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Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
ABOUT V.1.1: Same as original but with two small changes. First, the blue troops near the Police Station are given a unique troop type and renamed "Police Officers." Second, an unintentional loophole allowing you to win easily (using your police) has been closed.

DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON TaP's Scenario Editor with extensive scripting. I cut my teeth on the Battle of Agincourt and went full tilt with scripting in this one as I finally learned enough about it, and finally know what I'm doing. As far as I know there are no bugs in this script. I could only go so far with the script's capabilities but there's a lot of scripted action here so you are in for some surprises!

NOTE: This scenario uses nukelaunch.wav that comes with RON. I included it in your download; please keep it in the same folder with the scenario files so the sound plays.

SITUATION: A city situated on a peninsula. At a nearby medical research facility, a deadly virus escapes and infects several lab workers, who panic and make for the city.

Upon hearing of the outbreak, you, as the local Center for Disease Control (CDC) Coordinator, receive command of a response team. Your job is to respond to any potential outbreak of the deadly virus among the general population.

It's 5 scientists against your entire army.

Within minutes (of game time), you will be hanging on by a thread.

Those 5 scientists are about to ignite a chain reaction across the entire city, infecting thousands in a plague, and resulting in a flood of refugees trying to escape the city--through you. Many of them are armed. Mingled with them are looters. All of them must be stopped. Most are not bad people, and they don't want to hurt you--they're just getting sick and want to get out of the city and they are carrying a plague with them. You cannot let them pass.

If you don't stop them, the virus could escape the region and rampage across the entire world, ending civilization in a matter of weeks.

OBJECTIVES: Your objectives are to:

Destroy the research facility where the virus came from.
Kill all infected people who are carriers of the plague.
Reclaim any sections of the city that have been contaminated by the virus and fallen into anarchy.
Find a cure.

It's 5 scientists against your heavily armed force in the first minute of the game. Sound easy? However, those infected scientists will quickly start a chain reaction that will have you fighting for dear life. You should focus on defending these areas of the city:

Hospital (where your researchers are trying to find a cure by gathering knowledge)
Airport (where cargo planes are delivering supplies)
CDC Headquarters (the backbone of your defense between the Airport and the Hospital)

If you lose any one of these, you may find yourself very quickly overrun by the infected. All the infected have to do to take one of your cities is stand next to it--then the virus will spread like wildfire.

FORCES: The enemy (Plague-Carriers) has 4 types of units:

Infected People (Citizens)
Looters (Militia)
Gun Owners (Partisans)
Doctors (infected doctors trying to escape) (Scholars)

Your team: Government. You have an entire organization at your command. Like the Plague-Carriers, all your units have been renamed. These are your Centers for Disease Control (CDC) forces:

Medical Supplies (Caravans)
CDC Virus Hunter (General)
CDC Response Teams (Assault Marines)
Observation Chopper (Helicopter) (does not attack; only for recon)
Cargo Planes (Strategic Bomber) (does not attack; only for eye candy)
Virus Sample Collectors (Armed Supply Wagons)
Doctors (Scholars)
Police Officers (Marine Riflemen)

... and my personal favorites:

Crowd Control (Armored Cars)
Cleanup Squad (Flamethrower)
Quarantine Enforcement (Advanced MG)

Note that several buildings have also been renamed:

Research Lab (Observatory)
Medical Research Facility (Supercollider)
CDC Budget (Market)
CDC Regional Branch Office (Senate)
Church (Temple)

POP LIMIT: 75, this makes the game very challenging, all troops.


* When the virus overtakes a section of the city, you receive a text message describing the situation.

* You have several troops at the police station (police) in the middle of the city. Can they hold out and maintain law and order?

* You have medical supplies (caravans) being distributed all over the city. Desperate people will seize them and loot them, killing the drivers.

* At one point, you can gain authorization to use nuclear weapons.

* If you gather enough knowledge, you have a chance to find a cure for the disease.

* Text messages will tell you how bad things are.

During this game, you will feel like you are in charge of a realistic operation with real ethical dilemmas. Try to keep an eye on the left side of the screen for them.


Nobody can build citizens in cities.
Gather rate=200.
You can build limited types of units.
Helicopters are stronger and a little slower and cannot attack. They are only for observation purposes. I set mine on patrol the whole game. They also add to the eye candy.
Cargo planes fly in and out of airport. They cannot attack. Theyr'e just eye candy. If you lose the airport, you will lose them--as you will be totally cut off from the outside world.
Armored vehicles are a little slower.

STRATEGY: I don't want to give any more away, since the game has some surprises in it. All I could say about strategy as a hint is that you should hold tight and hang on to your primary objectives, respect the perimeter that is roughly established for you, and weather the storm. If you can find a cure of the disease, your doctors will evacuate the city and so you will have some free spots in your pop limit to fill up with fresh troops. Once you believe the worst is over (and be sure of that, hint: watch for the "big attack"), then you can tentatively at first, and more aggressively later, go on the offensive. A big question will be whether and how you will use nukes. The helicopters can help you determine where to drop them. Be careful about how you take "cities" (urban areas), because if there are any infected nearby the city will bounced back and forth between your control and plague control, resulting in potentially a swarm of infected people coming out at you.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you have fun playing this scenario. I had a great time playtesting it and also designing it.

It's my second effort with scripting and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I have learned that scripting is like getting a tattoo--long, slow and deliciously painful.

If you see any bugs, let me know. If you like the scenario, please give me a good rating. If you don't like it, tell me how to improve it.

Good luck!
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
BillyChaka Can you say RE(Resident Evil) Scenario? this is gonna be awesome. THANKS MP!
One_Dead_Villy sounds very cool

[Edited on 02/05/05 @ 01:03 PM]

One_Dead_Villy man i got slaughtered
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey iamcanadian, I'm glad you liked this one. *ahem, good review, cough* heh

If you find the cure, you complete an objective. Mankind benefits from having the cure but you must regain control of the city to distribute it, and you don't have enough of the vaccine to allow any infected to leave the city. Plus the city is completely lawless, so you will have to keep fighting.

However, if you find the cure, you do get a big benefit. Your doctors ("scientists") are removed from the map ("evacuated"), so you get a pop limit bonus in that you can build more troops for your offensive to retake the city.
Meat Puppet
File Author
Meat Puppet
File Author
thanks for the nice reviews, everybody, I appreciate it!

comrade found a glitch, which has been fixed. first, the blue troops near the Community College are actually police officers holding the Police Station (city). These troops are now Marine Riflemen and renamed as Police Officers. You also get a few of this troop type near the CDC Headquarters.

Second, I shut off the easy route between the Police Station and the Community College, so now the Police cannot stop the scientists from spreading the virus inside the city. That was an unintentional loophole and it is now closed.

This scenario is a tough one. I have won it, but it took me several tries (and I have a natural advantage being its designer). So it is winnable.
Eric12345 Could you tell me what Nation you used for the plague I will try to make a Zombie skin for the Infected people, and the nation that you used for the Police/CDC.

I liked The Plague a lot great job.

P.S. you can E-mail me at killereric3@yahoo.com Thank You.
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hi Eric, thanks for your message, I appreciate it. The only thing is I don't like to give out my email in forums like this, because I haven't set up a "fun" email address to use--the only email address I have right now is the one I use for business and I keep that private between me and my clients (I'm a consultant in real life).

Do you know anything about scripting? If you do, my advice is to simply take the scenario and incorporate the mods, playtest it to debug it, and then post it here and take credit for it. Simply call it THE PLAGUE V.2 and say it's an upgrade of the scenario by Meat Puppet, with new skins and anything else you'd like to do to improve it. I take pride in my work but I don't have an ego about it--go ahead and have fun upgrading the scenario. Let me know if you would need any help.

Personally, I'd love to see the infected have a distinct skin, and you can basically do anything you want with the CDC and Police. The Police should look like police, of course, and the CDC can wear biohazard suits and gas masks. It could be really killer. If the scenario had a Police mod, one could even put more of them scattered around the city (but they should be very weak). As a peripheral eyecandy kind of thing, I'd also love to see the caravans look like Red Cross trucks. The caravans, called "Medical Supplies" in the game, are supposed to be making emergency delivers of medical supplies. It'd be fun to collaborate with somebody on that kind of thing because I don't know a thing about modding, and I'm only just now learning script.

To answer your question, the "Government" player, you, is the Americans. The "Plague Carriers", your enemy, are the British.

If you'd like, you could use the same "infected" or "zombie" skin for Night of the Living Dead as well, if you liked that scenario.
Eric12345 Thank you for responding to me, I'm going to get the Adobe Photoshop and work on those models. i do not know hot to script and i was wondering if you could help me by telling me someone who could help or somthing. If you can help me I made a map last night and tryed using you script but I am new at this and it did not work.I also noticed how normal Citizens look like zombies when they attack and I was thinking mabye you could edit there script so the Infected citizens could not build anything.

I liked the Night of The Living Dead! Check on the comment page once and a while scince I can not E-mail you.

P.S. I finished a map i just need to know how to get the Citizens to attack? could you help me please?

[Edited on 02/12/05 @ 01:16 PM]

Eric12345 I just got a Free Tga veiwer and I made a model,but how do i put on this website so you can see it??

I have the Bio CDC unit, A Umbrella soldier,and a Zombie done for you to see.Cant Wait to show you!

[Edited on 02/12/05 @ 04:13 PM]

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