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STALINGRAD 3: Red Army Rising

Author File Description
Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON Thrones & Patriots scenario editor, with custom scripting and sounds.

STALINGRAD: RED ARMY RISING (file name: Stalingrad_Part_3) is the sequel to STALINGRAD Part Two, which in turn was a remake of an older version. In Part Two, you played a German commander fighting to take Stalingrad. In RED ARMY RISING, you play a Soviet commander fighting to take it back. RED ARMY RISING uses pretty much the same map, but with thick snow on the ground and a few other modifications. Play the scenarios back to back for maximum effect. This scenario lasts about 35-40 minutes.

Other than that, please note that due to the intensive scripting, THIS SCENARIO IS SOMETHING OF A BETA, SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY GLITCHES.

SOUNDS: Sounds include an authentic Red Army marching song from WWII, music clips from the movie Enemy at the Gates, a Josef Stalin speech (used in the game as the voice of your Russian commandant) and various sound effects. (I don't speak Russian, but in the unlikely event that you do, if Stalin is saying anything offensive, let me know.)

SITUATION: The Germans have taken about 80% of Stalingrad. The 66th Army is on its last legs. But then you are tasked to lead a counterattack to take back the city, while Stalin's "Operation Uranus" (seriously, that was the name) went into effect. The Soviets had been secretly training a million men, and unleashed them against the armies flanking Stalingrad, breaking through and encircling the 300,000 men of General Paulus' German Sixth Army in Stalingrad. Trapped, they fought on but eventually surrendered.

MISSIONS: In this scenario, as a Soviet commander, you will fight several missions that will be assigned to you. In two of them, you must attack, and in one of them, you must defend. There are three missions in total.

* Take the Train Station in a frontal assault
* Defend the Train Station from a counterattack
* Take back the Tractor Factory and force all German units in the area to surrender (or destroy them)

RUSSIANS VS. GERMANS: You'll notice that this scenario is different than the last Stalingrad scenario in that the Russian soldiers are created fast, are cheap, are somewhat lower in quality than the German Volksgrenadiers, take a while to build tanks, and that tanks are expensive and lower quality than the German tanks. Most of the time you won't be using T34 tanks, but instead Josef Stalin III tanks ("Tanks" in the game). Your infantry will be sacrificed by the dozen to screen your precious few tanks.

COMMAND & CONTROL: Depending on the mission, you may have access to several commands:

* Informers: Informers will tell you what's going on in different parts of the city, providing valuable information.

* Artillery support: Your Katyusha Rockets will unleash hell on the encircled Germans.

* Infantry charge: This makes your infantry charge the enemy, having the following effects:

- Firing range reduced to 1
- Attack rating quadrupled to 200
- Hit points increased slightly
- Speed increased by about 50%

The charge lasts 60 seconds, until your men get worn out. But until then, you will see your infantry charging at the enemy and overrunning their positions. It's pretty cool (but use it wisely).

* Division 2 Attack: Your second division (orange) will attack the German positions.

PROMOTIONS: Depending on well you do each mission, you will get a promotion:

First mission: Beat the Germans in less than 10 minutes to get promoted
Second mission: Stop the Germans without any losses to the relief tank column
Third mission: Simply win it

The promotions include:

Commissar (1 promotion)
Colonel of the Red Guards (2 promotions)
General, receive Order of Lenin (3 promotions)

OTHERWISE: Check out the description of Stalingrad Part 2 for other aspects of the game.

SORRY: I had scripted and wanted 4 missions, taking you all the way to the Red October Factory. It was going to be a big finale. But my game kept crashing, so I had to scrap it.


* You are given resources, and metal is the main resource you need to buy units. Infantry is extremely cheap and build fast, so you can build tons of them, but very weak against tanks, particularly the German Tigers.
* Tanks are very expensive, so do everything you can to preserve them. The enemy tanks tend to shoot at whatever's closest, so try to keep your infantry shielding your tanks, while your tanks try to take down the Tigers.
* Sometimes, the Germans counterattack just when it seems you're on the verge of winning. Just roll with the punches, you'll probably get more resources to build new units. This interjects surprise into the game and some good punch, counterpunch type action.
* If you have a command that allows your infantry to charge, don't waste the charge until you line them up and have them concentrated. You'll take big losses getting your infantry into the enemy trenches to engage in hand-to-hand combat, so make sure you charge en masse for maximum effect.

Scenario #1: Take the Train Station
* Try to set up a "build to" point close to the Germans, so all your units go there after they're built. This allows you to concentrate from where you'll want to launch your attack.
* Note the boats crossing the Volga River to the east will drop off different types of units. These units are not in your control, but will move immediately to attack the Germans.
* You will be scored on whether you can take the Train STation in less than 10 minutes, so keep the pressure on.
* In Stalingrad 2, if you didn't spend all your metal, you could keep it for the next mission. This is not the case in Stalingrad: Red Army Rising. So spend everything you've got during the mission.
* When you charge infantry into Red Square, you'll see your men overrun the German sandbag positions--it's pretty cool. Make sure your tanks are pushing close to the front, so they can take down German armor.
* When the game ends, rush any remaining units to redeploy to the southwest of the Train Station, as that's where the counterattack will come from.
* Be sure to set your barracks and auto plant to build tanks and infantry in "Aggressive" stance.

Mission #2: Defend the Train Station
* The Germans are going to counterattack, preceded by an eerie noise of tank treads. They will come from the west.
* Again you have to decide how many tanks vs. how many infantry to buy. Infantry are cheap and die easily. Tanks are expensive.
* Tanks also die easily if facing the Tigers. You'll need lots of infantry to be sacrificed by staying in front of and screening your tanks.
* Be sure to set your new barracks and auto plant to build tanks and infantry in "Aggressive" stance.
* 5th Tank Army will come to the rescue, but hopefully, you can force the Germans to retreat before they get there, then pursue and kill off the remainder of the German attack with their help. If any 5th Army tanks are lost, you will not be promoted.

Mission #3: Take the Tractor Factory
* You have a "spotter" unit (Special Forces) who has a very long line of sight. Use the spotter to lay down artillery fire.
* Your artillery is a deciding factor in this game. Once you get the spotter close enough to reveal the main German concentrations around the Tractor Factory, you can call in a devastating artillery barrage on the Germans. If you can force a German division to surrender, you will even the odds against the remaining forces in your path.
* Try to time the attack of your second division (orange player). You don't want to use them up until it's the right moment to commit them. I once met a German column of tanks and infantry head on, while having the second division hit them in the flank. The Germans crumpled, it was cool!
* The Tractor Factory is incidental to eliminating German units until they become so broken up that most of them surrender. Focus your efforts on killing Germans.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: Thanks for playing this scenario, and I hope you have fun with it!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Awsome fun. Even better than Stalingrad 02

Balance: 4
I got my face kicked in 3 times because there were so many Germans, but it was all good. Haven't hit any glitches yet.

Creativity: 5
based on history, but the creative part was all the audio you put into it. Honestly, until you came, I've never seen (or rather, heard :p) that.

Map Design: 5
Nice and accurate, just the way it should be

Story/Instructions: 5
Always had instructions on the side as well as between missions.

Additional Comments:
LMFAO! Operation Uranus? But my anus is just fine the way it is! I don't want an operation!
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
AMazing play. Absolute crazyness.

Balance: 5
Teams were very evenly balanced and i often sacrificed 30 infantry just to get my tanks close
Creativity: 5
the music and everything was great.
Map Design: 4
I sorta liked stalingrad 02 better, but it was still great
Story/Instructions: 4
Great story/instructions, and i loved the infantry charge

Additional Comments:
By the way, Russian tanks at the time of stalingrad were superior to German tanks. The T34 and T34-76 were better armed,armoured and had higher speed then the German mbTs were. but after the Panther and TIger came Germans were superior once again.
ihaterap You are one of the best scernario makers on this site meat puppet. (In my opinion) Keep up the good work man!

Oh and in one of your previous posts i heard you do not have a "fun" email address that you can use for this forum so can recieve emails from members of this forum. I can give you an invite to gmail. It is a new beta email service that google has come up with and you get lik 2.5 gigabytes of space!

So please post back if you are intrested!

[Edited on 06/04/05 @ 04:50 PM]

uthum876 Do you think that you can re-make this scenario using my mod? I just released it and it has so much historically accurate art and stuff in it!
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hi Uthum, thanks, I'm sure your mod is very good but I would have to pass ... I've been asked to do scenarios for certain mods but I never use mods myself (except Dead Angel's Napoleonic mod), they always try to replace my existing game files ... plus I've never been able to figure out how to make the scenario script work with a given mod ... thanks again - MP
Meat Puppet
File Author
Thanks for the kind reviews, everybody--i appreciate it!

I'll always get a "4" on balance, I guess--I just like hard scenarios ...
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey ihaterap, Funny, I hate rap too ... thanks for your kind words and the note about gmail ... I'm getting a new address from somewhere else soon ... - MP
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(Fantastic game MP, following the script structure of your Stalingrad2, very nice to play and trilling like the last one, excellent job!)

Balance: 4
(Like the other, this one still is a bit hard, the Germans are to strong and are in high number, its a little dificult the acomplish all objective this way... but a good job!!)

Creativity: 5
(Has a continuation of the last one, this is a great scenario!)

Map Design: 4
(It almost like the other Stalingrad scenario... i espected something new on it!!)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Very good intructions and story... the support is once more great!)

Additional Comments:
Guywitgun well the battle of stalingrad pictured in CoD is not sooo strategicaly correct. most of what happend in CoD didnt happen in WW2
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5

Balance: 4
(I brought this down because the tanks were 2 cheap)

Creativity: 5

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

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Map Design4.3
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