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The Reconquista

Author File Description
Il Legionario History:
The Reconquista (Spanish and Portuguese for reconquest) was the military conquest of the Iberian Peninsula by Christian rulers, led against the Moors from 718 to 1492.

After the Muslim invasion of Iberia in 711 and the Battle of Guadalete the Moors had conquered most of Iberia within five years, putting an end to the Christian Visigoth kingdoms. The reconquest began in 718 with the defeat of the Muslim army at Alcama by the Visigoth Pelayo.

The Portuguese Reconquista culminated in 1257 with the conquest of Algarve by Afonso III, setting Portuguese borders almost to their present location. In what became Spain, the process culminated on January 2, 1492 when Ferdinand and Isabella, Los Reyes Catolicos ("The Catholic Monarchs"), expelled the last of the Moorish rulers, Boabdil of Granada, from the Iberian Peninsula, uniting most of what is now Spain under their rule (Navarre was not incorporated until 1512).
taken from wikipedia.

The factions:
The Aragonese-The Spanish
The Portugese-the British(I gave them the archers, the Portugese mostly relied on guerilla tactics when they started out, when this scenario starts out, they are about to conquer Lisbon).
The Moors-Egyptians
Granada- The Nubians
The kingdom of Castile and Leon-The Greeks(I wanted to give them the cavalry units, ill explain why later on)
New Castille-The Spaniards

Now, as I mentioned the Greeks, I wanted to try something different, so I created 2 skins for this scenario. One is the Knights of Santiago skin. It's a very expensive but excellent unit you can get in the gunpowder age, not many changes done. Hystorically this knights, where the protectors of the catholics when they returned to Southern Spain.
I also added a catholic infantry knights for the Spanish. It looks good I think, this is my first itme skining so :)

-when you start out, you are at peace with Portugal and Aragon and you are alied with New Castile, I would work on the economy and try to bully Aragon around and get some of their land.
-DO NOT, get the nearest city. Badajos, it is heavily fortified.
-The speciality of the Moors where their archers, so make sure to bring plenty of light cavalry..

Hope you enjoy!
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Meat Puppet
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The game was very well playable. The ocean seemed to play a minimal role in the game for me, I didn't build ships and ignored attacks on my anchorages. It took me a long time though again to figure out what I had and what I didn't. Somehow I completely missed that I had a ton of farms, and ended up building new farms. And my only other suggestion for improvement would be to keep it all in the Middle Ages. I ended up in the Gunpowder Age before I even build a decent army.

Balance: 4
Balance was basically good.

Creativity: 5
I liked this scenario, it had a nice historical feel to it. It was historically pretty good, had balanced resources, a story behind it, and different cultures and capabilities.

Map Design: 5
Overall again the map had a historical feel to it. I felt like I had my own little country to rule. I like the idea of using the houses, particularly to create walls and obstacles and define space, but it would look nicer if the houses were varied a little instead of ten houses all looking the same lined up. The geography also looked a little wonky, but no biggie.

Story/Instructions: 4
It's an appealing time in history and an interesting struggle. If you want to see a really good movie about the unification of Spain, see the old EL CID movie with Charlton Heston--one of the best movies ever made I think.

Additional Comments: Nice job. This seems to be your forte, the historical diplomacy scenario. Keep up the good work.

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Map Design5.0
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