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Hannibal at Cannae

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Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
SCENARIO DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON Thrones & Patriots scenario editor with custom scripting and custom sounds for special events and effects.

CUSTOM SOUNDS: Custom sounds include track35.wav, drums.wav, fanfare1.wav and fanfare5.wav. You must put these sounds in the same folder as the scenario to play them. The sounds add some great ambience, so you should make sure you keep them and play them. The sounds came from these sites:


SITUATION: Hannibal, one of the greatest generals in history, has beated two Roman armies and is marching at will across Italy. The Senate of Rome raises an army of 50,000 men--the First Legion, the Second Legion and the Third Legion--to destroy Hannibal's army or drive it out of Italy. The army is led by Consuls Varus and Paulus. The two armies meet near a two called Cannae. Hannibal is outnumbered by the Romans but has better cavalry. By the end of the day, nearly 50,000 Romans will lie dead on the battlefield, compared to 8,000 dead Carthaginians. Cannae is considered one of the greatest military victories of all time.

SCENARIO: When the game starts, your army is facing the Roman army across the battlefield. Behind the Roman army is the town of Cannae. On the flank of both armies is a river, and across the river is a series of burning farms that have been pillaged. You will also see the fortified camps of both armies.

SPECIAL COMMANDS: You get a special menu toolbar on the lefthand side of the screen, allowing you to group control major elements of your army:

1 - advance phalanx (these are your core African phalanx troops, your best; due to game glitchiness, when you hit 1 you may also move your center as well as your phalanx, and you may have to hit 1 twice to get all of your phalanx to move - just the way it is)

3 - advance center (these are your weakest troops led by Hannibal himself to bolster their courage), a mixture of Celtic and Spanish mercenaries, backed up by a few bowmen

5 - advance cavalry (you have more cavalry, and your cavalry are superior to the Romans); on your left wing you have the Spanish and Celtic cavalry, and on your right wing you have the Numidian cavalry

7 - advance skirmishers (this advances and sets to aggressive mode your javelineers and slingers; this one is kind of glitchy, your slingers may not advance, so watch that)

These commands will allow you to control your army pretty easily, and respond to any Roman moves quickly.

STRATEGY: In the real battle, Hannibal put his weakest troops in the center, his best phalanx troops on the flanks, and then his cavalry on the far flanks. Your army is set up the same way. In history, Hannibal's center held, his African phalanx pressed on the Roman flanks, and his cavalry drove the Roman horse off the field, then came back and hit the Romans in the rear, starting the slaughter.

As for your strategy, you can do whatever you think is best! Here are a few pointers:

* you may not want to have your troops chasing the enemy around the battlefield. if the enemy horse routs, you should not waste time chasing them but instead send them on to attack the Romans at some other point.

* if you kill the Roman consul Varus the Romans will become "shaken" (be given lower armor and attack ratings). however, you will risk everything having your cavalry fight through guards, elements of the First Legion, and then chase the Consul around. similarly, you will need hannibal near the action to bolster the center, but watch it, because if he dies, your army will become "shaken" (be given lower armor and attack ratings).

* if any of your troops rout and begin to flee the field, do not round them up and send them back--first of all, they will continually rout and retreat every 10 seconds, and second, their armor and attack ratings become very low when they are routing.

TINY GLITCH: You may notice that a small collection of characters begins to form on the far lefthand side of the map, such as a supply wagon, a carvan, a scholar, a citizen, etc. These units show up as various parts of your army begin to rout. These are "markers" that are being used in the morale function. Just ignore them and leave them alone.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: This scenario has a bit of everything in it. Lots of eye candy, great Roman formations and attacks, a solid opponent, and the possibility of tactics. It's also got morale functionality, advanced command control functionality, and sound effects. I finally got the whole morale thing down pat now, and so you will notice much smoother player than in earlier scenarios like Guilford Courthouse.

Enjoy! If you like this scenario, come back and give me a good review. If you don't, tell me what you don't like so I can improve it.
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Lord Of Legends Make his Scenarios Harder???!!!

Most of the Scenarios Meat Puppet creates are of medium difficulty.
I have to agree however, that this Scenario was a bit easier than others...
badbob i now their hard i find most very challanging and it takes a good 4 or 5 attempts for me to do most of them but this was i found easy i don't no if its just me but the romans just rush in a great mass towards you and then the cavlery on the flanks easily beats the roman cavelry rushes in and traps them the end. i just found it a bit too easy. apart from that i think its rally good
Meat Puppet
File Author
Thanks for the feedback!

LOL I've never been accused of making an easy scenario before!

Mostly, I wanted to recreate the actual battle. In this scenario, if you follow Hannibal's plan--in other words, recall your cavalry and have them attack the Romans in the rear--you should win, even though your center will likely break.

Tweaking field battles to find the perfect balance is really hard, because it's a tactical situation and not a strategic one. In an ideal game, small decisions you make should influence whether you win or lose. This balance is very hard to get because you have to endlessly playtest. I'm doing an Alexander the Great scenario right now, the Battle of Issus, and I won one game easily but I lost the next three. Should I tweak it to make it easier, or leave it alone? You know what I mean. People don't respond well to beta versions on this site so you have to guess in the end if you have the right balance.

Maybe I'll take another look at this one and see if I can tweak it further to make it a little harder! Again, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
Nog64 Loved it! I found it easy to call back my troops, though. Keep up the good work
jmlfalcons Great Job Meat Puppet!
The only thing that need improving is the level of difficulty
bismarkchen Okkk... I can't open any of these files. My computer keeps saying that the compressed files are corrupted, I can't move them, I've been told I need to open them under the RON file in the c drive, but I can't figure out how to do that. Help please???? How the hell do I open these???
wakain these ARE awfull reviews!!!
nothing filled in,only a comment.
if you fill everything into the most tiny details,then the author knows what is popular,what not,if there are serious glitches,faults,+,-.so the author has use of it,but this what you(both) made is total non-use,publicity,but that's it.so I would suggest reading the review guidelines.
Thecrayfish didn't think it was up to your usual standard Meat Puppet. Good though. Do you collabarate with king walker your scenarios are similar

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