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Culture Clash

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Needs T&P?: Yes


I've tinkered with DonTheDime's map again and have created a new mod that expands the whole gaming experience.

I created 16 "MegaCultures" which are featured in the map (Culture Clash). They are outlined below. I've edited the unitrules file to move the unique units around. This way you can use more of the special units per civ (example: Chinese get their units, the korean archers, and the Japanese Samurai unit).

Battleships from the enlightenment all the way to info age have extra range, splash, and attack.
Bombers and Fighters get extra attack and splash so their more effective against personnel.
Tanks are harder to kill and much stronger.
Siege weapons have more splash and and attack America gets M1 abrams as unique unit.

Something you should know about this mod:
It doesn't autosave on campaigns (you have to manually save then load that saved game to continue a camapaign.
You can't choose gov't at startup screen
10 full turns per age

There are two selectible maps in this mod that will appear in the dropdown box once installed.

One is Culture Clash Beginnings that has the 16 Megacultures each with a capital and a Wonder of the World card.
The other is Culture Clash Expanded with the 16 Megacultures holding all the territories within their sphere of influence plus the Wonder of the World card.

Here are the 16 MegaCultures with their unique units and Powers.

Anglo-Saxon Europeans: Power of Leadership (replacing the French)
Chevalier (from French/Classc Heavy Cav) King's Longbowmen (From British/ Medvl Archer)
Heavy Chevalier (from French/Medvl Heavy Cav) King's Yeomanry (From British/ Gunprd Archer) Horse Grenadier (from French/Gunprd Heavy Cav) Highlanders (From British/ Enlght Infantry)
Horse Guard Grenadier (From French/Enlght Heavy Cav)
Black Watch (From British/ Indust Infantry)

Nordic Europeans (replacing Germans)
Have all German Unique Units)

Mediterranean Europeans (replacing Romans)
Legions (from Romans/Now Ancient Age Hvy inftry)
Companion (From Greeks/Classc Hvy Cav)
Caesar's Legions (From Romans/Now Classical Age Hvy Inftry)
Royal Companion (From Greeks/Medvl Hvy Cav)
Praetorian Guard (From Romans/Now Medieval Age Hvy Inftry)

Eastern Europeans (replacing Russians)
Have all Russian unique units including T-80 tank

Lybico-Berber Africans (replacing Turks)
Camel Archer (from Nubians/Clssc Ranged Cav) Desert Bandit (NEW UNIT/Enlght/from Egyptians Light Cav)
Heavy Camel Archer (from Nubians/Medvl Ranged Cav)
Mameluke (NEW UNIT/from Egyptians/Gunprd Ranged Cav)
Elite Mameluke (NEW UNIT/ From Egyptians/Englt Ranged Cav)

Nilo-Saharan Africans (replacing Egyptians)
Kushite Archers (from Nubians/Clssc Archer) Kemite Chariot (NEW UNIT from Egyptians Classic Ranged Cav)
Axumite Archers (from Nubians/Medv Archer) Heavy Kemite Chariot (NEW UNIT from Egyptians Medvl Ranged Cav)
Ethiopian Archer (from Nubians/Gunprd Archer) Kemite Raider (NEW UNIT from Egyptians Classc Light Cav)
*Now get redesigned Bantu light infantry
Elite Kemite Raider (NEW UNIT from Egyptian Medvl Light Cav)

Niger-Volta Africans (replacing Nubians)
Saharan Spearmen (from Iroquois Anct Hvy Infntry)
Nok Spearmen (from Iroqouis Classc Hvy Infntry)
Mande Spearmen (from Iroquois Medvl Hvy Infntry)
Kanembu Spearmen (from Iroquois Gunprd Hvy Infntry)
*Now get redesigned Bantu light infantry
Bantu Africans (replacing Bantu)
Have all Bantu unique units
Have redesigned light infantry (same as Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Volta but 50% faster)
War Javelin (replacing Umpakati)
Elite War Javelin (replacing Yangomi Umpakati)
Royal War Javelin (replacing Impi)

West Asians (replacing Persians)
No longer have elephant units Immortals (Persian Anct Hvy Inftry)
Janissary (from Turk Gunprd Inftry) Anusiya (Persian Clssc Hvy Inftry)
Royal Janissary (From Turk Enlght Inftry) Athanatoi (Persian Medvl Hvy Inftry)
Basilica Bombard (From Turk Gunprd Siege) Arquebus Immortal (Persian Gunprd Hvy Inftry)
Basilica Cannon (From Turk Enlght Siege)

South Asians (replacing Indians)
All Indian Unique Units

East Asians (replacing Chinese)
All Chinese unique units Samurai (from Japanese Gundprd Hvy Infantry)
Hwarang (from Korean Anct Archer)
Elite Hwarang (from Korean Clssc Archer)
Royal Hwarang (from Korean Medvl Archer)

North Asians (replacing Mongols)
All Mongol unique units
Flaming Arrow (from Korean Clssc Siege)
Heavy Flaming Arrow (from Korean Medvl Siege)

Oceanic Indoamericans (replacing Dutch)
All dutch unique units

Northern Indoamericans (replacing Lakota)
All Lakota unique units
Takohs (from Iroquois Anct Scout)
Akweks (from Iroquois Medvl Scout)
Okwari (from Iroquois Enlght Scout)

Central Indoamericans (replacing Aztecs)
All Aztec unique units
Recoilles Gun (from Mayan modern hvy infantry)
Dragon AT Missile (from Mayan info hvy infntry)

Southern Indoamericans (replacing Inca)
All Inca Unique units

Hope you all enjoy this. I worked really hard at making it fun and easy to install/uninstall. Mad love to DonTheDime for the great map (this one does work, trust me!) and Baronyx for the extended world files I used. This would not be possible without them.

This will be my last upload unless I discover something else to do in this game.

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montero Hey Lamar, I figured out what was causing the campaign not to autosave...it's because the file is named "DonTheDime_blahblah" but the campaign isn't, somehow this causes the inability to save. I made an exact replica of the DonTheDime files and renamed them, renamed the campaign and all, and it is able to auto-save, so I guess that's the problem.
File Author
cool. i'll get right on that and update this when i get a chance. what did u think of the mod? anybody???
Data662 i can use thise in quick battle right?
funktopia So for the Nilo-Saharan Civilization you just edited the Iroquois?

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