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Alexander the Great in India

Author File Description
Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON Thrones & Patriots scenario editor, with custom sounds and scripting.

SOUNDS: There are a number of sound files with this game, this is why the total zip file size is large. Keep the sounds in the same folder as the scenario, otherwise they won't play. They add a lot to the game so be sure you use them. Some of the sounds came from these sites:


SITUATION: Alexander the Great of Macedon has conquered Persia and now sets his eyes on India, a great prize. India is a land of many kingdoms. The first is ruled by Porus. At the River Hydaspes, war elephants prevent a crossing by Alexander. After several days where the two armies face each other across the river with neither moving, Alexander tries a ruse. He leaves Craterus with part of his army at the river facing the Indians, then moves the rest 17 miles up the river, and crosses there. By the time Porus realizes he has been tricked, it's too late, Alexander is across. Porus leaves part of his army to keep Craterus at bay, and then wheels the rest to face Alexander. The battle of Hydaspes has begun.

During the battle, Alexander moves his cavalry all to his right flank, a move that Porus matches. Porus charges, thinking the Greek cavalry is weak, but his cavalry are routed. The two main armies clash, with the Indian war elephants wreaking havoc. Then Coenus, whom Alexander sent with some cavalry ranging far on the Indian's right flank, charges the Indians in the flank and rear. His surviving cavalry on his other flank also charges the Indians. Porus loses the battle.

You, Alexander, must win this battle to break open the doors of the riches of India. This will be your last great pitched battle in Asia. After this battle, your soldiers, tired of war and afraid of new exotic weapons (such as massed war elephants), will tell you they want to go home.

PLAYERS: There are five players in this scenario. You are Alexander, leading Macedon, and must fight Porus and his army. You are allied to Craterus, your general, who is keeping part of the Indian army pinned down at the river and is moving other men across behind you. You are at peace with the Indian river defenses, as they have been ordered to stay at the river and keep Craterus at bay. Craterus and the Indian River Defense play virtually no part in the game. The last player is "berserk" (red), which is a state that some of the Indian war elephants fall into when they reach a certain level of damage.

SCENARIO: The game starts with your armies facing each other across a plain. If you do not attack, Porus will attack you. If you reduce the strength of his divisions enough, some of them will rout and flee the battlefield. If you reduce his total army size enough, the entire army will rout and you will win. Conversely, if you lose enough strength, your army will collapse and you will lose.

TOOLBAR: You have a custom toolbar so that you can control your troops and tell different elements of your army to attack. Note that Coenus, who can be assigned to encircle, won't actually attack the Indians--he will move far out on the Indian flank, ready to attack when you say so. All other commands move troops forward to attack the enemy. This gives you strong command control of your army. Note however that due to game glitchiness not all of your forces will move, so when you do a macro command order, you may have to fine tune your attack using your mouse.

STRATEGY: The Indians have war chariots, which are better than standard cavalry, and war elephants, which are like walking fortresses. These will prove a daunting enemy for you.

If you reduce the strength of most of the elephants to a certain level, the elephant will go berserk and attack in a random direction--sometimes at you, sometimes turning on the Indians. I used ranged troops to fire arrows and spears at the elephants and try to get them to go berserk before they reached my lines. Some of these turned on the Indians and wreaked havoc on them!

You have Coenus with a small force but a great position to attack the Indians at the right opportunity. I used them to attack the Indian skirmishers and archers. These troops have poor armor ratings so my cavalry made quick work of them. I even took a stab at killing Porus, but he is hard to kill.

If you kill Porus, the enemy army will be "shaken" and key units will get lower attack ratings. Same if Alexander is "killed" (wounded and carried off the field)--your troops will become "shaken."

One of Alexander's objectives was to isolate and destroy the enemy cavalry before the main armies clashed. You may try to do the same, focusing on one enemy cav division at a time and destroying it in turn.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: Hope you like this scenario. If you like it, please come back and give me a good review. If you don't like it, tell me how I can improve it.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(The best ever)

Balance: 5
(The hardest game i ever played, but i won!)

Creativity: 5

Map Design: 5
(as above, great)

Story/Instructions: 5
(very very good)

Additional Comments:
Puppet u rok thats all i have to say.
You need an award.
badbob you are a genius this is one of your best i love the idea of using a 3rd nation to represent the besark elephants, heres an idea why don't you do the opening battle from the film gladiator with the romans fighting the germanic barbarians you could use the barberian units from the alexander campaign and the german unique units to create a barberian army and it would fit perfictlly into the large scale battles your currently doing. you could even have a command for "on my command unleash hell" lol!
Meat Puppet
File Author
Thanks for the review and comments, I appreciate it!

I think a Gladiator scenario Romans vs. barbarians would be cool, I was just trying to think of a good battle. Maybe use Marius, or maybe go straight from the movie and use the fictional Maximus.

For some reason, I really dig these field battles. I'm going to do a couple more for sure. I'm working on a battle between Romans and Greeks, Flaminius vs. King Philip of Macedon, the first battle between legion and phalanx, two entirely different theories of warfare. I'm also doing the Battle of Hattin, the battle in the Middle Ages that resulted in Saladdin destroying the Christian presence in the Holy Land. After these, I'll take a look at Romans vs. barbarians.

I hope some other designers who visit this site might just steal my basic code (give me a credit line pls!), modify the units similarly, and present their own battles. There are dozens of good battles that could be created using the basic gaming system.
D3aTh5_AnG3l Hey Meat puppet, if u ever played Rome: Total War, "borrow" the basic outline from their historical battles and make sum of ur own for RON. You are a master at those field battles. They are really awesome. The best and most challenging part is the moral aspect you have entered in it. playin Alexander in Issus my centre broke n ran n my whole battle plan broke up! really chalenging. GJ PS: is there a site where u can get nominated for awards?
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey Angel, thanks I appreciate it! You can nominate scenarios for awards through the RON Oscars:


The only problem is my scenarios were all created in 2005, and the awards are for all stuff that happened in 2004. I only started designing scenarios about 1-1/2 months ago.

I personally would like to see THE PLAGUE win one of these Oscars or other award, if there is one, someday. It's still my favorite scenario. But I'm really digging these field battles right now. The spectacle of seeing the action unfold, and the fun of turning RON from a strategy game into a tactical wargame, is just too fun for now.

Otherwise, I don't know of any other awards for RON scenarios--if you find one, let me know, I'd love to be nominated. Scenario designers do what they do 50% for the fun, 50% for the glory.

I've never played Rome: Total War, but what I'm working on right now is trying to give the computer player a greater level of intelligence. For example, if you attack them on both flanks, but not the middle, the enemy will respond one way, and if you attack their middle and just one flank, the enemy will respond another way. Through the script, I should be able to give the computer player a decent amount of intelligence. The next few scenarios I post will probably show an evolution of intelligence of the computer player as I get better at programming it. Right now I'm working on the Horns of Hattin, where the Saracens hacked up the Crusaders and put an end to the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem, and I've turned Sal-al-Din into a strong enemy. He's already beaten me once and I'm on my way now to try a different strategy and see if I can take him.

Anyhow, I'll get back to it...

[Edited on 03/14/05 @ 02:21 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Nice battle, but laked some consistence

Balance: 3
WAY to easy

Creativity: 4
very creative in terms o uits and map

Map Design: 4
This map is very historical

Story/Instructions: 4
Started very nicely but then i lost the feeling of the battlefield because there were no more story ideas

Additional Comments:
Very nice effort
Emperor Phil
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Next to your Hastings scenario, this is your best scenario that uses the special tool bar. Maybe it was due to the "exotic" setting, but I found this scenario to be extremely enjoyable.

Balance: 4
Perhaps I was just lucky on the first try, but I had very little trouble in defeating the opposition. I have a feeling that I was just lucky though as the amount of units appeared to be even on each side. Alexander’s hero abilities may have been what turned the tides of war.

Creativity: 4
Since it this is a scenario ripped from the pages of history, I am reluctant to give a 5 in this category. I loved the far left flank that contained the light cavalry. They were great for cutting down the unprotected Indian archers toward the end of the battle when their infantry was engaged with mine. I suppose it reminded me a bit of the first major battle scene in "Braveheart." The elephants going berserk after reaching a certain level of hit points was a nice touch as well.

Map Design: 5
Wow. I am speechless (or "textless" I suppose). This is a gorgeous scenario.

Story/Instructions: 5
Everything was set forth lucidly and concisely as usual.

Additional Comments:
It would have been more interesting (and earned you a 5 in "Creativity") if the troops at the river would come under the player's control after a certain amount of casualties were sustained. The Indian commander would be forced to recall those troops back to the main force once he realized that he was in danger of losing.
comrade_ilin I'm very pleased that you mentioned that he was from Macedonia.I'm angry that the antique Macedonian teritory is called Greece in the game.Alexander the Great conquered the Greeeks...btw it's a great scenario dude

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Map Design5.0
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