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DAWN of the DEAD: Joe Returns!

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Meat Puppet
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Needs T&P?: Yes
FAIR WARNING: This scenario uses intensive scripting. Sometimes, this means results may vary depending on the computer. In short, you may get glitches during game play. Do not report any glitches because they are happening outside of my control. The script is correct; the game plays perfectly on my computer; but it may not on yours, basically because the RON scenario editor sucks.

FOUL LANGUAGE WARNING: The game includes a few references to the word *ss. If this bothers you, don't play the game.

CUSTOM SOUNDS: Joe talks during the game, the helicopter assault has "Ride of the Valkyries" (Wagner, the song of Apocalypse Now fame), and other sounds that make the game creepy and fun.

SITUATION: This scenario is the sequel to The SWARM, in which we met Joe, our hero. Now it's some years later. Stanford has become part of Buford, which has grown to become a major city. Joe's about to go hunting when suddenly he sees zombies on the horizon, the result of another accident at the city's new Bioweapons Lab. It starts with just a few zombies, but as they kill Buford's citizens, the dead rise up to kill, until the whole city is swarming.

As Joe, you will have several missions, taking you all over the city. Along the way, you can pick up survivors.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: You lose if Joe dies. You win if you successfully complete all missions, including the final mission, in which you must kill the Zombie Lord.

At the end of the game, you will be scored according to how many survivors (scholars) you bring to safety to the city Armory and keep alive.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: I like to play a hard scenario, and it's impossible to know what balance you will like. I got sick of getting "4" ratings for balance, so I give you a choice of balance between moderate and hard. Your choice will determine how fast the zombies and citizens move and therefore how hard the game is.


1. Get to the Radio Tower to receive a broadcast and find out what's happening.

2. Get to Football Stadium to find your truck.

3. Get to City Armory to deposit fellow survivors in your care, and find new weapons so that Joe can go on the offensive against the zombies.

4. Get to City Hospital to rescue Joe's love interest.

5. Get to western side of city to kill Zombie Lord.

During the final mission, Colonel Romulus of the National Guard will assault the city by airdropping assault marines, bazookas and machine guns by helicopter. They are no match for the undead! As they get massacred, you must get across the city to fight the Zombie Lord with as many armed men as you can find to fight at your side. Once the Zombie Lord is dead, all the zombies will die.

The helicopter assault is pretty cool, I think you'll like it. The Guard usually get slaughtered, it's fun to watch the Zombies overwhelm them with their axes.

CONTROL BAR: During the game, you can hit several control keys to control Joe:

1 - Run like hell (this enables Joe to gain speed for a short period of time; when you hear him go "whew!", he's winded and will slow back down, until about a minute goes by, when he can run again)
3 - Eat a sandwich (this restores Joe's health. Whenever he is near a market, he will automatically get new food. Even more food can be gained by finding food caches, which are in some green buildings)
5 - Taunt the zombies (random sound file)

GREEN BUILDINGS: Go near any green buildings to pick up fellow survivors, including fighters (minutemen) and survivors (scholars). Keep as many scholars alive as you can until the end of the game. At the end of the game, you will be scored based on the number of scholars you save. There are 65 scholars on the map. If you save more than 30, you will get the higest score. Green buildings can also give you information (show you where other things are on the map), and food.


Fight only when you have to.

Keep moving constantly.

Try to stay ahead of the zombies. The city is swarming with green citizens. The citizens are programmed to move around randomly. A few zombies appear based on where you are on the map. Those zombies also attack in random directions (but will follow you if you are an enemy). If they cut a green citizen, the green citizen becomes a red citizen, who then becomes a red militia (zombie).

Sometimes, it may seem like there are tons of zombies crowding you and cutting you off and killing you. This is because there were like 30 citizens in a given area, and 1 zombie, and that zombie killed a citizen, making 2 zombies, who each killed a citizen, making 4 zombies, etc. So if you try to stay ahead of the zombies converting all the local citizens into fellow zombies, you will do better.

You can't protect all your scholars, so accept that some will die. Keep Joe alive at all costs. I found that I knew I wanted to get my people to the city Armory, so every time scholars showed up, I sent them separately to the Armory. The good thing about that is when Joe gets to the Armory, they can go inside and in the meantime you don't have to worry about controlling them and dragging them around, usually only to get killed. The risk of this is that they will have no protection.

On moderate difficulty mode, your units are about 40-50% faster than the zombies and citizens, and on hard mode, your units are about 25% faster.

Use the National Guard assault as cover to get to the other side of the city and find and kill the Zombie Lord. Bring all your minutemen with you, since they don't count towards your score, only scholars do.

Sometimes, you have to simply do a break up of a large group and let it be every man for himself. When the zombies are ahead of you and behind your large group and you're trapped, you often can't fight your way out (until Joe, a Partisan unit, gets his flamethrower and becomes a Flamethrower unit). I found that in these situations I would just accept my losses and send everybody ahead to where I wanted them to rendezvous. The important thing is to protect Joe. Sometimes Joe has to ditch everybody else.

If Joe is surrounded by zombies he can get cut up and die pretty fast. Be sure to work fast with your hands to keep him eating sandwiches and restoring his health while trying to break out of the trap he's in.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you have fun playing this scenario. Scenario designers do this 50% for the fun of it and 50% for the glory. If you like the scenario, please review it.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Da Iguana
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
All the commands are really good. I liked the taunts

Balance: 4
Fair challenge, but even on "bring it on" was easy to beat after practice.

Creativity: 5
Even better than the first. All of the scripting paid off. You had a good selection of sounds as well.

Map Design: 5
Felt like a small town with streets and a lot of eye candy.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good story. Reminds me of "Shawn of the Dead"

Additional Comments:
No glitches for me!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Like the first Joe scenario, this one is very good too, easy to play and understanding the all enviorement of the game, this dosent brings almost nothing new in compare with the other, but the work on it is great!)

Balance: 4
(Here you putted that dificult level select, nice... but even on hard sometimes after a wile it became a bit easy game!)

Creativity: 5
(Great job, it has almost the same map and the same script effects with some changes for better, but works just great!!)

Map Design: 5
(Much like the other one, the same enviorement, but still a fantastic work... you are one of the best RoN map designers here, keep your style!!)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Excellent work in all aspects here, great story and fantastic commands, loved the ending part after the game ends, very nice job!!)

Additional Comments:

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Map Design5.0
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