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1944-St Mere Eglise

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Lead an elite team of American Paratroopers in capturing German occupied France. After capturing St. Mere Eglise and defending it, you will then take the role of General Patton in operation Overlord and liberating France from Germany. The Scenario is extremely difficult to play and has many twists and turns. This is my first scenario in which I implement the one shot, one kill concept. This means that One shot will kill the enemy infantry and a tank shot will kill alot of infantry. Very difficult to master.

Good Luck

By: Dr. Karim Al-Bashir
aka "Le Grande Puba"
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BillyChaka is this scripted?
File Author
The scenario is scripted, but i did not use custom scripting only the one in thrones and patriots
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Very nice

Balance: 5
Excellent. I loved it when my bazooka took out German tanks with one shot. and how marines were cut down by the German Mg42. They fell by the tens. Very Realistic

Creativity: 5
Fantastic. There may be about 4 missions within the same scenario. Loved the little submissions in between

Map Design: 5
Nice Map Design. The Way the french villages
were hidden between the forests

Story/Instructions: 5
Excellent scenario with a lot of twists and turns.

Additional Comments:
Loved the scenario, escpecially the king tiger tanks. They were impossible to defeat using my own sherman tanks. Your Pearl Harbour Scenario is excellent. Good job
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Very good!!! i just found one bug, maybe you can correct it - in the game i not obligated to move the special forces, i can simply hide them and wait for D-Day!

Balance: 5
Excellent! love heros type games!

Creativity: 5
Nice!! lots of goodies and many twists.

Map Design: 5
Excellent map, liked a lot the towns design!!

Story/Instructions: 4
Good work! just one question, you say - "After capturing St. Mere Eglise" - but there is no town or place with the name on it, what should i defend until operation Overlord starts?!?!?

Additional Comments:
File Author
Thank for the review stormeye.

About the special forces what are you refering to, the paratroopers?. If so, the paratroopers were sent there to capture St. Mere Eglise. So if you waited around for D-Day, then you would have not completed your objectives and probably be court marshalled (in real life) There does not have to be somebody to hold your hand and direct you to every mission. That was how the paratroopers had it. They had to make there way around without having someone directing them. That the whole basis of behind enemy lines operations. IMPROVISATION.
Same idea about your second point. Improvise. If you do not want to capture St. Mere Eglise then you can just capture any town that you find acceptable to you. That is not the idea. Capturing any town would have been acceptable. The idea was for you to survive until the invading forces in Normandy found you. I could have put in a city and called it St. Mere Eglise and had the script anounce you a winner if you capture it, but then that would be incorrect historiccaly because the paratroopersn were told to regroup and assault the
1. Nearest Target
2 and the Weakest Target.

Meaning if they in real life found another town than St. Mere Eglise which would have better fel in the se criteria i would have assumed they would have assaulted it.

In conclusion what i want to say is that the objectives were made vague becvause that was how it was in Real Normandy. Most of the towns looked alike, and there wasnt really a signal saying that this town is St. Mere Eglise or any other town in your case. The real objectives of the paratroopers on D-Day was to aid the main operation in any way they found possible

Hope that answered your questions. Thanks anyway since it seems your the only one really reviewing my scenarios on this site. All the other are just reviewing them vaguely without pointing out the real problems. Thanks again.
By the way dont you have any scenarios of your own?????
ronmaster Nice, i like the whole behind enmy line thing
StormEye LGP, take my comment as not a critic, i just think the scenarios created here sould have some mission obligation to the players!!
King Walker
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3
(I have to give the reason to stormeye, to obligate the player to do something is important LGP, i know the player when plays the scenario cant sitback and do nothing, but you should create script triggers to make him do something!)

Balance: 4
(Its well balanced, but is impossible defeat the german armie with only the heroes, we only have a chance when the rienforcements arrive, so it becomes a bit hard.)

Creativity: 5
(I was the first to create a story based in a group of heroes, its a very good theme, nice work!)

Map Design: 5
(Your best map until now, lots of goddies and very well designed town near forests and mountains, good work!)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Nice story line, correct dates and story events, the twists give a fantastic military background to the scenario!)

Additional Comments:
Excellent imagination and scenario design, if was not that thing of the player objectives this could be one of your best scenarios, but the heroes idea is just great!
wakain can't wait to download him!
wakain hmmmm.
I normally like your stuff extemely,
but this one not.
good thing:
airbornes are more personal,with names and ranks.
bad thing:
no fun to play,invasion no fun either,tigers too strong,bunkers intouchable,etc.

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Map Design5.0
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