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Reign of Fire

Author File Description
King Walker
File Details
Needs T&P?: Yes
Reign of Fire by King Walker.

You should print these instructions since there is no readme.txt file, they will be useful. The rest is in-game instructions.

There are sounds in this zip file, that's why it's a little big. Keep the sounds in the same folder as the scenario, so they play during the scenario.

SCENARIO: A long, long time ago in the Reign of Fire, a far kingdom in middle ages, there was a big war, the greatest war of the century… in one side the Allies Order, Commanded by the King of the Reign of Fire, Demerus, he gathered a multinational army among the Trolian, the Mollan and the Elf’s Empire against the Emperor Thuroman Forces!! The battle was fought for mounts… Wazarim (Emperor Wizard) power was too big, Demerus Army has been defeated and all Reign of Fire fall into Thuroman hands!! Before his dead, King Demerus send his to sons to friend foreign nations in order to save is lives and the Demerus Legacy!!
A few years ago, Mythos, the oldest Demerus son was killed by the Emperor foreign army when he was trying to join a rebellion force to return home and fight the Emperor… the despair of the population was enormous, their only hope fall now on the youngest Demerus son, Alexis, who they call The One…a fantastic sword warrior, that some people says is fighting powers are given from the ancient Reign of Fire Gods!!
Take the role of Alexis, you start a quest to in the divided states of Reign of Fire, a quest to find the lost story of the Kingdom and group an army to defeat the Emperor Thuroman!!

Take note of these instructions to understand the game role:

RESOURCES- during your journey in the kingdom you will find some resources like gold, diamonds and other things. They will give you things… since your character suffers changes during the game, if you pass more than once on the same resource maybe we will give you something again. Here the list of things you can find:
LIFES- you can accumulate lives in the game, if your hero die and you have at least 1 life, the hero appears in the starting point, if you don’t have any life the game ends!!
ELIXIR- this health elixir is a thing that you find your buy, you can use them to restore your health points by pressing “3”.
GOLD- with accumulated gold it gives you the possibility to buy stuff or information.
SUMMON CALL- you have the power to summon 2 mythological creatures with calling caps, use these creatures only in despair times, after you summon them they life for less than a minute, but they have high destructive power. They are not your creatures, so you can’t control them, they will only attack the Emperor forces. You can summon the FireBrothers and a Sacred Mammoth… they have different powers. You can summon 1 creature more than once at the same time, if you have for example 3 Firebrothers their time in game counts always by the last one summon.

BUILDINGS- almost everything here only happens when you select buildings, old temple and town buildings, in most of the cases your hero must be close to the building to something happen. Almost all main “blue” buildings (like bars, docks, etc.) give you things, here a list of things you can find there:
SOLDIERS- some buildings have soldiers of the old King order, they will join your quest.
GOLD and ELIXIR- some town buildings give you gold and some health elixir.
SELLS- some buildings sell you in exchange of gold, lives, elixirs and soldiers.
GIVES MISSIONS- the main thing of blue buildings is the story line, in exchange of gold they can give you:
TIPS- information about history of location your location of important spots in the map. The tips will appear only once in each building, if you don’t have the gold they ask you can’t get that tip never more.
MEETS- in exchange of gold you can meet important people (your heroes) in these places.
QUESTS- this is missions that will provide your advance in the scenario.

Since your hero change shape 2 times, you have to be careful, and do everything your can with one of them, most mission can be played if your character evolves in the game.

This game has 4 chapters:

Chapter I “the birth of a hero”– this chapter only ends when you buy Arthis, the legendary horse.
Chapter II “the gathering”- the main quest mission are in this chapter, try do the most you can… the chapter only ends when you buy the Armor of Kings.
Chapter III “battles for the Reign of Fire”- this chapter only ends when you buy a harbor to the invasion of Emperor castle. This chapter has the main and crucial battles.
Chapters IV “return of the king”- this chapter is the final battle for the Reign of Fire.

HEROES- try keep your ally heroes till the end of the game, some of them are very important to the game role, and they all give you info your advise during the game.
GAME GLITCHS- since this is a long game and has an extensive script, tell me if you found some bug your glitch.
There only one I found – there is a giant that will ally you, if that creature passes a long time (really long time) with an ally that you will meet, Duke of Gallamy, his healing powers can duplicate the giant. Something there was no way of correcting.

Since this is long game, it can take you a couple of hours, its wise to do some save games.

MAKE THE GAME EASIER- if you want the game to be easier, you can cheat, just go to the script and in the first lines change the starting amounts of gold, elixir, life’s or summon callings.
MAKE THE GAME HARDER- if you want to make the game harder, just do one thing… fight all scenario with only your Hero Alexis, leave the main army to the final battle, this can make the game more competitive.

The Lord Damonku Problem and Tikal Temple is fixed!

I have to give special thanks to MeatPuppet, this scenario was an idea of him, thanks a lot MP!

THANKS FOR PLAYING: I hope you have fun playing this scenario and will come back and tell me what you think about it.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Metallica_rocks I would rate this, but I couldnt get far enough in. When I reached the other small city (Zandahar or whatever it was called), It kept repeating the dialog box. did you forget to close it off to run once or is it just my RoN skipping lines?
King Walker
File Author
Hi Metallica_rocks!! i dont know what you are doing rong, only if your RoN has some problem... when you posted this comment, i went test the game in the Zazamar Town like you said, fearing that i missed something, but... everything is ok men!!

Try download the file again Metallica_rocks.

Tell me something, ;)
Le_Grande_Puba Hello King Walker.

This is an awesome scenario by all means. I love the whole idea of a RPG in RON.

What I need is some help in finishing the first chapter. I have finished the quest to save the giant Solduri and both him and D'enchy the scout are on my side know. I have already visited all the places that I could and have found all the trrasures I could. The problem is that I only have 92 gold and I need 150 to buy arthis. I kept revisiting all of the rare resources in order to find more gold but now I am stuck. Where else can I go to find more gold


King Walker
File Author
Hello LGP!!

I need to ask you one thing, did you done the Lastresort Town quest, one that is about a temple in the western part of the map, that temple should give you the gold you need to buy Arthis!! i tested minutes ago to find your problem, and that temple gives you acording with your actual gold among, the gold you need to buy Arthis.

I forgot to say something in the text above, if you have the enoughf gold to jump to the next chapter, try to keep at least that among you will need, otherwise you can be stuck in the game.

But in your situation, if you fail that temple mission on Lastresort and you dont have the gold you need, the game ends right there, you receive the deafeat message!!

Tell me something about it!!

King Walker ;)
Le_Grande_Puba Dear King Walker

I reached the third part of your scenario were I saved Captain Commulus and then met the Senator. When I received the service of the Trolian Cavalry, General Damanouku attacked the southern passage with his mammoth army. At this time I sent my whole army there to defend it against his army. Enroute to the southern passage, the Imperial cavalry attacked the northen passage, so I had to split my army of 120, into two groups. I sent the main army with Commlus, Denechy, the governer's daugter and the wizard to defend against General Damanouku, while Alexis and the Trolians Cavalry went to attack the Imperial Cavalry. What happened was that the main bulk of the army (90 men) was destroyed by the mammoth army. All of the heroes died. While in the North, Alexis defeated the Imperial Cavalry and then killed Damanoku. When I defeated Damanoku, the game kept telling me that I still had to Kill him and his Army even though he was already dead. Other than this, I have not found any major bugs in the scenario.

Please try to fix it because the siege of the Emperor's Castle looks like it is going to be an awesome battle.

Another very little bug that I found is that even after some characters are killed in the game, you still have them in the conversations. However this doesnt afect gamelplay in any way so don't worry about it to much

Finally I noticed that there seems to be a bug in RON. When I saved the game and then reloaded it, the script lock disappeared and the unit_scale function disappered too.

Overall, this scenario is amazing and is one of my personal favourites. Fix these little glitches and when I finish it, I will give this scenario it's well deserved 5
King Walker
File Author
Hi LGP, i think you are making some mistake there, Lord Damonku is not that general in a mammoth in the south attack, see the dialogs before the battles, that guy is General Goutu... Damonku is a horse genral that is with the Knights on the north attack, try to find him, we should be somewere in that town.

I never tried that save game, i never use it, its problable that RoN dont restore the Zoom_lock and the Scale commands!! :(

Try to find Damonku and tell me something, since he his a normal general and has no attack power, he might runned from the battle site..

King Walker.
Meat Puppet
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Only made it through Chapter 1 but so far: Awesome. One glitch though, which ended my game. I got the Horse and was exploring the west as long as I was out there. I ran into a row of towers blocking me from Temple of Tikal. But when I hit the eastern towers, it said I had 60 seconds to get to the Temple. I couldn't get in, the 60 seconds expired, I couldn't get my Armor, and the game ended. You might want to fix that.

Balance: 5
Balance really doesn't apply (at least not yet). But it's not too hard or easy, so I'll give this a 5.

Creativity: 5
Completely original use of RON, takes RON scenario design into a whole new genre. This is a first.

Map Design: 5
Beautifully rendered map, brilliantly revealed as the game progresses.

Story/Instructions: 5
Great story.

Additional Comments: Biggest challenge is making sure there are technically no little glitches that snag the game; no worries, though, these will come out in time. Fantastic job on this, completely original, fun, challenging, completely new type of RON scenario, beautiful map, lots of layers/missions on one map, a great background story, heroes--what's not to like about this perfect scenario?
Le_Grande_Puba The problem with my game was that the Adivisor Fouche merlin was killed and so the map was not revealed for me. When I gave up and quit the game, I found out the General Damanoko never left the Emperor's Island. He did not cross the sea with the Knights so I had no way of killing him.

King Walker
File Author
You are right LGP... by some reason the Damonku caracter didnt respond to the script command, dont know why!!


Download the scenario again, i replaced that general by "Darius", there is no problem now!! ;)

Thnks by telling me this small gliths, there was no way of finishing the game without pass that battle. download the files, i checked and its ok now!

King Walker.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Beatiful.....Just beatiful

Balance: 5
Just right. Although the Emperor's Mammoth could be difficult at times

Creativity: 5
If I could give you a 10 in here, I would.

Map Design: 5
Stunning! Amazing map. Great rural scenes of villages and countryside.

Story/Instructions: 5
Loved the story. Great variation from your previous scenarios.

Additional Comments:
No words could accurately give you justice for this scenario. Top class. Simply Amazing.

What I suggest you do is use your RPG skills and create, after a long rest of course!, a scenario about the French Revolution. I actually started on this scenario but it was just too much commitment for me to finish. What this idea needs is a great scenario designer like you to finish. What I actually had was 4 variables that included Loyalty to the monarch, Loyalty to the people, Loyalty to the revolutionaries and Loyalty to foreign powers. As you did various missions throughout the game, these variables changed and once you reached certain levels, you unlock new missions and etc.

What I was aiming to do is to have a certain feel of open gameplay in this scenario and not the feeling of being lead by the hand throughout your objectives.

I know that this idea is quite difficult to achieve, but if you are interested I think you are going to do a great job with it.


[Edited on 06/18/05 @ 08:54 AM]

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