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After the Apocalypse Part 2

Author File Description
Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON TaP scenario editor, with custom scripting.

FILES: The files are named "Aftermath."

SOUNDS: This download includes the game file "airraid.wav." Make sure this file is in the same folder as the scenario/game files when you are playing, so it will play during the scenario. It adds a great effect in the beginning that you would want to have as part of the game.

PREMISE: If you liked After the Apocalypse, you'll love this one. In 2007, the USA finally conducts a successful missile defense test. Before they can set it up nationwide, Russia and China launch a limited nuclear strike. One of the cities hit is LA. After the holocaust, you will lead a band of survivors to build a new nation among the ruins. However, other warlords are building their own nations, and will challenge you for the crown of LA.

The premise was first covered in a great book in the 1980s, back when everybody was afraid of nuclear war instead of terrorism, called WARDAY. The book supposes a limited nuclear exchange between the USSR and the USA because the USA is about to set up a missile defense shield. The USSR felt it had no choice but to attack rather than submit to American dominance. This scenario is based on the same premise. China and Russia are really upset about US plans to build a missile shield, as is Europe and most of the rest of the world. Hundreds of billions of tax dollars later, there still hasn't been a successful test. What will happen if we can make it work?

PLAYERS: There are 8 players in this scenario. 6 of them are warlords, the mayors of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, El Toro Marine Base, etc. There is also the government, led by President Bush, and the Russians with their offshore fleet, led by President Putin. You must defeat or ally with all of these players to win.

You start as the Romans, and other players include Persians, Chinese, Germans and others. There's a great variety of units and nations on the map. However, note that all unique nation powers have been disabled. You can build the unique units, but you don't get the unique nation powers.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Take capitals and hold to conquer nations. Conquer or ally with all nations to win. No Wonder or territory victory.

DON'T BE CONFUSED IN THE BEGINNING: When the game starts, LA is intact and the bombs will start falling. You are not on the map yet, so don't look for your units. You will come on the map shortly and then you can start playing. Until then, sit back and behold the apocalypse.

GOODIES: There are a number of special events in the game. Here are two so I can give you a hint of what to do: If you reach a certain number of large cities, you will claim the crown of LA, knock out Bush as a player, absorb a number of Bush's buildings, and get everybody on the map annoyed with you. At another point, marauders will come to take food from you, so either maintain a good defense to stave them off or have a decent stockpile (about 300) food ready to give them. There are other events in the game, but you'll have to play to find out what they are.

Other goodies on the map are the burning ruins of LA, and the bombs falling at the beginning, which plays out like a tragic movie. The buildings are all given a lot of hit points, so they will be around for a long time to provide obstacles and eye candy. You will have to build your cities around these obstacles and nestle farms and villages in the shadow of skyscrapers.

TECHNOLOGY/AGES: You will start in Ancient Age and you can go as far as Middle Ages. However, you will have some hi-tech weaponry from the Army. Once those units are lost, they cannot be replaced. Gradually, your army will go from consisting of assault marines and tanks to javelineers and swordsmen.

STRATEGY: Try to move as far as possible into the map to grab land and position. Be sure to get close to the few forested areas (large parks) and mountains to get resources. There are a number of Wonders on the map, which have been renamed, for example:

Tower = Radio Tower
Colosseum=Football Stadium
Hanging Gardens=Disney Land

If you build a city near these Wonders, you claim them for your own.

Try to preserve your heavy units for big pushes--don't waste your tanks on fighting skirmishes.

There is no attrition on this map (for a number of reasons that had to do with the design of the map), so have fun with that.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you have fun playing this scenario. If you like it, give me a good review. If you don't like it, write a comment and let me know how to improve it.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The game plays great. My only concern were the buildings that slowly deteriorated. I guess it made me a bit sad, cause I wanted to own all the buildings left standing so I could be the real "king of LA". But I guess it fits into the gameplay. Another concern was the fact that you are playing against several civilizations when everyone in LA should be American. But I really liked it anyways.

Balance: 5
When I began playing, one of the teams quickly gained a lot of power. After gaining the Crown of LA, he immeidately waged war and sliced into me territory. By luck I built the Forbidden City and was saved from defeat under loosing my capital of Rome. On the northern corner of the map I built a new capital and grew a giant army. Meanwhile at Rome forces were in constant fights. Each battle lost, but then my army stepped in. Lets just say that dude met my wrath...a wrath that brought a path of destruction all the way to his capital.

Creativity: 5
Great creativity, the beggining is superb. The concept is great, I hope to see similar maps for other cities.

Map Design: 4
Amazing growth from the ruins of LA. Civilizations grow right out of the skyscrapers.

Story/Instructions: 5
Wonderful aswell.

Additional Comments:
I dont know why you capture oil refineries? Maybe I just dont get it :P. I loved this scenario. I always download scenarios from HeavenGames, but after this I had to comment. This is wonderful and I cant wait to play it again. Way to go! :)

[Edited on 02/23/05 @ 11:15 PM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
Thanks for the nice review. Man, I tried like hell to make it so that you could claim buildings around you once you built cities in an area. I also told the script to give you all of the neutral buildings on the map once you became King of LA. The scenario editor just didn't let me pull it off.

(Anybody reading this who is a script wizard, please advise.)

The reason you capture oil refineries is that while you can't capture neutral buildings like office buildings, you DO capture all other buildings like markets, oil refineries, etc. It just automatically happens in the game. I say capture 'em and scrap 'em for resources.

Anyhow again thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the scenario! I also loved to hear about your game--it sounded like a close one.

[Edited on 02/24/05 @ 03:17 AM]

Meat Puppet
File Author
In the novel WARDAY, a limited nuclear strike and counterstrike is postulated. This nuclear strike between the USA and the USSR results in the collapse of the federal governments of both countries. In the USA, mostly state governments take a leading role, while in the USSR, the country falls into anarchy.

"After the Apocalypse" takes a similar view, that if Washington, LA, New York, Boston, Chicago and say Miami or Houston or Seattle were taken out in a sudden nuclear attack, it would result in the economic and political collapse of the United States, at least as a federal entity.

Ironically, as the premise of the book WARDAY goes, the imminent setup of a missile defense shield causes Russia and China to fear complete global dominance by the USA, and decide to gamble on a first strike.

I don't think that will happen if the half a trillion the Republicans want to waste on missile defense actually results in a viable system. I think what will happen is the next day the Chinese will have a missile that can get through the system, resulting in a new arms race. We'll have to sink another hundred billion on a better shield, then China and Russian will have to sink another billion into a missile that can get through. Russia probably can't afford that; in the future, the USA may not be able to afford that (we can't now, but we keep borrowing and blowing money as if it grew on trees); but China probably will be able to afford it.

Meat Puppet
File Author
I don't know what happens to Canada and Europe after the bomb drops. I would imagine Europe would declare neutrality (which is what happened in the novel WARDAY) and stay out of it. While Canada and Europe would escape the war relatively unscathed, they would nonetheless surely go through a Great Depression as a result of Russia, China and the USA collective GDP being taken out of the world economy in the space of about an hour. (Imagine, as a Canadian, 80% of the market for Canadian exports being eliminated on the same day hundreds of thousands of American refugess, if not millions, come pouring across the border looking for food and medical care.) The political and economic map of the world would be radically changed forever. In the novel WARDAY, the Europeans and Japanese come in and colonize the U.S., basically carving it up into economic spheres of influence similarly to the way they treated China in the colonial era.
Metallica_rocks It's really fun, I enjoyed it quite a bit. the band of nomad soldiers was a nice touch. only probem is: the cold war ended in 1989, when the wall fell (technically, it ened in 1991-92, but who cares about technicalities). so Russia and China have no reason to nuke your country. If anything, those two are working the hardest towards an anti nuclear future.

Suggestion for later scenarios like this: make the city itself a different team that is at peace, or allied with all other teams, this will prevent units from shooting up the town.

EDIT: I just noticed this was based on a book.

[Edited on 03/22/05 @ 03:18 PM]

the_matador0 You should put mexico trying to get back LA, San Diego, El Paso, etc......
Fuzzyperson Yeah, if you should definitely do a part three as there are so many ways to spin it!
FabianScarus Only problem is that once you declare independence your units are too busy destroying LA's buildings then attacking enemies.

Anyway to fix that?

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