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Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON TaP Scenario Editor, with custom scripting and custom sounds, including Zulu chants and warcries from the movie ZULU, African drums and bugle calls. (Great movies, by the way, ZULU and ZULU DAWN. ZULU DAWN is about the massacre at Isandlwahna and ZULU is about the ensuing siege at Rorke's Drift.)

If you have any problems loading this scenario, please let me know.

IMPORTANT: There are custom sounds in the folder you are downloading. These include chant1.wav, chant3.wav, chant4.wav, bugle.wav, african_drums.wav and dismount.wav. These sound files play vital sounds in this scenario and should be kept in the same folder as the scenario so that they will play during the scenario.

SITUATION: Lord Chelmsford, acting on behalf of the royal government, has launched an invasion of Zululand from Natal Province, South Africa. Searching for the Zulus, he splits his force into three columns. The Zulus fall upon one of these columns, the Third Column, outnumbering its combatants by about 18 to 1, and destroy it. Can you change history by getting support in time and staving off disaster?

Great website about the Anglo-Zulu War with lots of historical detail about the war and the battle:


OPENING: The game opens with your small command facing thousands of Zulu warriors arrayed in the classic "head of the bull" formation--with a rectangle of troops representing the head, one behind representing the body, and two flanks representing the horns. After the Zulus finish their war chant to get revved up, they will charge. After that you must hold off the Zulus, who will swarm over your troops in huge numbers. Your commander, Glynn, will send Melville, an officer, to Chelmsford to try to get support. Other than that, you must play to see!

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Reduce the Zulu Army to less than 100 to win. King Cetshwayo will sue for peace. If your infantry fall below a very low strength, you will lose--your command will be destroyed.


* If you reduce the Impis to a certain strength, they will flee the battlefield.

* See lancers hit the field at the last mintue and begin spearing the Zulus. The Zulus hate and fear British cavalry.

* Use special commands shown on a special toolbar to conduct leapfrog retreats between your 1st and 2nd battalions to try to stay one step ahead of the Zulus.

* Hear the Zulus shout warcries as they launch their massive rolling assault, and sing a salutary song showing their respect for your fight upon your victory or defeat.

* See Melville ride hard across the African Savannah to get help--will he make it?

STRATEGY: The Zulus outnumber you and once they get up close, will spear your men mercilessly. If you try to hold your ground in your original positions, your men may break and run for the river, and then die where they stand. The Zulus are fast, tireless runners and will pursue your men wherever they go.

Your own advantage is your rifles. You can fire a long distance (25 tiles in this scenario), whereas the Zulu asegai (short spear) in this scenario only has a range of 1 tile. So if you can keep some distance between your men and the Zulus, you will shoot them down and deplete their numbers considerably.

You have two commands you can use to leapfrog your troops backward--"1" and "r". These control different sets of troops and tell them to retreat behind their officers (a Hussar and a Heavy Chevalier, who are the commanders of the two battalions of the 24th Foot. These are your line officers. Glynn is also there, represented by the Monarch, but doesn't do anything in the game).

You will notice that not all your troops will retreat, some will stay behind. These include the native levies (Fusiliers), Natal Mounted Police (Dragoons), Natal Mounted Infantry (Carabineers) and some of your 24th Foot infantry. Some will simply have to be left behind to slow down the Zulus and allow you to complete a leapfrog.

Your leapfrogs won't be clean in most cases, they'll be edged with panic, your troops will be everywhere, so you may have to eventually skip the "1" and "r" commands and simply grab groups of men too close to the Zulus and tell them to retreat.

One time, my units completed a very clean leapfrog maneuver twice, and I gunned down the Zulus like you wouldn't believe. But most other times it was a mess--effective, but I bled the whole way.

Overall, it should be a pretty exciting game.

Hold out as long as you can, and wait for Melville to bring reinforcements, then try to take the fight to the Zulu and win.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: Thanks for playing this scenario, I hope you have a good time. If you like this scenario, please come back and give it a review. If you don't like, tell me what you don't like so I can improve it.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Tiger_VIB it's a good level, but it's too short, can you make rourke's drift and have the zulu's come in several waves like in the movie> and can you include the zulu chants and the song Men of Harlech?
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Very fun, lost the first time, won the next and kept playing, good replay value

Balance: 5
Nice, the Brits were really outnumbered and made for a great game.

Creativity: 5
Very cool, not really a conflict you see very often.

Map Design: 4
Well done, i do agree it could have been a bit more african looking

Story/Instructions: 5
Good short story line, didnt need to be any longer.

Additional Comments:
Very good!
Map Design3.0
NOTE: I took 3 as average, 4 as very good and 5 as excellent.

Playability: 4
It was fun, but a bit short.

Balance: 2
Is it just me or was this just too easy? all I had to do was put the british in a refused formation, very close to eachother and they hardly got touched. Then I took the Lancers and lured parts of the remaining Zulus to my line, slaying them without losing a man. Overall, I lost 9 british soldiers on my first try.

Creativity: 4
Good, but not great.

Map Design: 3
Pretty plain a map. It is sufficient for the scenario, but not particularly good.

Story/Instructions: 3
Just good.

Additional Comments:

It was a fun scenario, but I thought it was way too easy.
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Map Design4.0
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