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The Battle of Austerlitz v.2

Author File Description
Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON TaP Scenario Editor, with custom scripting and new custom sounds. The file is named "Austerlitz_Battle."

WHAT'S NEW IN V.2: The bug has been fixed--when your center breaks, the game doesn't lock up on the retreat message.

SPECIAL THANKS: To KingWalker, who found that awesome mod that allows you to design scenarios using the CTW units. Thanks to that mod, I was able to finally design a scenario with a good variation of Enlightenment Age units, including Imperial Guard, Junkers, Red Coats and others.

BUGS: See any bugs or problems? Let me know please. But I'll be gone from April 6 through the 18th; I'll get to the bugs when I return.

SOUNDS: There are 4 custom sounds downloaded with the scenario files. The scenario files go into your RON scenario folder. Keep the sound files with them so that they will play during the scenario. The sounds add a lot of ambience to the game. The sounds are:

* Victory.wav: The Grand Armee's victory march. Historically accurate.

* Austerlitz,wav: Introductory music, a historically accurate score called the "March of Austerlitz."

* fallback.wav: Indicates morale condition, an officer yelling "Fall back!" and a trumpet sounding to pull one of your divisions off the line.

* Advance.wav: Awesome marching song used to indicate the Allies are on the move. Not historically accurate, but somewhat: This song was used by the British Grenadiers as a marching song.

You will see yours and the enemy infantry and cavalry advance and fight to these marching songs, which adds a ton to the ambience. I got a real kick out of it.

SITUATION: You, Napoleon, have taken Vienna but have not yet conquered Austria. The Emperor Francis II has allied with Tsar Alexander of Russia and together they face you near the Austrian town of Austerlitz with a combined army that exceeds yours. The Allies are playing for time, waiting for significant reinforcements. Hoping to tempt the enemy into battle, you have vacated the valuable position at the Pratzen Heights and left your right flank intentionally weak. The Austrians have taken the bait, occupying the Pratzen Heights and offering battle. They outnumber you when the game begins and will likely attack your right flank in force--in four large columns, supported by artillery. When the game begins, your right flank is exchanging artillery fire with the Austrian columns.

What the Allies don't know is that you have two advantages. One is that your Imperial Guard is positioned very well as a reserve for a counterattack. Two is that Davout is racing from Vienna with III Corps to support your right flank. They may arrive in the nick of time.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Avoid losing too much strength (troops) or your army will break. Destroy about half of the Austrian and Russian army and you will win.

COMMAND & CONTROL: You have a toolbar on the left side of your screen to help control your divisions. Davout is not controlled using the toolbar. Your Imperial Guard and center will attack somewhat diagonally toward the Austrians, respecting Napoleon's historical battleplan, instead of dead on. When you launch an attack, you will hear the Victory March marching song. If a given division falls back or breaks, you will lose the toolbar capability for that unit. If Napoleon is wounded and carried off the field, you will lose your entire toolbar since the commanding general will be out of action.

MORALE: For each of your divisions, if it falls below a certain strength, it will first fall back. After that, it will turn and fight. If it falls below another level of strength, it will break and flee the field.

So if one of your divisions falls back, don't panic, it's not out of the game. After it marches about 20 game tiles, it will turn and be ready for fighting again.

However, if a division falls back or breaks, you will lose toolbar control of that division. This is because the division is disrupted and not in top fighting condition.

Note that you can pull back units that are fleeing or retreating, and put them back into the battle. However, you won't be playing this scenario anymore, but one of your own creation. In other words, don't do it if you want a challenge and want to play the scenario the way it's intended.

Also note that you will see little units popping up on the edges of the battle map, from scholars to caravans to slingers. Ignore them, they are used to adapt RON from a strategic game to a tactical game, specifically so to allow the morale functionality. If you kill them or otherwise mess with them, it will screw up the game.

STRATEGY: In history, Napoleon lured the Austrians into battle, then lured them into an attack on his right flank, which gave ground. He then counterattacked in the center and flanked the advancing columns to devastating effect, and had a choice of either enveloping the Russo-Austrian right or left flank. While this scenario couldn't allow the sophistication required to pull off Napoleon's "lion leap" maneuver, you can roughly imitate it.

One interesting problem is the river. Your right flank may end up retreating across it, and Davout's III Corps (your reinforcements) may end up having to cross it. You will have to decide where to re-establish your line so that you get the maximum benefit.

Another interesting problem is when to commit your center and Imperial Guard. Timing is everything.

Finally, while the main battle will appear to be fought on the right flank, don't neglect your left. If Lannes V Corps collapses you will be in big trouble as the Russian steamroller rolls on.

You have a small advantage in cavalry in regards to morale and the presence of Murat, who functions as a commando and can shoot enemy cavalry. This is in recognition to Murat's historically good skills as a cavalry commander.

Your cavalry may flee in batches as each of its three divisions break and flee for the rear. Try to preserve as many cavalry as possible so that you can use them to attack fleeing infantry later on.

Finally, note that the Allies outnumber you, but when Davout arrives with III Corps on your right, you will have roughly equal forces to the Allies. However, note that you do have your Imperial Guard much closer than the Russians do, which will be a big help to you.

TIP: When the game opens, you will be exchanging artillery fire with the Austrians on your right flank. Your cannon will fire at their cannon, while their cannon will be hitting your troops. You may want to immediately switch your artillery attack so that you hit their troops instead of cannon.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: Hope you enjoy this scenario! If you like it, come back and give a good review please. If you don't like it, let me know what you don't like so I can improve it.

AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
One_Dead_Villy cool...can u try to design a mod based on my napoleon mod?
KingRoy1 1. Meat Puppet- you stole my scenario! :p jk!

2. ODA, i tried making a scenario for ur mod, but its impossible because you'll need to overwrite the game files to do that. the game for some reason doesnt seem to read the units you made.... its wierd....
BillyChaka Will this overwrite Kingroys?
FloydRocks101 Great Scenario! but I did catch 2 glitches. 1, if you get the popup box that says something along the lines of "your center is breaking and retreating" and press ok it keeps popping up leaving you no choice but to exit. 2, When the Russians attack V corps the screen goes black but all you have to do is move the camera.
Le_Grande_Puba Hello MP i wanted to ask you about something even though it might seem a bit stupid since every single programmer on the site knows how to do it and yet i cant. How do you change the range and attack of units in the scenario editor. For example how do i get a MG42 with Range 50 or Attack 99

Danmark "SPECIAL THANKS: To KingWalker, who found that awesome mod that allows you to design scenarios using the CTW units."

What is that mod called and where can i get it?
RonKeeper go to downloads in game modifications - its called CTW unique units Mod. its the best to design scenarios, or for those that design( not my strong, lol)
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hi Billy, this scenario won't overwrite KingRoy's great version of this battle. I made sure of that when I was designing it. Hope you like it. - MP
BigJ Meat Puppet,

I thought this scenario was awesome.

I was curious - how long did this take you about?
And - did you have to tweak the values for the units involved? I noticed that the volleys between the troops seem to last longer then when I play with musket troops in a regular quick match.


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