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The Battle of Agincourt

Author File Description
Meat Puppet DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON TaP Scenario Editor WITH SCRIPTING. Yes, this is my first scenario with scripting. The scripting in this scenario provides several messages during the game advising you on new developments. It also enables me to control the morale of the opposing armies--something that is missing in the standard RON game, and as far as I know was pioneered by KingRoy in his Battle of Austerlitz scenario. In fact, in the end, after pulling my hair out, that's how I learned the rudiments of scripting--by downloading other people's scenarios with scripts and copying and pasting to fit the needs of my own scenario, then adjusting through trial and error. So thanks to Allizdog for some script I pulled from his LA Riots scenario about timers, and some script from KingRoy governing morale.

I had intended to take a break to focus on some other things, but after learning some scripting I got fired up to try it out.

NOTE: If you want to skip these instructions, be sure to read the "GLITCHES" section at the bottom of these instructions before playing.

SITUATION: The 100 Years War was fought because of English kings making claims on the throne of France. In 1415, Henry V fought a campaign in France, taking Harfleur after a long, difficult siege. He intended to march to Calais before returning to England. On October 25, 1415, French nobles stopped their squabbling and assembled their forces to block the road to Calais and challenge the English Army. The English were outnumbered about 5:1 but they had two things going for them. One was the English longbow, which had great range and enough power to penetrate the armor of French knights. The other was the muddy, recently plowed fields between the villages of Agincourt and Tramecourt, which slowed down the French attack and turned it into a wreck.

In this scenario, you are in command of the French Army and your objective is to drive the English off the field. Your forces are arrayed on the battlefield; behind you is your camp.

SETTING: This scenario is pretty faithful to the real battle in terms of basic makeup of forces, the formations, and the set-up of the three villages in the area and terrain, right down to the muddy plowed fields. I stretched things a little in making the army camps by using teepees along with barracks for tents, and by using burning fountains to indicate campfires to lend a little ambience. The camp is filled with caravans, merchants, scholars and explorers who represent camp followers.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: You win when you destroy a sufficient quantity of English troops. Before that, if you kill enough, a message will appear telling you the English Army is breaking. This will give you the chance to attack their camp and baggage, and press home your attack to destroy the English Army. Note, however, that if the enemy lines start to break, that is no guarantee you will win.

You lose if your population goes below 250.

MORALE: This game has a morale script in it. This means if the English Army falls below a certain population, you will see a message telling you the enemy is fleeing. Likewise, if your army falls below a certain population, your men will also run. The net effect is pretty cool. In some games I playtested, both armies began to run, so you had two armies fighting in groups across the line, with smaller groups streaming towards the rear, while others continued to fight and advance--more like what I imagine a real battle would have been like.

Note that if the enemy starts fleeing, they can still fight on enough to beat you. This happened to me twice during playtests, much to my surprise.

BALANCE: I playtested this thing to death and tweaked the hell out of it. I believe it's fairly balanced. In my final playtests, the French routed the English but lost, totally lost, or totally trounced the English. It depends on nuances of where I put my troops.

STRATEGY: There isn't much strategy here. Where you decide to distribute your attack and focus it on the English line will probably determine victory.

SPEED: Your troops will move slowly due to the mud and scale of the map.

PLAYERS: You will note that you are allied to King Charles of France (yellow). This is so that I could get French buildings across the map without the English attacking them. King Charles wasn't at the battle.

GLITCHES: The scenario text messages come up and are easily missed, so keep an eye on the top of the screen if you can. In future scenarios like this, I'm going to add a sound when those messages come up.

The Scenario Editor decided to do two wonky things during design: 1) it wouldn't allow me to place generals, so there are no generals (major generals are played as Senators, and King Henry is a Monarch). 2) the French Army starts with all units in "defensive" stance instead of "aggressive." Believe me, I tried to fix that, it's annoying, but you'll have to go through and chance all unit stances to "aggressive" on your side. Sorry about that, but there's nothing I could do about it.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you have fun playing this scenario. This is my first time scripting, so let me know what you think of it.

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KingRoy1 i didnt play your map yet, but i quickly looked thru your script. NICE JOB! almost as good as my scripts.. lol! jk! it pretty good for your first time scripting. Gets pretty easy, right? just remember, if you need any help at all, im available.

-ill help you with any AI issues. im pretty good at that stuff.
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hi KingRoy, actually it was exactly as good as your scripting, since it basically WAS your scripting LOL--like I said above, I copied and pasted scripts from various scenarios. For this scenario, I grabbed some of your script for the Battle of Austerlitz to do the morale AI. As far as I know, you pioneered how to address unit morale for RON scenario design. As promised, I gave you credit for this in the above introduction to the scenario.

Here's something I'd like to do, which is create a battle map with both armies made up of groups, and when each group drops below 50% strength, it breaks and flees to the rear. How do I assign a bunch of units to a group and govern the group's behavior? Any scripting language, pointers, etc. appreciated!
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey iamcanadian, yeah there are messages but without pausing the game, they flash at the top of the screen, so they can easy to miss if you're immersed in the game, that's why for future scenarios I'll need a sound to indicate that a message is there. The messages basically simply exhort you to attack, attack, but there is a very useful message, which is that your army is starting to flee the battlefield, or that the enemy is fleeing.

The British are pretty cool. I'd love to see a unit in the standard RON game for Victorian era infantry for Zulu and other colonial scenarios.
BillyChaka hooray! congrats on your first scripting mp.
KingRoy1 Version 4 of my ERA mod is going to have a Boer style infantry (thanks to ODA). ill release it soon, if you wanna use that.

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