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Wiess' Log.
3:30am December 13, 2014:
So much for going home for Chistmas. The C7 was supposed to fly us to Spain, and then we would take another flight back home to DC. We got outta there just as the enemy started to set up a blockade. Everything was going to plan until we hit those damned SAMs. Now we got patrols on our ass and most of my men are dead. Burned up in the crash. Just before we left, I heard a team of rangers talking about rescuing some POWs near our current location. My plan is to try and find these guys. Maybe they still got some fight in em'. @#$%! More units coming our way! Time to give em' hell.

OBJECTIVE 1: Find the POWs
OBJECTIVE 2: Stop the illegal arms deal
OBJECTIVE 3: Destroy the blockade
OBJECTIVE 4: Eliminate the rebels
OPTIONAL: Major Weiss survives
This scenario was made using Kingroy1's ERA mod and T&P CTW units.

GOODIES: Other than the illegal arms sale, not much eye candy in this one, but it can get pretty hard if you run into stuff too early.

This is the third of 3 maps released and im looking for reviews because I never got any for Cityfight or Bosnian Crisis so please remember to review
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BillyChaka Hey! I live near DC! what a coincidence.
File Author
thanks for the feedback. Im glad SOMEBODY finally gave me a review. I didn't think it turned out too great either. Guess I kind of rushed it (I was kinda bored so I just threw something together) And I could put instructions in game if I
A)Knew how to script
B)Took the time to actually learn and
C)Actually felt like doing so
Besides, In reality, if your plane got shot down, it's not like you knew it was gonna happen, so the objectives would be made on the spot. remember Murphy's law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.


[Edited on 04/16/05 @ 10:32 PM]

Meat Puppet Hey Metallica,

Scripting in-game instructions is pretty easy, it's just one line of script. In the scenario editor:

1. Click edit script, say yes to create a script (creates a third file, you'll have to keep bundled with the others)

2. Under where it says, "run_once {", create a new line and type:

popup_dialog("Welcome to the scenario.");

Type in another popup_dialog line if the first item of dialog gets to be too long. So the player will read, click enter, read some more, click enter, etc. until the game introduction is finished. Example:

popup_dialog("Welcome to the scenario.");
popup_dialog("Your mission is to capture the enemy capital.");
popup_dialog("But be warned, the Empire will not fall easily.");

3. If you want to zoom the screen in on a special area to call attention to something, that's another line of script. In scenario editor, run your mouse over the landscape. You'll notice that as you move the mouse, so do the map x, y coordinates where your mouse is. Write down the x, y coordinates where action is happening, and then you can use that in the script. For example:

When the game starts, you want the player to focus on a battle that is happening at 50, 100 (x, y):

jump_camera (50, 100);
popup_dialog ("There is a battle happening here.");
jump_camera (175, 200);
popup_dialog ("Over here, your reinforcements are entering the field.");

... etc. That's it. Using this basic scripting, you can do some nice intros to your maps.

Hope this helps!

- MP
File Author
I tried that just now but it doesnt work. so thanks anyway for the help, but dont expect any scripting, ever, in any of my scenarios because it hates me and I hate it.

[Edited on 04/26/05 @ 11:10 PM]

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