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Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes

DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON TaP scenario editor, with custom scripting and sounds, including music from the movie Enemy at the Gates, an authentic German Army (I think Waffen SS) marching song, and a little Pink Floyd for fun. NOTE THIS IS SOMEWHAT OF A BETA VERSION because I had to do intense scripting. IF YOU FIND A GLITCH, TELL ME!

This scenario is an update of my very first scenario: Stalingrad, created back in January.

SOUND NOTE: When you receive your orders, you will hear a German voice. This is a clip from one of Hitler's speeches. I don't know what he's saying, so if you speak German and he's saying something offensive, please don't yell at me, just let me know and I'll change it.

The sound files you download with this scenario should be kept in the same folder as the scenario files, so they'll play during the scenario.

SCENARIO: 1942. Hitler has invaded the USSR and after initial successes decides to launch a southern offensive to capture strategic oilfields. The key to this region is a city that bears the name of his most hated enemy--STALINGRAD. This city was virtually decimated during the long battle that followed. This scenario covers the initial German successes in penetrating the city.

MISSIONS: You will have 4 missions to complete in this scenario. The total game will probably take you about 35-40 minutes to complete.

Mission #1: Hold the Train Station. After penetrating the city, the Russians launch a fierce human wave counterattack. You must scramble to hold the Train Station.

Mission #2: Seize the Tractor Factory. From your bridgehead, you must assemble an assault group of armor and infantry and take this objective through a layered Soviet defense made up of Josef Stalin III tanks ("Tanks"), T34 tanks, Anti-Tank Guns and infantry.

Mission #3: Sink the Russian Boats. The Russians are pouring reinforcements into Stalingrad across the River Volga. Take command of a fighter squadron and sink as many boats as you can. You get to choose the type of airplanes used in the mission, each with different strengths and weaknesses.

Mission #4: Seize the Red October Factory. This is a major stronghold in Stalingrad. Assemble an assault group of armor and infantry and take it.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: Complete all objectives.

COMMAND & CONTROL: You will be given a toolbar on most missions that gives you various levels of air and artillery support. You can launch recon planes, launch bomber missions, and call in artillery support.

There is a random factor here. When you call in a support mission, it simply might not be available at that time because the German Army is fighting all over the city and planes and artillery are on missions supporting all units. You will have to wait until the air or artillery support becomes available.

When you get support, it only lasts a brief period of time, so make it count. Another random factor determines what types of planes you get, how many units, and for how long they will support you.

PROMOTIONS: If you perform a particular mission very well, usually by completing your objective with few losses, you will be promoted and move up in rank. At the end of the game, you will find out how far you went up the ladder of German command. These are the levels you can achieve:

Field Marshal

PERSPECTIVE: I played with unit sizes in this scenario. Basically, I locked in the zoom to the lowest level for maximum detail, and made the infantry units smaller, so that they would be properly scaled to the buildings. The net effect is the units look right for a medium zoom, but the buildings all look larger. I did this to create maximum ambience for the game. The detail at the lowest level is great.

Unfortunately, this meant I could not use MGs. The MGs simply wouldn't resize.

The other thing about this is your riflemen or some other unit might be large or fluctuate big/small for a little at the beginning of the game, but after a few seconds it will straighten out.

GLITCHES: Whenever you push RON too hard as a tactical game scripting, you get glitches. The only glitch I know of in this scenario is that if you save, it may change the zoom-in view. The zoom-in is recorrected at the start of each mission. If you see other glitches, let me know and I'll fix them if it's possible. Sometimes RON giveth, and RON taketh away.

RUSSIAN VERSION? If I get good reviews for this scenario and requests, I will create a Russian Counterattack scenario where the Soviets slowly encircle the German 6th Army in Stalingrad and hammer it until it surrenders. Let me know if this is something you'd like.


* All your units start in "Defensive" stance, and your barracks and auto plant will build units in "Defensive" stance. If you want them in "Aggressive" stance, make the appropriate changes.
* Pause the game when you have to so you can properly place artillery fire and shift troops around.
* During big missions to attack the Russian factory objectives, try staging your attacks. If you try to manage too big an army, it can get unwieldy and you can end up taking unnecessary casualties. I found that splitting the force was a good idea. I had the first force attack and move to a certain point, then I had the other one pass it and move on, leap-frogging.
* You are judged on casualties so if you're really into the detail you can occasionally try to move damaged units out of the battle so they don't get eliminated.
* The basic medium of exchange for all units is metal. Tanks are very expensive, but hard to kill by infantry. Be careful about building too many tanks, though, because you are judged on how many units you have at the end of the objective, and if you build all tanks you won't get a good score.
* Be sure to build infantry as well because infantry is necessary to take objectives.
* Use your infantry with tanks moving together so that enemy tanks focus on your infantry instead of your tanks. Tanks kill tanks very easily.
* Your German tanks are much better in quality than the Russian tanks. The Russian tanks have better mobility, but your Tigers have better armor and firing power.

Mission #1. Hold the Train Station.
* Note you have a building that you can raze to allow an avenue of reinforcements to move in.
* Artillery support is everything. You only get the artillery for a brief period so make it count. When the Russians are massed, they can be killed in droves with well directed artillery fire.
* Don't let the Russians get anywhere near the Train Station (Versailles Wonder), or they will seize it and you will lose.

Mission #2. Take the Tractor Factory & Mission #4. Take the Red October Factory.
* Your artillery won't know who to fire at, so use your recon planes to find enemy units. Try to time your artillery fire with the recon plane or your bomber mission. (Visibility is necessary for your artillery to spot enemy forces.)
* When I played this game, I used up all my support missions while waiting for my army to build. The bombers and artillery did a good job at softening up the enemy by taking down a number of troops, paving the road for my advance.
* It would be a good idea for your recon plane to try to find the Red October Factory, which you can't see on the map until it's located. You know the general area, but not exactly where.
* For both of these missions, the recon planes can also help identify parts of the city. The city is set up kind of like a maze in parts. You will need to map out a good route you want to take so you don't end up in dead ends.
* When you take on the Red October Factory, try to avoid the center of the map, where you see the Soviet HQ. The area is swarming with Russians. You won't survive.

Mission #3. Sink the Russian Boats. The type of plane you choose will be very important here. The scale changes to max. zoom-out so you can more easily control your planes. The Russian boats move at different speeds and have different hit points. I found that preying on the boats that died easiest got me the maximum kills and a good score for the mission.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you enjoy this scenario. If you like it, please give it a good review. If you don't like, let me know what you don't like and I'll see if the scenario can be improved. I put a ton of time into this one so hopefully you will tell me a good war story in return for a fun game.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Le_Grande_Puba Havent played it yet but if it goes like you say, this is going to be a great scenario. By the way the problem with MG and artillery in the game is that when you use the scale function it only applies to the state at the beggining of the scenario. In one of my Napoleonic maps I had the cannons enlarged with the scale function, but when I packed them, they got smaller. What I noticed is that they got bigger again when I redeployed them again.

What I want to say is if you want to have MG in your scenario you can put them as deployed units and not packed. If you do this the deployed MG will be at correct size. If you can in some way remove the "pack" button and freeze them in the deployed state you would probably solve this problem.

If you are able to do this, then I would recommend two things.

1. Have them as defensive units that dont move at all. (This would give a lot strategic benefits and would give a sense of realism)

2. Or you could in some way tweak the game so that they can move while deployed

I know that the scenario editor in RON can sometimes stretch your patience to the limits but do try to implement any of these ideas

Hope I helped.

Dr. Karim Al-Bashir
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey Dr. Puba

Thanks for your message! Unfortunately, the MG units did not scale deployed or undeployed. It seems, at least from what I saw, that you can only scale a certain number of unit types; the others don't scale or only scale sometimes.

Hope you enjoy the scenario--


- MP
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Most playable. Wow. Great. Hard to describe it otherwise. The difficulty was just right.
Balance: 5
I liked the balance between the HP on the germans and russians, liked the 1 hit kills on tanks too.

Creativity: 5
It may be historical, but it was full of surprises and I loved the command orders.
Map Design: 5
Beautiful map design. loved how units could go through "alleys" in buildings. gave a sense of street fighting.
Story/Instructions: 5
Great story and i loved the command system and the way you can get promoted. Top-notch.

Additional Comments:
All-in-all best scenario i've ever played.
wakain wow,great story,but how do you scale actually?
I've read your text abut making a script;
and you say there that you have changed the t80
tank into a t34!!!
look,researching is something you do,but everybody knows that the original russian modern-tank IS a t34 medium tank.

I'm sorry,but I had to say something about it.

[Edited on 05/28/05 @ 01:37 PM]

Meat Puppet
File Author

The scaling feature is in the guide to scripting provided with the scenario files.

The T34 was a good Russian tank during the war and bested the German panzers at Kursk. I'm not sure if this tank type was in action at Stalingrad but it doesn't matter, it's in the scenario. The scenario editor doesn't include a T34; it gives you a T80 Tank, which is why I changed it to the T34.

Hope you enjoy the scenario ...
Da Iguana
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Wow! Artillery and air support all at my fingertips..mwhahahahaha. You did a great job of giving the player limited resources so that you don't build a large unwieldy army.

Balance: 4
German Tanks triumph over all, but occasionally there would be an anti-tank gun that would blow my infantry to pieces.

Creativity: 5
When I first started the scenario it felt exactly like I was watching Enemy at the Gates, when the Russians come charging toward my tanks and get slaughtered. The custom sounds were very good too.

Map Design: 5
Very good eye candy, one of the best maps you have designed.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very clear instructions about how to use the support options and the ranking system was great.

Additional Comments:
You really outdid yourself here. This is one of your best, if not the best scenarios I have played in a while. Also, thanks for the script walkthrough, it will help me a lot because I really want to learn scripting.
GuineaPig the T34 was a medium tank, was better than all german tanks deployed in russia to that moment, with better armor, speed, and a slightly heavier gun than most german main battle tanks. the t34-76 was a heavy tank.
Billybob_100 I haven't played it Meat Puppet, but I have to say that the music is awesome. I saw Enemy at the Gates about a month ago, and I am trying to get the soundtrack and it is cool to see that the music is being put into a Stalingrad game, especially the River Crossing music.

GuineaPig there was some Pink FLoyd in there, "In the Flesh"
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hi Billybob, there is a mix of music used in this scenario, including:

Clips from the soundtrack for Enemy at the Gates
Pink Floyd's "In the Flesh" (river crossing battle), edited
Authentic WWII German Army marching song, I believe Waffen SS

Hope you enjoy the scenario. Please give me a rating and a good war story. Based on the feedback for this scenario, I'm now working on a sequel, in which you lead the Russians in a counterattack that destroys the German 6th Army.


- MP
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