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Battlefield 1943 1.5

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Hey guys, I postponed the release of my World War 3 TAP mod for this WW2 total conversion mod.


-More than 15 historically accurate World War two civs such as the Finns, Waffen SS, the Polish, and the Hungarians. Other major changes have been made to existing civs such as the Americans and Germans.
-More than 50 historically accurate WW2 skins.
-When you play as the "typical civ" you will be able to train: riflemen, anti-tank guns, machine guns, flamethrowers, and sub-machinegunners Simultaneously.
-Nations such as the Germans and the British can deploy secondary tanks. Brits will get shermans and churchills and Germans will recieve Tigers, Panzers, and Panthers (maybe). (I'm still working on secondary tanks for the Americans and the Soviets.)
-Meat Puppets famous one-hit-kill system will be implemented. So if a unit gets shot once or twice he dies, if a tank fires on a group of infantry they get blown up. It's that simple.
-artillary have been made much more effective. They are perhaps now the most valuable unit in an army because they have been given a loooong range and high attack values.
-Increased pop cap.
-Heavy weapons such as tanks and artillary take longer to build to promote realism, only the major leagures such as the Americans and the Russians can create heavy weapons quickly.
-New leaders.
-Now Wonders only go to nations who can really build them, like only the French can build the Eiffel Tower.
-Special Forces don't require craft to snipe things.

Features to come in Version 2.0

-New skins for civilians and generals so that they look like they are from the 1940's.
-New governments with unique art such as Communism and Fascism.
-New specialized units such as unique snipers.
-Hopefully if ODA let's me I'll put in his tanks.
-More civs such as the nationalist and communist Chinese, Canadians, New Zealenders, and etc.
-Going to put in the accuracy factor, which will make Artillary and infantry not 100% accurate all the time. This will also give aircraft a break because they will fare better during a bombing mission because AA guns won't always be able to shoot them down.

To install please pop it into your mods directory, then it should be selectable from the menu in the game. If it doesn't then i'll try to fix, I just put it together and I haven't tested it in the menu.

If that doesn't work, then try to ovewrite everything, just pop all the art files in your art directory-this is located in your RON TAP directory. To get there go to your hard disk, program files, microsoft games, then Ron TAP. Then paste all of the data and tribes files in the data and tribes directories. To put in the soundfiles please back up your soundfiles and paste them inside your sound folder. Please back up any files that you don't want to loose forever!

Oh guys, this is very important: don't play in any other age other than the modern age because there will be a lot of inbalance and graphical errors. I repeat, this mod will only work in the modern age! And please don't play as these civs, they are the only ones that haven't been entirely modded:

-Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Koreans, Nubians, Spanish, Turks, Indians, and the Persians. I will transform these civs into WW2 civs in version 2 thanks!

Here are a list of the civs

1. Aztecs-Germans (Waffen SS, this is Hitler Elite Army)
2. Bantu-Polish
3. British-British
4. French-French
5. Germans-Wermacht (this is the regular German Civ)
6. Inca-Romanians
7. Japanese-Japanese
8. Maya-Austrailians
9. Mongols-Hungarians
10. Romans-Italians
11. Russians-Russians
12. Americans-Americans
13. Iroquois-Finns
14. Lakota-Yugoslavs
15. Dutch-Bulgarians

Well I hope you guys enjoy, and please tell me your thoughts and any suggestions, and point out any errors. Yes this is a patch.
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The Adlantean
Rating: 4
Great mod!

Additional Comments:
there are a few problems...
1. you can build missile silos but you cant build anything with them (eg. no missiles)
2. BAR Gunners are supposed to entrench after 5 seconds but don't
3. naval battles aren't very good because battleships are a bit too long range and powerful (IMO).
4. Some of the artillery is a bit over powered.

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