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Generals: Europe WWII

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Needs T&P?: Yes
Generals: Europe WWII

Chose 1 of 3 seperate armies or play a joint Campaign as either Canada/US or Germany/Italy and CONQUER EUROPE

This mod was made using Uthum876's WWII V.1.7 and V.1.91 and all credit for the wonderful units goes to him

Vichy French
US & Canadians

Note: Vichy French are only allies w/ diplomacy between them and Axis

Germany & Italy (diplomacy enabled w/ Vichy French)

Note: All credits for map go to it's creator (I don't know name)

In this scenario i greatly reduced each unit's speed, range and LOS. This not only makes the scenario much harder, but it better represents the distance between point "A" and point "B". However if you want the stats reset to normal, just ask and I'll post a second version with reg. unit stats.

Also if youre playing the Axis, I would recommend putting a very, very large defense force of Germans/Italians at Berlin quickly after the start. You'll find out why.

Finally, the French dont get any conventional units beyond what i placed. They'll need to use partisan warfare.

I found it very tough considering I barely scripted it at all (I haven't beat the Axis campaign and i made the damn thing).

If there's any bugs please let me know and I'll get on fixing it ASAP.

Have fun and please give tips/rating
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File Author
BTW: I found out about the missing Canadian LI and Italian HI. it's because the french and spanish are in the game but it shouldnt pose too big of a problem. If anyone is bugged by this though, go ahead and remove the French and Spanish.
Mike99mam This Is Really fun, Im making a Europe Scenario my self. That advice you gave us on why we should build deffences was hard. The Russian over power the Germans big time maybe you should change that or make the germans start with a huge army at first and many deffences. Ather then that it was real fun.

[Edited on 08/04/05 @ 06:34 PM]

File Author
lol you'll find this quite funny actually. You see if you look at the Russians in the Scen. editor, you notice that their starting army is extremely small. THE AI ACTUALLY WAS INTELLIGENT AND BUILT THE ARMY THAT YOU SEE ATTACK BERLIN! no joke. look for yourself. I thought it was interesting because the AI seems to have realized the value of cheap and fast Russian infantry. Go ahead and increase defenses if you like but I figured most people wanted a sweating-all-over kind of challenge like the ones a General sometimes faces, Hence the name.

BTW: If anyone has another idea for a second Generals scenario, I would be happy to turn this into a series. NOTE: Scenario ideas DO NOT have to be historical

[Edited on 08/04/05 @ 08:24 PM]

uthum876 Yeah I made it so that the russians can quickly build units in my mod. If your the Germans your Panzers and artillery are your best friends. They can easily clear out enemy infantry. But beware of Russia's Katyushas they are perhaps the Russians' most powerful weapon! If I could of only got those tiger 1's for the Germans, they would of been invincible!

Oh and great scenario Metallica!

[Edited on 08/05/05 @ 08:37 PM]

File Author
Thanks Uthum. I didnt think it turned out too bad considering I made it in 2 hours (testplay makes it 3 hours). Could you post a review? That would be great. Thanks

PS: The Tiger I was missing? DAMNIT!!! Maybe I'll just take out French and Spanish then and update the files.

PPS: Is there a set date yet for 2.0? or was 1.91 the last version (god forbid)

[Edited on 08/05/05 @ 10:17 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(Insert Playability analysis here)
It was really fun playing this scenario. I haven't played my mod for along time and this just made it even more enjoyable.
Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)
I liked the balance. Thats mainly because I was able to predict Russia's strategy I pretty much knew how to deal with them. I don't know about other people though.
Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)
Its good to see some scenarios of my own mod.
Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)
Map was okay.
Story/Instructions: 4
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)
Good instructions.
Additional Comments:
Overall a good scenario.
CliffBurton01 It's very excellent. I love WWII and I understand better his unfolding.
Tiger_VIB Great level metallica but why is Berlin placed so close to the eastern front? The level is very short when the Germans are defeated and on my game that happens in 5-10 mins. A suggestion that might help would be to move it back a little bit and maybe someone could make a stuka skin that way you could have the stuka fight tanks and those pesky battleships the Russians build that just keep doing drive by shootings on the Germans.
File Author
Regarding Berlin's closeness to Russia I said earlier I did NOT make the map. It was part of a collection of MP scenarios. I edited it a little, but I didn't move any cities. I already said to go ahead and edit the map if you want to. As for the battleships and tanks, Just use the ME-109's. If you want a Stuka you'll have to ask ODA, Kingroy1 or Uthum876. Revs_matiz please give an analysis when you rate. Not only does it help improve one's ability to make scenarios, but if you don't then it looks like you just rated the scenario without playing it.

And Cliff Burton was one of the best bass players in the history of rock. Till the bus fell on him :(

[Edited on 08/07/05 @ 10:28 PM]

REV_Matiz_pl ??? i played this scenrio few times. soviet,british, axis. it is good work but i dont like play in this situation vs comp. if it will be multi scenrio my rating;5,5,5,5,4
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