spaceship down, no matter how long it takes. You can't build any other planes or airbases during the game, so this will be your last airbase and a nice asset to have on the enemy flank, either for diversion or reconnaissance. But it is entirely possible you will simply lose the airbase. There's a fort next to the airbase, and if you lose that, you can't build any other forts (or generals).

You will lose most of your citizens on their flight to Sanctuary, but enough will get through for you to start building up. The Martians might attack your border defenses but it is unlikely they will go after Sanctuary, so you have some time to build. Note you can't build citizens during the game, so this is all you get--assign them wisely. You also have partisans already at Sanctuary, so you can also convert them to citizens and put them to work.

Your people are in shock, but the war has only started mere hours ago, and it is now time to start defending Earth against these invaders.

Build cities, collect resources, build military production facilities. Build nuke silos, but note that nukes are very expensive--if you build them, you will lack resources to build conventional forces. Make sure you find the oil and exploit it. You can only build one Wonder, which is the Space Program, also very expensive. As a challenge, build the Program by the end of the game to show the Martians that Americans will soon be landing on their world! You may want to build your military bases at the foot of the line of your advance, so you can feed reinforcements into the battle easily.

Now, about the Martians, You are about to see your armies reduced to flaming wrecks very quickly. The Martians are few in number but they shoot farther, have more hit points due to their armor, and deal death every time they shoot. The Gyro Busters will drive right up to your tanks and ram and detonate them. The Scientists will run at you with alarming speed and begin dissection on the spot. The Martian shock infantry will incinerate your soldiers with their long-range ray guns.

All I can say is to keep at them, and take them down one by one. Remember that you can build reinforcements, and they can't, so eventually you will overpower them.

You have several avenues of attack--as always, right, middle or left. I playtested the right way down and found it to be a fun and challenging game. I lost dozens of units in my first battle and blinked at the screen in amazement, but eventually took the bastids down. I haven't play tested the middle or left way down, but there are some interesting possibilities.

One big question is whether to build nukes, and how many. I had to use them to win. Even then, after the mushroom clouds settled down, I saw Martian infantry walking out of the hot zone to torch some more of my poor GIs. I recommend using nukes, but it is these GIs who will win the day, so make sure you have ample resources for ground forces.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: Good luck fighting these evil Martians! Thanks for playing and I hope you have a good time.

- MP

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Its a challenging scenario, so it will definitely take you more then a few tries to complete successfully. The nuke timer is a good idea both to make it more challenging and to emphasize the humanity aspects of the scenario. ie) its not about destroying the aliens but saving humanity.

Balance: 5
A tough scenario, but not impossible. Especially since you're supposed to be fighting advanced aliens with lowly ww2 era equipment.

Creativity: 5
Definitely one of the most innovative and creative ideas to date, much like the Zombie attack scenario. No reason a historical RTS needs to be confined to just historical topics. The ww2 human forces vs aliens is very cool and reminiscent of those old 50's cold war paranoid alien invasion films. This is truly a think outside the box creation.

Map Design: 5
The Map design is brilliant. It really seems like you're in a city taken over by aliens. The cities being used as convention center/hopitals etc as control blocks is brilliant.

Story/Instructions: 4
Not too much intructions if at all in game. Although its pretty self explanatory, and the hints in the download description is sufficient.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
nice in the beginning, but it was all the same: make a huge army and try to rush up to the martians.

Balance: 2
if an enemy does not attack at all and i can just pump units @ inf qeue + using atomic bombs its kinda boring :/

Creativity: 5
very cool idea on martians. creative units on their side too.

Map Design: 4
nice map, cool feature on the airbase.

Story/Instructions: 3
very confusing in the beginning, but i guess the instructions here are all you need.

Additional Comments:
my first scenario/review, it was nice to play at the beginning but it started to bore very quick.

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Map Design4.5
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