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The Pacific War

Author File Description
King Walker
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
Print these instructions since there is no readme.txt file. The rest is in-game instructions.
You also have some JPEG pictures where you can see some screenshots of the scenarios.

Since this is a 7 scenario campaign, copy all files into the same folder and play them by order ( 01,02,03…). There are sounds in this zip file, that's why it's a little big. Keep the sounds in the same folder as the scenario, so they play during the scenario.

This campaign is about the major battles that happened over the Pacific in WW2, you play for the US Navy in 7 trilling scenarios. In reality US won almost the battles because the far numbers of Marines used in each battle, so here its more the way you play and you manage your army or fleet, in most scenarios you lose the battle if you lose to many men or let the ground control became too weak.
Here goes a small discretion of what you will find:

Starting Scenario: “The Pearl Harbor”
Difficulty level: Easy.
In Pearl Harbor is nothing you can do except watch the destruction of the US fleet, your mission is only to eliminate the Japanese submarines that will try to enter the harbor.

Second Stage: Sea Battles:
These are some battles in open sea where you basically control only the US fleet.
Difficulty level: Easy/Moderate.

“Battle of Midway”
This battle was a turning point in all Pacific war, to reduce the Japanese power over Pacific you will have to sunk the 4 Aircraft-Carries and secure your own.

“Guadalcanal Campaign”
To cut Japanese fleet supplies in south Pacific you will have to gain complete control of Guadalcanal area, open the way to the marine’s invasions in the several Japanese bases in the region.

Third Stage: Invasions:
These are some of the major island invasion in Pacific; you basically control the full scale invasion from the Marine Corps, facing heavy opposition and ambushes by Japanese under ground bunkers.
Difficulty level: Moderate/Hard

“Invasion of Saipan”
Here you will command the invasion to one of the main islands of Marianas, heavily defended by Japanese infantry you will have to beware ambushes and avoid your troop’s massacre.

“Iwo freaking Jima” (dedicated to member “voldude123”)
This as a thunder assault to one very important island nearest, than any other till now, of Japanese main land. You will have to conquer the Iwo Jima airfields for future B-29´s bases. Avoid losing to many troops here.

“Okinawa – operation Iceberg”
Your last invasion scenario, the big and hard Okinawa. You will try to conquer the all island by stages, eliminating any Japanese opposition. Tip: don’t use your Fighters or Bombers in excused operations, spear them to important targets.

Bonus Scenario: “Hiroshima and Nagasaki”
Difficulty level: Easy/Moderate
To finish the US campaign in Pacific war, your last task is to lead the bombers and deploy atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, avoid innumerous Anti-Aircraft weapons in the way.

All the information for this campaign came from a lot of sites, but this are the main ones if you want to take a look:

Some of the sounds I used were been taken from this fantastic sounds site:

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you have fun playing this scenario and will come back and give it a good review.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Great campaign overall, however there are a couple of points I would like to point out.

1. You should put in a mixture of maps. For example you included a lot of US attacks in the pacific war and yet only one defense map (Pearl Harbour). YOu could have included some maps like the Defense of the Phillipines or Wake Island which occured earlier in the war. Also try to vary your offences.3/6 of your offences were similiar island invasions.

2. You forgot to include the submarines in the Midway map

3.In the Guadalcanal scenario there was a lot of large mountains that made the islands look unrealistic.
(I dont know whether they were put in on purpose or not)

4. In the Saipan map, which is actually the best in your campaign (Really felt like Nicholas Cage...) the naval bombardment seemed not to do anything when i choose it. No damage done to the buildings. Also the tanks have an exaggerated HP. 10 of my marines were against one Japanese tanke and they all got killed. Another thing that frustrated me was the Airbases. They switch over to my side when i destroy the forts, however they were still covered with japanese troops all around it. THis was very unrealistic and also meant the the airbases were destroyed quickly. Make the airbases switch sides when all Japanese troops around it are destroyed

5. The last thing I noticed was in the Okinawa map one odf the computer players was called Batu Khan

6. The Victory messages in some of the maps were mixed up. (when i won it said that i was defeated)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Excellent campaign mode, very nice work, easy to play and very trilling. even having large troops its easy to move them because you have too many combat fronts.)

Balance: 5
(Very nice, the japanese are allways in inferior numbers but they are strongly defensive in the bunkers what makes the scenarios well balanced.)

Creativity: 5
(Fantastic, each scenario have diferent and new things, nice work in the naval bombings in Saipan, and the nuke drops over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.)

Map Design: 5
(Historical correct, all maps stick to reality... nice design work.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Excellent story and correct dates.. but found some bugs, some the ending messages are rong and in Okinawa iam some strange guy(it was sopposed to be US Navy), maybe you can coorect this.)

Additional Comments:
Overwall its a great Pacific campaign, trilling and realist scenarios.. you best scenarios, maybe because are the harder and longer missions, are the Saipan and Okinawa, loved the last mission, nice work.

[Edited on 06/26/05 @ 09:58 AM]

King Walker
File Author
Hello, guys thanks a lot for your nice reviews.
Le_Grande_Puba, you are right in some things you pointed, for example:
The maps you are correct, i could put some more defensive maps, but i dont know very much details of this war, so every thing that is here cames from web sites, the maps ideas and ideology are almost all taken from this site:


The battle of Midway was also taken from a detailed site of the battle:


The mountains in Guadalcanal are in reality riffs, but for some reason during the contruction of the scenario, every time i changed the script the riffs grow a little :(

In Saipan, my favorite scenario too, the Naval bombardement and air strikes are evective, with only 1 or 2 naval bombimg and 1 fighters raid the large HP of the Bunkers are reduced to 0. and even them if you continue to select the target for air strikes the enemie units in that place are attacked. You take control of the airbases not when you destroy the bunkers but only when or soldiers came near the airfield, so you can stay at a distance while you destroy the japanese army.

About Okinawa mistake of the name of the commander you are right, my mistake, it should say US Navy or US Marine Corps.
I cheked the ending messages and some are misplaced, when it should say you won it says you failed. :(

Thanks anyway to alarted me of this corrections Le_Grande_Puba.

[Edited on 05/04/05 @ 03:31 PM]

Meat Puppet For some reason, when you use cliffs in the scenario editor, they grow vertically like plants during the game and every time you go back to the scenario to edit it a little more. I never use them; you have to use mountains. - MP
monkeyrock The cliff problem also happens with small islands in the terain editor. Every time you open the edit land function the islands shrink a little. Very very anoying. I try to edit all land in one and then not touch it again. Seems to work.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Hi King, this is you first campaign mod, just great!!! very easy to play against the Japanese thanks to the very good instructions and objectives bar, even when we need to move massive assaults.)

Balance: 5
(Some scenarios are easy like you told, but still is very competitive scenarios once you put that casualties limit.)

Creativity: 5
(Fantastic work, i found some new things never used in scenarios creation, my congratulations King, Saipan target buildings thing is very well done, nice work.)

Map Design: 5
(Like is tipical in you, fantastic maps and war scenarios, the little Japanese towns and bases are great, the only thing i point is those clifs of Guadalcanal you told, overall the map design is very well done!)

Story/Instructions: 5
(The story line and the events on each scenario are very well done men, i toke a look to the sites where you went and some texts are from there but they give a realistic eviorement here, correct those ending messages in the final scenarios!)

Additional Comments:
For a pack of scenarios this one is great, it has everything, nice maps, new script switches, great instructions and a fantastic enviorement! very well done King... still waiting those new Time SWAT scenarios!!!
King Walker
File Author
You are right Monkeyrock, i think this is some bug of the game, one of the solutions is like you said, create the map and dont move in it never more, but when you are creating a scenario sometimes you test it and need to correct something, there is when your throbles start - shrinking islands, growing cliffs and other stuff. The only solution is to start all over again!!!! :(
Meat Puppet Hey KingWalker, I have a scenario idea for you, I think it's right up your alley and that you could do it justice. It'd be a whole new take on RON but in keeping with your "hero"-type scenarios. The idea is to use the script innovatively to create a "dungeons & dragons" style roleplaying scenario. Our hero must explore the countryside and complete a variety of missions and be scored based on the amount of gold accumulated by the end of the scenario based on the player's successes and choices. Here are a few fun things to put in:

* The popup dialog can be used to create choices--here's a situation, which action do you want to take? Each choice has different outcomes.

* The hero starts on food (Bodacia) but can buy a horse and gradually get better armor (moving up the ranks of armored horsemen).

* The hero can get a magic sword that gives him incredible attack points.

* The hero can get an elixir that restores health.

* The hero can gather allies (based on making good choices) and encounter a variety of enemies, from large armies of very weak phalanx to very strong single units.

* The French diplomat CTW unit would make a good wizard.

* The hero can be given power from a wizard to see other parts of the map.

* The map can be divided into adventures/zones with bottlenecks between them guarded by powerful forces. Each adventure/zone can be different, with different missions (with various rewards) and different geographies.

I had wanted to take this on personally, but my game keeps crashing lately, it's really annoying, so I won't be designing any new scenarios for a while. I thought this would be up your alley and would be fun for you to create, a real labor of love.

- MP
King Walker
File Author
Hi MP, that looks likea great idea for a scenario, im just finishing 2 scenarios and them i can pick this one, it will take some time, a week or 2... are you sure you dont wont to make it? it sounds really fun. I promess that will be great, just give me some time to create it.

thanks a lot MP, if you have any more ideas for the scenario, missions, history and other things...tell me!!!

Loved your work in Black Hawk Down!!!

Thanks. King walker
Meat Puppet Hey King Walker,

I don't trust my game right now, like I said it's been crashing my machine, so the idea is all yours, have fun with it! And like I said it's right up your alley, I think you would have a good time with it.

Here's another idea for it:

You could have giants be part of the action, maybe with German units Solduri, Barbarians, Vandals, etc. I just learned from Lord of Legends how to create large-sized units. The code is:

set_unit_scale(who, unit_id, scale);

for scale, 2 = 200%, or twice as big, etc.

For example:

set_unit_scale(1, giant, 2);

It's a pretty cool line of code and would add another fun feature to the adventure scenario.

Mostly, I think what would differentiate it as well would be the options. For every situation you would have several choices of actions to take. That would make it more like real role playing rather than wargaming.

Looking forward to your creation!

- MP
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