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The SWARM: Rise of Joe

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Meat Puppet
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
FAIR WARNING: You may get glitches in the scenario that are beyond my control as the script writer. Basically, the RON script editor practically had a nervous breakdown while I was designing this scenario. Ironically, in making a scenario about bugs I had tons of bugs in the scenario editor. The scripting is correct and it plays great on my PC, but you may get different results based on the wonkiness of the scenario editor this time. In any case, I hope you have the same great games I did playing this one. If you see on your screen what I saw on mine, I think you'll have a good time.

DESIGN: This scenario was designed using RON Thrones & Patriots Scenario Editor with custom scripting and sounds.

NOTE!!!!! The folder name is:


SOUNDS: There are lots of cool sound effects in this game, so be sure after you download the scenario to keep the sound files in the same folder as your scenario, so they play.

SITUATION: An explosion at a Bioweapons Lab spawns millions of bloodthirsty insects that threaten the entire county--the town of Stanford, the farms of the valley, the town of Buford, and the National Guard base.

You, Joe, are out hunting with friends when the SWARM comes boiling out of the forest. This starts a race against time as you seek to warn the mayors of Stanford, the farmers, and Buford, then get help from the National Guard.

Along the way, you'll see hundreds of insectoid creatures destroying people, vehicles and buildings with rapid speed--like a swarm of locusts. I think the effects of the SWARM came out awesome.

While driving your truck, you'll face hazards along the way--not just avoiding the SWARM, but also avoiding other vehicles. If you come too close to other vehicles during the evacuation of the towns, you will crash your truck and have to proceed on foot.

If you crash your truck, you can go to a nearby car repair shop (Auto Plant) and buy another truck with the limited funds you have.

You also have 10 food (a sandwich), which you can eat to restore Joe's health. Once you eat your sandwich, you have to go to a Food Mart (Market) to buy another sandwich with your limited funds.

Go to the Town Halls of Stanford and Buford, and Chet's house in the valley farms, then the National Guard barracks, to spread the alarm about the SWARM. Sometimes, you'll be fleeing through panicked crowds getting eaten alive and fighting to the end with shotguns. Other times, you'll be directing citizen militias determined to defend their towns. And at the end, you'll lead the National Guard offensive to find the SWARM's Nest, kill their Queen, and end their reign of terror.

COMMAND & CONTROL: You will have some command & control options during part of the game. These commands include:

1 - Step on the gas (increase speed of truck)
3 - Honk (honks, jolts nearby vehicles into moving, possibly in different directions)
5 - Eat sandwich (restores health)

If your truck gets too close to other trucks, you will crash and have to go to a Car Repair Shop (auto plant) to buy another one. The cost is $500. If you have $500, the mechanic will offer you another truck.

If you run out of food and go to a Foot Mart (market), and you have $10, you will be offered a sandwich, which will restore your food to the max allowed (10).

STRATEGY: The SWARM is relentless, unforgiving, bent on blind destruction of everything in its path.

There are 5 missions in this scenario:

1. Warn Mayor of Stanford (white buildings) that SWARM is coming. Go to Stanford Town Hall. This is pretty easy.

2. Warn Chet so he can evacuate the farms in the middle of the map. You have to go to Chet's house among the farms. The problem is that Stanford is now stampeding in panic, with vehicles rushing around blindly, people shooting in little groups, and citizens fleeing. The trick is not to crash your truck. If you crash your truck, you will suffer for it later (read below) (and very possibly get eaten before you get to Chet's house).

3. Warn Mayor of Buford (yellow buildings) that SWARM is coming. Once you do this, all citizens that have fled the farms and Stanford will become your minutemen. Now you can concentrate them and start fighting.

However, if you were on foot, and had to hoof it from Stanford all the way to Buford, the SWARM will get a lot more time to eat the citizens, and that means fewer minutemen, and a harder time beating them.

4. Get to National Guard and get help. You'll have to find a good route through the mountains, and try to use your minutemen to screen your movement, at least for a little while.

5. Find the SWARM's Nest. Captain Romulus of the National Guard will assign you half his forces and keep the rest for himself. He will send his own forces down to Buford to try to save the town, while you are to head west with your army and find the SWARM's Nest.

To find the Nest, you must destroy as many SWARM Hives as you can find (red houses). Some houses will give you knowledge. Once you acquire enough knowledge, the existence of the Bioweapons Lab will be revealed.

After that, you must find the SWARM Nest, somewhere in that area.

(NOTE: If you cannot find the SWARM Nest and get frustrated, there is a "cheat sheet" included with the scenario files, a .txt file, which will tell you how to find it.)

Once you find the SWARM Nest, you click to kill the Queen and you win the game.

FAIR WARNING: I had a great time playing this scenario but I could have done a lot more with it. The problem again was the scenario editor got totally wonky. If you see any glitches, please let me know so I can fix them.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: Hope you have fun playing this scenario! Don't forget that scenario designers do it 50% for the fun, 50% for the glory, so if you like it, please give me a review.
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PS If there actually IS giant ants this will get a 5.0 from me no matter what!
Metallica_rocks Glitches: A bunch of Bantu UU's got created that werern't shrunk down. There were about 50 Colonel Romuluses at the base. When I reached the Bioweapons facility, It said I killed the queen and won without me doing anything.

PS: It said Giant ants! I want uber 5 storey tall uglies! *Cries himself to sleep over minor, insignifigant matter*
Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey Metallica,

That's weird, but not surprising. The RON scenario editor easily breaks down especially when you use more intense scripting. I checked out the code and it's correct, then replayed the scenario on my computer, and I had neither problem (multiple Captains or Bantu warriors not resizing). Basically, what's happening on your computer is RON is skipping some lines of code for no apparent reason.

As for killing the Queen without doing anything, that's explained in the instructions. The scenario editor really gave me a hard time making this scenario so I had to skip the final battle. When you discovered the Queen you were supposed to fight a final swarm and then destroy the building. But the scenario editor kept crapping out, so I had to nix that.

I made a slightly modified version and uploaded it that tries to explain the Queen stuff more thoroughly.

Otherwise, I guess everybody who plays a more sophisticated scenario must do so at their own risk. Sometimes it will work on your PC, sometimes it won't, I guess. Most people played my Blackhawk Down scenario and had a good time, but at least one guy couldn't get the Pakistani tanks to show up.

As for the giant ants, yeah, that would be cool, but beyond what I can do here. I would have to mod giant ants and I don't do modding. I tried to scale elephants, which I thought would look cool, but while the elephants scaled the riders didn't, which was funny but wouldn't make a good scenario.

Thanks for playing and sorry the scenario ended up glitchy on your machine. It's a serious bummer for me, since it takes me a serious amount of time to put one of these scenarios together.



[Edited on 06/13/05 @ 02:27 AM]

Le_Grande_Puba Seems like a great scenario MP, I am going to try it now. By the way, I usually find that the script editor skips certain lines for no reason.( even if they are correct) What usually works for me is that I change the place of the commands, shuffling there places around until it works.

Hopefully that should work.

Meat Puppet
File Author
Thanks LGP, that's good advice. I did that on the tweak I just uploaded; other times I delete a line or two that are somewhat extraneous. Let me know how it plays. What burns me is that it works perfectly on my machine. - MP
Metallica_rocks yea well you win some, you lose some.
Le_Grande_Puba Hey MP.
Can I use your Kursk scenario in my CtW?

Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey LGP,

Sure, but it's unscripted - do you want me to do a remake?

You can use either or both of the Stalingrad scenarios as well, whatever you like ...

- MP

[Edited on 06/13/05 @ 02:32 PM]

Le_Grande_Puba MP, if you want to write the script for it, then please do it. My only request is that you dont have the script based on one nation. What I mean is that I want to make it usable for both the Soviets and the Germans. If you want to make it a highly scripted scenario, with events dependent on the playable country, then this means that you will have to write 2 different script. If you want to do one i.e the Germans script and I do the other then I think that would be a great idea. If you want to do both, it's ok wih me. It's up to you MP.
Pleas inform me of your choice and I will start working on it


Meat Puppet
File Author
Hey LGP,

I've decided to hang up my scenario-making hat for a while. I've been having bad glitches in the Scenario Editor. The result is when I make a scenario, random errors appear for different players, while the scenario works perfectly, and is properly coded, on my computer. This means I can't make a reliable scenario.

Feel free to use any maps or coding for any of my scenarios for your CTW campaign, or any other scenario you'd like to produce.

- MP

[Edited on 06/14/05 @ 05:00 PM]

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