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1814-The Battle Of Toulouse

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10 April 1814

The last major battle of the Peninsular War was fought over the important southern French city of Toulouse and - like many of the Duke of Wellington's attacks on fortified strongholds - proved a bloody affair.

It was also an unnecessary battle as Napoleon Bonaparte had abdicated four days earlier.

However, the protagonists Wellington and Marshal Soult were not to know of the end of the war and so went about their duties. The former to push further into France, and the latter to hold the British at bay.

Soult had some 42,000 men to defend Toulouse and he had organised them well in tough-to-crack positions. Wellington led just under 50,000 soldiers, a fifth of them Spanish.

The main British battle plan was to take the heights overlooking the city from the east and make the defenders' position untenable.

To do this Marshal William Beresford was given the unenviable task of moving against the heights under heavy enemy fire for two miles (3 km).

Simultaneously, General Rowland Hill would attack the western suburbs in a diversionary assault.

Beresford's attack did not run smoothly as mud initially delayed his force and then severely hampered his troops' ability to progress up the steep slope of the eastern ridge.

They were repelled by the defenders, but a second attack - followed by desperate fighting - managed to force the French from their positions.

Wellington then ordered guns dragged to the heights, an operation that was difficult in the extreme.

By: Dr. Karim Al-Bashir
aka Le_Grnade_Puba
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Meat Puppet Hi Poobah, I've been out of town and just got back and read your comment for my Austerlitz scenario:

You can control hit points, min. and max. range, attack, movement and some other unit characteristics in the scenario editor. For some reason, I also overlooked this feature for a long time before somebody pointed it out to me, even though it's right out in the open. What you do is open the scenario editor, click Units, then click Edit. You will see a list of units and buildings on the left. You can also highlight a given unit type by icon and then click Edit and it will bring up that particular unit. You can then change the characteristics for the unit or building you have selected. It's a nice feature of the scenario editor, because it gives you a great deal of control and flexibility over design of the game.

Let me know if that answers your question or if you need anything else--now I'm off to try out your new scenario...

File Author
Thanks for the good review stormeye. About the map design i now that there arent any goodies because actually I am the worst map designer ever. Its just too tedious for me to add all those trees and mountains etc. About the balance i made it that way. I actually tested the map by full charging without sending the cannon first to make sure the player lost. This is because if you charge immediately,the French, who are defending are going to have the upper hand. In order to fulfill this i had to increase the number at which the British Army routs. So although the British army could have been larger than the French at any point in the game, this however means that the French killed more English. If you compare the situations of both armies, we find the British who have already achieved their objectives in the Peninsular War and who knew that Napoleon was on the Verge of loosing. While the French were defending their homelands against the British so in theory The British were merely on a expedition and so The Duke of Wellington would have probably issued a retreat if he found out that a large portion of his army were killed in the Battle while the French would have probably held on much longer and this is what really established the population caps in which the armies rout.

In the Game:

French have: 470 men
and rout at: 150 men

English have 550 men
and rout at: 250 men

and so if you compare the two values you will find out that the rout points in the game were fair for both sides

If you are finding the scenario too hard for you then here are some tips that should help you win

1. When the cannon are ready, don't charge immediately. Wait for a while and also try to direct the cannons on the enemy cannon and finish them early in the game. But dont wait alot because after a while the French Cavalry get a bit angry and attack the cannons

2. When you retreat the Highlanders, send the Duke of Wellington near them because he heals injured units

3. Dont forget the British Regulars under Marshal Beresford, do try to steer them into battle manually from behind the French Ranks.

4. I know the French Imperial Guard do serve quite a punch from the front, but they are especially weak from the flanks and rear. Try to flank them

5. If all else fails, try to kill Marshal Soult with the Cavalry or the Spanish Militia, his presence gives the French a bonus aghainst you in terms of siege and cavalry units.

Thanks for the review.

Does anyone hae good ideas for a good scenario??

Le Grande Puba
DarkDragoWar I got an idea, how about the battle of Britian or the Battle of the Bulge? You could also do a WW3 idea.

[Edited on 04/25/05 @ 04:52 PM]

Emperor Phil I believe your file names are mispelled. They read "Tolouse" instead of "Toulouse."

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