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DonTheDime's Global Conquest Campaign

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Information found in the included Read Me.

////Title: DonTheDime's GLOBAL CONQUEST CAMPAIGN v 1.03 /////
//// /////
////Source: Many of the scenario scripts are very similar to those in BHG's campaigns although /////
//// with some modifications to allow for the new features developed in this campaign. The /////
//// script code for the new features (explained below) are primarily of my own creation. /////
//// If you wish to use the code for these new features in another campaign (particularly if /////
//// the campaign is for general distribution) please contact me for permission. The /////
//// strategic map is of my own creation, please contact me for permission if you wish to /////
//// use it as a base for creating your own campaign. /////
//// /////
////Creator: DonTheDime /////
//// /////
////Original Date: September 24, 2004 /////
//// /////
////Date of latest Update: October 3, 2004 /////
//// /////
////Version 1.03 /////

UPDATES to Version 1.03:

Modified the scripts that handle the calculation of new armies for the player and the AI nations.
Separated the scripts for each to address confusion issues.

Added code that brings up a victory screen when all territories have been conquered.

Added "missing link"s from Southeast China to Taiwan, and from South Africa to Kerguelas Islands and
South Georgia Island.

Added links between Wilkes Land and Marie Byrd Land in Antarctica.

Gave Kremlin wonder to Russia, and reduced their capital starting territory strength to compensate.

Modified "Nation Building" code to vary the amount of turns required before warnings are given as well
as the number of turns before a defection occurs, based upon the difficulty level. The code was also
adjusted to ensure later expectations are not "overlooked" by the script.

Set value of supply depot territories to 0 to make them "worthless" as bargaining chips with AI nations.

UPDATES to Version 1.02:

Changed the CONTINENT section image references in "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest_Map_01.xml" to
appropriately reflect the names of the image files. Thanks to Flamethrow at Rise of Nations Planet
for the heads up.

UPDATES to Version 1.01:

The Main mod folder was misnamed when created for the upload, which resulted in a failure of the game
to find the necessary script and image files for the campaign. This version has the mod folder named


NOTE: This mod is for the Thrones and Patriots expansion only. If you do not have the expansion,
I would highly recommend you get it, because you cannot use this mod in normal Rise of Nations.

Have you ever hoped for a greater challenge from the regular CTW campaign in the expansion? Wanted
more territories and a more realistic division of those territories? Have you ever wanted to make
decisions on the strategic map regarding government and have those decisions affect the scenarios you
play? Well, then, this campaign is for you!

If you haven't already, unzip the file you downloaded, it doesn't matter exactly where so long as
you know where it is.

You will notice that in the zipped file you downloaded there is this readme file and a folder
named "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest".

To Install this mod follow these steps:

1) Copy the unzipped "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest" folder into your Thrones and Patriots "conquest"
folder where the game is installed.

NOTE: The Thrones and Patriots "conquest" folder would be located here:

"[Your Game Drive]:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesRise of NationsThrones and Patriotsconquest"

or wherever you installed the game if not the default.

2) Open up the "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest" folder and look for the following four files:

- "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest_Map_01.xml"
- "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest_Map_01.png"
- "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest_Map_01_info_text.xml"
- "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest_Map_01_strings.xml"

3) Copy the above four files to the Thrones and Patriots "conquest" folder. (This is where the
game will look for these files.)

4) Go back to the "DonTheDime_Global_Conquest" folder and look for the following file:

- "RENDER_DonTheDime_Global_Conquest_Map_01.png"

5) Copy the above file to the "rendermaps" folder that can be found inside the Thrones and
Patriots "conquest" folder.

6) Relax, you've now installed the mod.


1) Start up Thrones & Patriots

2) Select Conquer the World Campaigns from the main menu.

3) In the CtW campaign menu, you will find a "Custom Maps" drop down menu

4) From the "Custom Maps" menu, select "DonTheDime's Global Conquest Campaign" from the list

5) Click "New Campaign" and enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: In order to continue your campaign, always Save your campaign before you quit. I
haven't been able to change the Conquer the World Campaign menu page to include my Map among the
five default campaigns (where you get the "Continue" button after you have started one of those
campaigns). However, you should not have any trouble saving your campaign and then choosing
"Load Campaign" from the CTW campaign menu page. You should then be able to find your saved campaign
in the load campaign menu that pops up. Load your campaign, and continue play!

REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS: If you decide to not use this mod and wish to "uninstall", simply delete
the five files mentioned in the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS from where you placed them, and the
"DonTheDime_Global_Conquest" folder with all of its files.

Please note that you don't have to "uninstall" this mod in order to play the regular (unmodified)
CTW campaign - simply choose "The Entire World" option in the Conquer the World main menu as you
normally would, or from the "Custom Maps" drop down menu.

ALSO NOTE: This mod should not conflict with any other mod for Rise of Nations, although if you have
installed a mod that alters some of the game's core files (such as rules.xml, etc.) there may be
some unintended affects when playing this campaign, (as well as all of the others).


-All 24 nations are available for play;

-Campaign begins in Ancient and ends in Information Age;

-The number of turns per age has been increased from 3 to 10;

-Each nation start with one bonus card appropriate to that nation, in addition to a rare and/or
wonder in their capital territory;

-Adds more bonus cards to the standard deck;

-'Free move' is available, allowing you to move your armies anywhere within your territory and attack.


-Approximately 236 territories available on the strategic map, including Antarctica;

-Special zoom feature available for the strategic map;

-Governments: selected on the strategic map, with your choices reflected in conquest battles and
other scenarios, as appropriate. Make your choice once, and it will be automatically available in

-Additional armies are obtained based upon number of territories possessed. There are NO supply depots.

-Territory income is based upon how long they have been held, and how many you have.

-Nation Building: the player will need to upgrade territory strengths in order to avoid defection and
rebellion from conquered territories. Similar to the COld War campaign's "rebuild NATO/Warsaw Pact"
except it applies to all of your territories, and the required strength will increase the longer you
have held that territory.


This Campaign started out as a simple mod to the original 'Entire World' Conquer the World campaign created by BHG. I wanted to make the campaign more challenging by adding more territories and adjusting rare resources,
bonus cards, and tribute on the strategic map, in addition to making a few more generalized changes. That is
what became known as DonTheDime's CTW Mod v1.02.

With the release by BHG of some CTW Modding Documentation, I realized there was more that I could do to create a more challenging, and in some ways, more realistic global campaign which could form the basis for more event or
age specific global campaigns. Discussion of my mod (and the possible additional features that could be added)
has taken place at the comment thread where I first uploaded v1.02 over in the Game Modifications Download
section at Rise of Nations Heaven, and several comment threads in the Conquer the World forum at Rise of Nations

I could thank several individuals for their insightful comments, questions, and suggestions (let alone support) which have helped me to formulate the new features to be added to what was referred to at the time as v2.0 of
my CTW mod. The most notable, perhaps, would be ChicoTheGreat, Zorrofunny, Eyecare, Rohag, red30011, Thingol,
Baryonyx, chahe27, Critical-Glitch, and others from Rise of Nations Planet; and Arcanjo TM, HCLARK, Osson,
Bloodrayne, cROG, Revolutionary, Gubuk Janggoon, thisdude, Chahe, and others from Rise of Nations Heaven.

I would especially like to thank:

-One_Dead_Angel and Rise of Nations Heaven for hosting the first version of my CTW mod, and

-DevlshOne and Rise of Nations Planet for hosting this release.

Without the availability of a website to host this mod, you wouldn't have been able to find or download it! So be sure to show your appreciation to them for making my Mod available by visiting their websites!

-Rise of Nations Heaven --> http://ron.heavengames.com/

-Rise of Nations Planet --> http://ronp.mednickonline.com/

Finally, I would also like to thank BHG and Microsoft for developing this wonderful game and allowing it to be moddable.


Please use common sense when using other people's work and properly acknowledge them if you do so. Also, The script code
for the new features (explained below) are primarily of my own creation. If you wish to use the code for these new features
in another campaign (particularly if the campaign is for general distribution) please contact me for permission. The
strategic map is of my own creation, please contact me for permission if you wish to use it as a base for creating your own
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
BillyChaka w00t. thats all i have to say. w00t.
Rating: 5

Aye, once again great work, I have played this for a very long time and I still love it...too bad RoNP went under and no longer hosts GC.
cimalc my armies don't show when im in battle
CaptainFajita I am having propblems. I installed it following your directions to the letter, but the game locks up at the loading screen.
Roxrider_USA Hi!

I'm having problems too. Also followed the directions perfectly. As with the friend above, the game locks up at the loading screen too.

Take care.
Carlos E., New York.
File Author
Which loading screen are you refering to? Can you get to the Conquer the World screen that has the options for selecting which Campaign to use?

duckandcover It's the screen just after you select which nation you want to use. It has the map in the backround, unique unit information and the 'more info' button. On a regular conquest scenario (like Cold War, Napoleon) a voice tells you about the scenerio.

I can still move the mouse but it never loads. It just hangs.
CaptainFajita yeah its the one after you select your nation & are loading the map
Major_R_Sharpe Hi DonTheDime, i am having the same prods as " Captain and DUck" i have installed the mod like u said and placed all the file in the right place but it will not load it shows up but i cannot play it, my game freezes up while it is loading after u have selected the nation and it makes TandP not respond, am i doing something wrong.

[Edited on 04/24/05 @ 05:45 AM]

File Author
That is really strange. Are you positive you moved all of the needed files? If I remember correctly, there are four files that must be relocated to the conquest folder, and a fifth that must be placed in the rendermaps folder.

Make sure those are in the right place, or the game will have problems loading the map.

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