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The Battle Of Cairo

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Needs T&P?: Yes
The Battle Of Cairo
by: Dr.Karim Al-Bashir
aka "LGP"

This is a fictional scenario about the battle of Cairo. Would Field Marshal Erwin Rommel have won at El-Alamein he would have had
an easy road to Cairo, the largest British controlled city outside Britain. Losing Egypt meant that Britian lost it's trade routs to India and meant that the valuable oil fields of Arabia would fall to Hitler. Would this have happened then Hitler would have probably won the war.

In this Scenario you play as an elite German Waffen SS team made up to help in the fight.


1.Do not move the mouse during the opening cutscenes. This will lead the game to crash
2. Make it a habit to save. The game rarely crashes for no reason but it is better to be safe and save regularly

1. The scenario starts with some cutscenes of the battle.
2. Then you get to choose your team (by clicking on the red buildings)
3. Then you get to fight alongside the Afrika Korps in Cairo.

You will notice that the scenario has a few changes. First of all I hidthe command buttons. This means you get to see more of the city during the fight however this also meant that you cant see the map. At first I was unsure whether that would be good or bad but then during the game it felt right without the map you dont know were you are exactly in the city and so it adds to the mood of the game. What you need to know is that the city
is to the south east of the Waffen SS HQ.

I know that I am taking a gamble by removing the command buttons but in return it make the game much more thrilling and you get to see the whole screen. This said I know that I am going to get low ratings because of this. What I am saying is "The game is much better without the map, it makes the game much more thrilling not knowing where you are exactly"

Any bugs etc. pls contact me via


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volks_sturm This is a damn good Scenerio.
ronmaster WOW what a game. You've seriously outdone yourself this time LGP. Hidding the border thingie is a great idea. Loved it. I also like the different choices that yiu can do in the scenario. Most scenarios have that on-rail feeling but in this scenario you have alot of options. Overall one of the best scenarios i've ever played. Keep the good work up. BTW do you have any tips for the scenario????

P.S. i would love to see a stalingrad scenario with the same theme. My only comment is that you could try to increase your options and the different paths you can take to victory.
File Author
""GLITCHES: Whenever you push RON too hard as a tactical game scripting, you get glitches. The only glitch I know of in this scenario is that if you save, it may change the zoom-in view. The zoom-in is recorrected at the start of each mission. If you see other glitches, let me know and I'll fix them if it's possible. Sometimes RON giveth, and RON taketh away.""

Quote from MP

Thanks everyone for the good ideas. As MP said before, trying to make more tactical depth in the game makes RON crash. I dont know why this is. My original file had 8 different triggers that enables the player to win through at least 10 different ways. However RON kept crashing so I had to limit the number of triggers. I also had some unit_scale function which I had to remove to make the game playable. About the Stalingrad scenario, if I get more requests then I would probably do it. About the more triggers, I will try to do it but the thing is that RON is so full of bugs that it sometimes just crashes for no reason.

As for the advice I rcommend the following.

1. Dont let the captain die. Doing so will end the game.
2. Dont capture any cities by your self. Only help the computer capture them. Capturing cities mean that if the British recapture them you will lose" by conquest" So only let the computer capture the cities
3. Number your team so that you can easily find them.
4. Put your troops in stand ground stance so that they don't move all around the map.


[Edited on 06/04/05 @ 07:33 PM]

earmy i need help i go to download the file it says at the bottom of the internet browers done but then i have no clue where it is also where do i extract to if i do get it up?
Meat Puppet Hey Dr. Puba,

I was intrigued by the concept of a full screen for the map, and I thought it worked pretty good for this scenario, since you only have to manage a small group of units.

I wanted to point out a few other things that I thought could be improved, which I point out because I was intrigued by the idea of the full screen battle. I give these thoughts to you as comments and not a review, since I don't like to review other designers' scenarios (unless they are a promising up-and-comer who would benefit from encouragement).

First, there might be a glitch at the end; even though Rommel won the game, and Hitler was going to congratulate me, it said I had been defeated. This was after we had conquered all the British cities.

Another thing is that this is supposed to be the city of Cairo, right? If so, it did not feel like a city map to me. I felt like I was conquering towns spread out over desert territory. Visually, it lacked cohesion. I think the map needed more buildings, a large sprawling city, to justify the parameters of the game. I say this because after waiting for an opportune time, my group broke through the British and headed east, taking cities easily one after the other, destroy British forces and infrastructure easily (including an eyebrow-raising moment when a church and a mosque were the only non-military buildings available for destruction). I was officially behind British lines. Besides being easy to take cities from back there, it got monotonous; I felt like I was in the same area over and over, taking the same cities.

In a nutshell, what I am suggesting is that if the map is going to appear so large (a strength), it shouldn't appear so repetitive (a weakness). Since it's a city map, it should have hundreds of buildings arranged to create streets and districts. If it was not a city map, I would want to see a diverse set of terrain (mountains, rivers, etc.). The repetition, and the ease with which I destroyed everything in my way, lended itself to boredom, although the graphics were great at this level of detail, with all the explosions from the one-hit, one-kill shots.

Also, since one shot from my troops killed the enemy easily, and one shot from the enemy hardly did any damage to my troops, I felt like Achilles on the map, basically able to move around the map with impunity since the British could do almost nothing to hurt me.

Best Regards--

File Author
Thanks MP for the ideas for the campaign. About the winning thing I have reviewed the script for that and tried to see why but I did not find any errors with the script. Perhaps the British recaptured all of your city's or your captain was killed. There could be no other explanation for what happened.

By the way how did the scenario fare on you computer, did it crash alot?

About the repetitous task of capturing the cities I did try to include different triggers to have during the mission so that I would have the player jumping all over the city doing different tasks but the game kept crashing so that I had to remove them.

About the city design, the problem is that the task of placing the buildings all over the map is a demanding task. This coupled with the fact that I am not a very good scenario designer might have given you that feeling of it not being a city. I know what you mean with the street and about lining the building so that they have a strret like appearance but these only work if you have a small city or a very large patience!

Well thank for pointing out the glitches, if you find any more please do point them for me and by the way, the Versailles wonders are also destroyable. (These are called buildings)



[Edited on 06/06/05 @ 03:39 AM]

Meat Puppet Hi LGP,

The game didn't crash at all, it ran pretty smoothly, I had no problems. I symphatize/emphathize with the game crashing, it does seem like the editor is full of bugs. In a scenario I'm working on now, I got a whole new bug: When I tell the script editor to create Inca Inti Macemen, I get Bantu Impis. I had to jury rig the scenario to get around it. Plus it's now ignoring my "any_object_near" commands.

As for the city design, your comment about not being a good scenario designer is hardly deserved, given the quality of the scenarios you've been putting out and the good reviews you've been getting (you've got a good going fan base. This site has been really picking up lately with the quality of scenarios being produced, especially since you and King Walker showed up). I think for a city map like this just a little more time put into building placement would pay off nicely. For my big city maps, I get a pattern going, and let my brain zone out while I simply build up sections. The result on a full-screen map, zoom-in/zoom-lock game like this one could be outstanding.

Another thing you could do is 1) add another player (light blue, say), then have that player be British and play purely defense in various sections of Cairo, in the event you break through and end up behind the main battle, and 2) lower the hit points of your small army just a little to make things scarier. That way, the incentive for the player is to try to stay with the main German force and participate in the main battle as a support group.

I only point these things out because I really liked the scenario and the innovative approach you used with it. Even with the above, I played it to the end and had a satisfying game--well done!

Looking forward to your next creation ...

- MP
File Author
What about the end of the game, when you defeated the British, did it actually say that you lost? It works fine for me and it says that I won, so I dont know why it does that with your game. Could someone else see if it does the same or nor

About the scenario editor putting different units than the ones you choose, it is common. In my scenario the King Tigers were supposed to be Leopard Tanks but instead I got the Main Battle Tanks and so I assume it is a common thing.


[Edited on 06/06/05 @ 04:07 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Awesome scenario LGP.

Balance: 5
It depends on whether you ally with the king or the revolutionaries

Creativity: 5
Gotta give you 5 in here LGP, nice work with the border thing. Loved it

Map Design: 5
As MP said, this needs more work. But still worth the 5

Story/Instructions: 5
Excellent use of the different ways to win. Nice!

Additional Comments:
Well recommended to anyone whou likes city fighting. Keep them coming LGP
Meat Puppet Hi Dr. Puba, I don't know the exact conditions of my defeat. I took a lot of British cities, and hadn't lost them all. I guess if I was the only one, maybe it was a fluke? Or perhaps if you take British cities you have some code that switches them all to the Rommel player, which results in a loss? Best, MP
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